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  1. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually some of the first rooms in a home that need to be renovated and remodeled. Unfortunately they also happen to be the most expensive rooms to remodel. When homeowners are thinking about putting their home on the market, if they want to see the value of their home substantially increase, they should definitely consider upgrading their kitchen and bathrooms, because those rooms are selling points for potential buyers. Do not become overwhelmed with all the upgrades each of your bathrooms and kitchen needs, however. It is smart to work from room to room instead of doing all the renovating and remodeling at once. Here are some more tips about how to successfully remodel on a tight budget. Set a comfortable budget Because bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, they are a good place to start if you are worried about not being able to afford to remodel both areas. Walk through the bathrooms and determine which upgrades will increase the value the most, and then price out your options. Conducting heavy research online and in stores is well worth the time, because it will ultimately save you hundreds of dollars. Set a budget you are comfortable with so you are not constantly stressed about using the entire budget, and then only work within that budget. You will not regret saying now to a few upgrades in order to stay in budget. Mix and match product qualities There are some upgrades that are worth paying more for, and then there are other upgrades that are not worth the price for the name brand when the off brands are just as effective. Maison DePax suggests that homeowners balance high-end products with less expensive products in order to save money as well as achieve the look you are going for. If you are remodeling the bathrooms in preparation to sell the home, do not drain your savings account on expensive upgrades because chances are the new homeowners will change them eventually. Spend more on the products that need to last such as flooring, counters, and sinks, but do not spend top dollar for wall paint, lighting or other features that are likely to be changed. Be a smart shopper For some reason shoppers tend to be afraid to ask for discounts, which is too bad because there are a lot of discounts that are missed out on. If you order materials that come damaged, contact the company to see what they can offer you. Spend some time online or searching through the paper to find coupons and other offers that can save you money on materials. Shop in thrift stores for materials that can be fixed up with a fresh coat of paint or other easy techniques. Consider alternatives for expensive upgrades such as subway tile or chrome finishes instead of the expensive materials. Not only are these cheaper materials, but they still leave bathrooms looking expensive and classic, increasing the home’s overall value. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by baseboardradiatorcovers.com Source: maisondepax.com/2013/11/source-list-and-budget-tips-for-master-bath.html
  2. The key to not blowing you remodeling budget is careful planning. As you work on a budget with a builder, ask the firm to supply a breakdown.
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