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  1. Hello, i have a 16' utility easement (comes to the middle of my backyard). It has a sewer line in it. Thinking of building a pool in the future but would most likely need to move the sewer line so we have more space and the pool is not right against the house. Is that doable? Has anyone done this? Where do I go for permission to move the easement/sewer line? Any info would be most useful! Thank you.
  2. And just another quick update. I showed the survey to a pool company and they can find a way to fit a pool without going over the easement :-)
  3. Thanks a lot! This was hugely useful and showed that the public sewer line comes into the backyard a bit, and then stops where our cleanout is. So we should be good!
  4. I have more info. I managed to get hold of the original survey from the builder. It says "16' utility easement F.C. No.349085 H.C.M.R.". No idea what it means but there must be a clue in those letters!
  5. I asked the title company, but they don't have a clue. They searched the title, and all it says is "utility easement". It doesn't say anywhere what kind of easement it is. So we can only guess that it is the sewer line, because that is where it is located. Cannot be electrical or gas as we know where they are and they are located elsewhere.
  6. Yes we have a survey, but all it says is "utility easement" and the title search did not give any more details... So we are assuming it is the sewer line. I guess we can't know if there is anything else until we dig! Thank you for the ballpark number egarding relocating the line, good to know that we'll need to add this to the cost of the pool.
  7. Hello everyone, I am about to buy a house that has a utility easement running right in the middle of the backyard (16' from back fence). I am sure it is not gas (the gas line easement is clearly marked on survey, 10' from back fence), nor is it electricity (there is an aerial line, also marked on the survey and very visible anyway). Can it be the sewer line for the house? The inspector who looked at the house confirmed there is a sewer line running across the yard (we found the cleanout). We want to dig a pool in the future, and I understand that the sewer line will of course need to be moved and create additional costs. BUT how can i be sure that there is indeed no other utility running there?? What else could possibly be right in the middle of the yard? Cable TV?? I don't want to start work and then find out it is something major... Any ideas? I attach a photo of the cleanout that sits in the middle of the yard, and a photo of the yard where you can see the white cleanout. The easement runs parallel to the back fence, and stretches out all along the yard at the level of where the cleanout is. Thanks a lot!
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