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  1. Thanks Boris, we've only been up a couple of weeks and already have 1200 posts!
  2. New Downtown Waco Development. Check out e story here... Waco Development Story
  3. I-44 is supposed to follow Kell Freeway in Wichita Falls to Abilene. They are already working on widening US 277 from Seymour to Wichita Falls from two lanes to four. The eventual plan is to make that I-44. After Abilene I can't tell you???http://www.dot.state.tx.us/wfs/projects/us277/project.htm The path for this is clear from Fort Worth to Chillicothe where you hit the first red light. Thereafter there are stop lights in every town you until you hit Amarillo. I'd also be willing to bet work would have to be done in Decatur to construct access roads.
  4. No problem! Although I live in the DFW area I grew up in the WF area and visit often. I started Wichita Falls Talk a little over a year ago and never thought it would have gone over as well as it has. Good moderators are as good as gold and I have two outstanding ones! Rider High does seem to have an outstanding soccer program. I'm not sure how long the coach has been there? This is actually a program of the City of Wichita Falls. The city plants trees and flowers all over town in medians. To save money the city grows the trees from seedlings. This program was statred over 20 years ago and has greatly enhanced areas of the city where trees and flowers are more scarce than a places like Houston. The down side is that the tree lined areas are nice places to set up speed traps.
  5. Wow, talk about a phot tour! This has to be an expensive hobby with gas prices being the way they are. However, some highways can have some good architecture. I never really thought about it until I saw this. Nice website though! I liked the tour of Texas.
  6. I am sure it will be cleared up shortly. They seem to have been having problems with their host? They have had some down time lately!
  7. WTx

    Austin Forum

    I think the one listed above died and went away. I was told there is a new one at... Austin Skyscraper Forum Seems like Austin has had several forums that have never made it. Hopefully this one will stick around?
  8. Good news for Lubbock! They are really beginning to move up in the world!
  9. You mean Witchita Falls or maybe Wichita Falls???
  10. As most of you know Dallas has had a problem of lots of old outdated building stock. Office vacancy has run about 25-30% As a result they have lots of old class C space perfect for residential. All the following are old core downtown buildings taken off the office rolls or under const. Completed DP&L Building has 158 units Davis Bldg has 183 units Kirby Bldg has 156 units Interurban Bldg has 134 units Under Const. (new) 1407 Main will have 90 units Gulf States Building will have 68 units Fidelity Union Complex Buildings will have 432 units Metropolitan will have 273 units Mercantile will have 365 units Republic Bank Tower units-???
  11. Wow, how many towns can say this about whatever mall was put on the opposite of town from downtown. I like what has been done with the LaSalle. However, the current situation of running in the red needs to end soon. The effort is worthwhile but is doomed if it can turn itself around. Also, is anything been done with the Queen Theater? That might help if a Branson style performances or maybe something highlighting local musical talent?? Just throwing out ideas??
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