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  1. I saw a sign say there was a farmer's market opening up near Huffmeister/Hempstead Hwy, but haven't seen any information about when it's open and what they have. Has anyone been there or have more info?
  2. Cool, thanks for posting that! Now if I could just find a back way from Jersey Village to Bear Creek where I won't be run off the road or have bottles thrown at me I'd be a happy camper.
  3. Ha! A blast from the past. Thanks for replying. I've actually been off cycling since I posted that due to a car accident and a few other medical issues but am looking to get back in. This is great news, thanks.
  4. Joe Lansdale's Act of Love is about a serial killer in Houston. Unfortunately it's not very good, his later books are much better.
  5. I graduated from there in 1986, I wish they had the scholarship program then, I could have used it. Of course, I never did go to medical school and opted for engineering. Based on the recent 20 year reunion, I'd say over half of the graduates did end up in the medical field.
  6. The Bake Shoppe is great, haven't tried their breakfast yet but given how good their lunch is I'm assuming breakfast is great too. http://www.bakeshoppeandcafe.com/
  7. We've gone by there a few times but they hadn't opened yet. We'll try again. Did you notice if they had calzone on the menu?
  8. Regarding The Burger Haus: They also made a killer steak sandwich and onion rings bigger than your first.
  9. I've noticed issues recently with both the analog and digital stations. I've been holding off calling support since it hasn't been frequent enough to really be annoying and I assumed it may be due to the switch over from Warner to Comcast.
  10. I wonder why they're using the home depot building. The old AMC theater at Willowbrook Commons is still empty, unless it's still being used for storage. I too would prefer Alama Drafthouse, it's not just the food but it's the oddball movies they show. And the decent beer selection.
  11. Moby's doing country music in Atlanta. http://www.mobyinthemorning.com/ Matthews, well, turned out the quiet one was the one to worry about.
  12. A while back someone told me there was a plan to build a trail under the new I-10 connecting the reservoir trail around Break Creek Park with Terry Hershey Park. This would be fantastic but I've not been able to find any references to it on the katy freeway site or via google. Has anyone else heard of this?
  13. As long as the Chicken Schwarma's stay the same they can build all they want. My world may collapse if they mess around with my schwarma's.
  14. There used to be a U-Tote-Um at the corner of Park Place and Poplar. In the 70's I'd walk up to buy a Dr. Pepper and copies of Mad Magazine and Cracked. It's a bar now.
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