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  1. An world class amphitheater would be perfect that space imho.
  2. This is my dream location for what Houston needs- an observation tower ala CN Tower, perhaps not as tall because of FAA regulations. But, the views of downtown, the TMC, the galleria area, east to the ship channel would totally capture the overall vista of the cityscape. Surround the tower with another midtown park- subterranean parking- a hotel, plus retail and a rail hub. Winning.
  3. Well, I work for Whole Foods. I recently had a conversation with a regional higher-up. I asked him specifically if the midtown store would be a Whole Foods or a 365. He said it will be a 365. I told him there would be a lot of disappointed people. He related how folks in Silverlake (L.A.) initially had the same feelings. But the store is now quite popular. The original thought was actually to open a 365 in the Heights. However, it would cannibalize the Montrose store, which is a million dollar a week location.
  4. The topic should be titled- Pearl on Smith + 365 by Whole Foods. The next Whole Foods in the Houston area will be in Clear Lake, likely opening in 2018. Afterwards, Pearland.
  5. i work for WFM, we usually get an early headsup on new builds. thus far we've only gotten word of Post Oak, Champions, The Woodands, and Woodway rebuild. curious as to the silence on Bunker Hill.
  6. This "new" plan is rubbish! Thanks Houston Press for printing what this scheme is all about. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2013/06/new_dome_experience.php
  7. Perhaps this rendering is legit as to what will replace Macy's. There is nothing which indicates it is a rendering of a "remodeled" Macy's.
  8. June 22 is official. Though there will likely be a soft opening prior. For the record, I work for WFM and I should say most hiring is internal.
  9. Oh for the Lower Westheimer of the late 70's early 80's. The Tower Theater, Numbers (1 not 2), QT's, the Midnight Sun, Tila's, Felix Mexican Restaurant, Ruggles, Spud-You-Like, and many other establishments I've forgotten. There was lots of foot traffic and car cruising...and then..
  10. I see your point, but this is Houston. <there's a slogan> So, we should expect that Metro will run diesel powered buses along a fixed guide way, rather than stringing up the power lines and using electric powered buses.
  11. That's unfortunate to think. Surely someone has thought to use electric buses, or if nothing else diesel/electric.
  12. Will the BRTs be electric or diesel powered?
  13. It's a stretch I know, but I was always told that the DT grid was oriented NE/sw in "tribute" to the Allen Brothers' native home- New York
  14. I suggeted in another thread in the Stadium Forum, that something should be done to make Reliant Park- a park. Namely, the east parking lot - Fannin St. side- between Reliant Center Dr. and Holly Hall should be developed much like the new Downtown Park- underground parking, park above with amenities- especially a plaza leading from the MetroRail stop into the park. If there are to be winding water waters ways and gondolas- in the Dome redevelopment- why not let them venture outside into a park? I envision the park being expanded south from the Holly Hall entrance to Naomi St, and eventually surrounding the entire complex. ( If only someone had kept the old Astro-needle from Astroworld, it could have become one of the focal points of my "dream scenerio" Reliant Park- park)
  15. It would be nice if the parking lot area between the Reliant Center entrance and the Holly Hall entrance- off Fannin St.- were to be converted into a park. Of course 2 or 3 levels of parking could be below ground- similar to the new downtown park. It would be great to see a formal gate and plaza- beginning at the MetroRail platform- leading into the park. From the plaza, there could be covered paths going throughout the park and also leading to Reliant Stadium and Reliant Center. Within the park there could be fountains, a pond, an amphitheater, restaurants, cafes, maybe a waterway that could course through the park- even into the Dome- particularly if a hotel is built within. This would be phase I. Phase II would be to extend the park- from the Holly Hall entrance to the Naomi entrance. Any thoughts?
  16. Regarding Manhattan- isn't it simply a directional thing- not so much about districts or areas. Along a north-south axis on the island- a person is either Uptown/north - Midtown - Downtown/south. Using the same north-south axis thinking- in Houston, I wonder why our Downtown isn't actually called Uptown. Of course we have a Midtown-which continuing south would include the Museum District. And finally, though separated by Hermann Park, would be the Medical Center/Reliant Park or Downtown. Now, our Uptown is west of Downtown. Which is par for the course in Houston. But I'll cut Uptown some slack- given that it's uptown of the Galleria.
  17. I thought I was clear? What I suggested is that the block currently occupied by the Federal Courts building should be the site of a "City Museum" with the city's Vistors Center located within. And that the Federal Courts building should be moved to the "Courts Distrct".
  18. We can only hope there are plans to build a federal courts building in the Courts District in the north end of downtown- would make sense to me. I think that particular block would be great for the city to build a "City Museum"- a place to showcase Houston's history and it's cultural heritage. It would also be a great place to relocate Houston's vistors center. The overall area- City Hall, the main library, Sam Houston Park, Hermann Square, Tranquillity Park plus a city musuem, would be a great place for citizens and vistors to gain insight into the city's past and present.
  19. Tejo

    Bayou Place

    Personally I was hoping that the west wing would be raised and another theater complex built- a new symphony hall?- perhaps with an outdoor concert pavillion over looking Buffalo Bayou. Also, something must be done along the entire southern facade of Bayou Place, as well as Bagby St., that would help to tie in Hobby Center into the rest of the District.
  20. Way off topic- but two things I think would be cool. First, The Dillards store should be converted into a concert hall/theater of some sort. Though I had hope that the land at Yorktown/Westheimer would have been perfect for a concert hall/theater. Not necessarily the AD Players. In conjunction to converting Dillards, it's front parking lot could be a plaza/square. Of course- the gas station and exotic boutique would have to go and a decorative "sound barrier" erected. And secondly, The front parking lot-Westheimer/Post Oak- of the Galleria also should be turned into a plaza/square.
  21. When I started school in the late 60's, I remember my mother drumming into my head our telephone number- RE3- 2755. It wasn't until later that I discovered that RE was/is Republic. I became fascinated with the exchanges after that. One exchange that I always sounded cool to me was/is Satsuma- which I believe is the Jersey Village/Northwest Houston area. I fact the phone books of the 70's contained a map which divided the area into districts and provided each district's name- Central, Republic, Satsuma- so on. Cool topic- thanks for the memories!
  22. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can provide a link or pics of the just released plans for the new downtown park/GRB. I searched other threads for info and I've found nothing. Thanks- Tejo
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