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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0CTZRbDTjZm8oRWqC5456uiGaNTRvX72gwMKncaUuUWhEWbzGtsy4mjCoamURx537l&id=100063910239457&mibextid=qC1gEa
  2. An world class amphitheater would be perfect that space imho.
  3. This is my dream location for what Houston needs- an observation tower ala CN Tower, perhaps not as tall because of FAA regulations. But, the views of downtown, the TMC, the galleria area, east to the ship channel would totally capture the overall vista of the cityscape. Surround the tower with another midtown park- subterranean parking- a hotel, plus retail and a rail hub. Winning.
  4. Well, I work for Whole Foods. I recently had a conversation with a regional higher-up. I asked him specifically if the midtown store would be a Whole Foods or a 365. He said it will be a 365. I told him there would be a lot of disappointed people. He related how folks in Silverlake (L.A.) initially had the same feelings. But the store is now quite popular. The original thought was actually to open a 365 in the Heights. However, it would cannibalize the Montrose store, which is a million dollar a week location.
  5. The topic should be titled- Pearl on Smith + 365 by Whole Foods. The next Whole Foods in the Houston area will be in Clear Lake, likely opening in 2018. Afterwards, Pearland.
  6. i work for WFM, we usually get an early headsup on new builds. thus far we've only gotten word of Post Oak, Champions, The Woodands, and Woodway rebuild. curious as to the silence on Bunker Hill.
  7. This "new" plan is rubbish! Thanks Houston Press for printing what this scheme is all about. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2013/06/new_dome_experience.php
  8. Perhaps this rendering is legit as to what will replace Macy's. There is nothing which indicates it is a rendering of a "remodeled" Macy's.
  9. June 22 is official. Though there will likely be a soft opening prior. For the record, I work for WFM and I should say most hiring is internal.
  10. Oh for the Lower Westheimer of the late 70's early 80's. The Tower Theater, Numbers (1 not 2), QT's, the Midnight Sun, Tila's, Felix Mexican Restaurant, Ruggles, Spud-You-Like, and many other establishments I've forgotten. There was lots of foot traffic and car cruising...and then..
  11. I see your point, but this is Houston. <there's a slogan> So, we should expect that Metro will run diesel powered buses along a fixed guide way, rather than stringing up the power lines and using electric powered buses.
  12. That's unfortunate to think. Surely someone has thought to use electric buses, or if nothing else diesel/electric.
  13. Will the BRTs be electric or diesel powered?
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