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  1. It's not that Deep Luminare. Drivers are idiots. Particularly in this state. When TCR said they would have viaducts for animal crossing I assumed they meant the Texas Motorist ;)
  2. I don't think it's fair to compare to Japan. We live in Houston where people run into the light rail.
  3. Yeah that sounds extremely dangerous. Not to mention, wouldn't that slow it down? Unless it's around the stations I guess.
  4. Last time I was in there, "There Must Be An Angel" by Annie Lennox was playing on full blast. It was surreal.
  5. I've been to the one on Shepherd a few years ago and it was decent. There's too many grills. I thought this was the old Confederate House (based on your comment), turned State Grille, then wondered why it didn't show up in City Centre - which is the Capital Grille, and they're good... for a chain. Anyway, a decent Steakhouse would be nice round these here east parts. If anything their bars are always a nice stop.
  6. Please share your opinions and disagree with each other without resorting to flame wars/name calling. Thank you.
  7. The Culture Map article stated the space Hay Merchant was in was old, and they needed to replace the A/C. Also, construction on Waugh and the Skanska lot catty corner were major factors. I can't imagine a modern space in a luxury development is cheaper than the location they were at? Or if the owners want to sell the land and push out the renters? Do you have information on rent prices at their current location vs the new?
  8. Urban Dental would be very welcomed. And don't act like you and I wouldn't play pong at Ace Bounce... at least once.
  9. You and maybe others might enjoy this piece of history on Heritage Plaza. I've never seen a rendering for a previous design, but I think I'll take the pyramid over whatever KPF thinks this is. Anyway, found it while trying to nail a construction date on the building. Edit: And to steer completely off-topic, in the link, it mentions a project on 1212 Main which is what bankrupted the original developer - not this project.
  10. Hay Merchant is a cool place, and there's still time to enjoy it. However, this little bit is interesting:
  11. 600 Travis was completed in 1981. As @samagon mentioned, the visible heat plumes off the buildings rooftop HVAC is a feature in cold weather. This is somewhere between December 1984, or as late as mid February of 1985. According to the almanac February 15th was the last big cold front to make the air close to freezing. And it looks like the first big cold front in December 1984 was around the 5th. The rest of the month heats up almost to the 70s, in true Houston fashion. Heritage Plaza began construction in 1984, the same year 1600 Smith & 1301 Fannin were completed which both appear freshly in the photo. If the OP is correct and they left 1984, this was around December 5th, 1984. Why do I care so much about dating this photo? And why did the Almanac get mad at me for refreshing the dates so many times?
  12. Let's keep it civil. As much as possible anyway. I really enjoyed the skyline during the "power over houston" in the late 90s. Particularly the spotlights on most of the skyline. It's as simple as illuminating the buildings, without anything "flashy". Most of our towers have huge plazas that could easily incorporate some lighting. Although I am a sucker for flashy, and would not complain if every building was wrapped in LEDs fading between all colors of the rainbow. We know why it went dark, so how do we ask them to turn on the lights again?
  13. Yeah there's an ABC13 article about "Houston's Riverwalk"? Tee-hee. https://abc13.com/east-river-project-development-houston-buffalo-bayou/10977069/
  14. Such a cute high-rise. Really wish they would have developed the ex-Americas/Barnes & Noble section with similar style. Would have looked 100x better. The white to off-white, terrible stone choices, then you have this clean thing.
  15. I'm all for preserving historic structures, beautiful warehouses, and mostly anything interesting. However, honestly, don't understand why we're defending strip centers when we all bust out the champagne if an apartment complex has GFR. The city needs to densify and a strip center with a surface lot are protest worthy? Everything and nothing is sacred in this town. Build the HSR. Improve the freeways.
  16. Are we sure? We've got a cluster around Eureka Heights, and some within the loop at Pierce Junction, some inside the beltway RRC Map
  17. Who cares what you look like as along as you have fun. I'm tempted to buy one and scoot around the east end.
  18. I get what you're saying, just think you're painting a broad stroke. Don't think what you're saying is bad or good, just wrong ;). We're not St Louis, and we're not Detroit, and our economic engine is still humming.
  19. Would be a terrible way to go, but they're more likely to die in a major flooding event. Edit: Or a road rage incident given the almost daily shootings.
  20. This is not grounded in any facts. We also haven't had a republican mayor since 1981. If anything, people are upset white people are moving into their inner loop neighborhoods (i.e. gentrification).
  21. There are zero full vacant lots north/east of Caroline & Rusk (Historic District). Plenty of full blocks adjacent though.
  22. They can walk to Coral Sword and hear all of the nightly gunshots south telephone has to offer. Did I mention the dual tracks? toot toot. I'm actually envious they can walk to Coral Sword.
  23. My money is on the Mercer for thinnest high-rise in Texas. I'm really happy this tiny block is being developed into a residential tower. Eventually, It will be nice to see what fills in around the historic district's surface lots. Would love to see some smaller and more interesting residential/hotel there.
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