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  1. Amegy & Aspire had a Hannover baby. I dig it. It's nice filler. Certainly cleaner and not cheap looking like most of the stuff we get. The views from the higher and south facing units will be amazing.
  2. Hotel ZaZa JW Marriott Downtown (If we're going for smaller Hotel with focus on service & art). Magnolia Hotel Hotel Derek Granduca The Housontian (Probably the least vibey of them all) Hotel Indigo Le Meridien C Baldwin - While not small, is arguably one of the most stylish renovated Hotels we have, and smaller than a few of the big ones. Heights House Boutique Hotel - "a small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location". That's textbook. There's others I've seen online that go from 10-100 rooms, refurbished buildings, no flag or small chain, really depends on the person's own definition. However, all listed fit at least one. Point being, I would recommend all of them except maybe Heights House since it's the only one I haven't personally set foot in.
  3. I wouldn't bother replying if they refuse to even google search boutique Hotels in Houston. Sure a few have been bought by corporate, but there are really nice Hotels in Downtown and a very few in the Galleria area.
  4. It's strange to me the McNair Tower is on the potential Hotel Equinox/ROD, and that the Brava is taking over some Afton Oaks lots. Especially since both have full blown renderings on their actual locations. Also weird there's like a 432 Park Ave in between them in... West Oaks? The location for Memorial City North looks correct (given the building to the east is 10100 Katy Freeway).
  5. Strange. It is the Brava, and that's the bigger McNair Tower to the right.
  6. Ah. Memorial Hermann Tower is only listed as 500ft on SSP. Guess it's not the most reliable source. And you're right about Pennzoil being 2 buildings ;)
  7. Thanks Paco! Grew 2 floors. 521'11" will make it the 30th tallest building in the city, just after Pennzoil Place and in front of Devon Energy Tower.
  8. I get why they went up in arms, but this is Houston, and it's getting increasingly dense by the day. It's a beautiful neighborhood (personally I think the most beautiful in the whole city).
  9. I bought a townhouse across the bayou, McKinney & Cullen. Investigated the area at different times and never heard the trains. Then when I moved in it was all I heard. 2-3am they would blast battle as they creeped over Cullen. Meetings, XBOX matches, phone calls, everyone would ask "Is that a Train"? White noise machine solved my sleeping issues. For this development, the problem really is the Train chilling on the tracks. Hirsch & Lockwood are I-10 West Bound connections for not only visitors, but shipments to the retail. Is U-turning to get back on I-10 and head down Gregg a problem? Not really, but with all the trucks and industrial developments I'm shocked either street never went under the tracks in the first place.
  10. That's not fair. When the Jeff Davis Hospital was completed in 1929 on this land, it was very much an "Urban" location. Apologies to the forum for dragging this off topic. Just complaining about the suburban layouts of this development's neighbors.
  11. 🙄 Allow me to rephrase. Weird that a Federal Reserve Branch in an urban environment, was built in such a suburban style. Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, all just fine. Charlotte's only takes 1 Block. Denver & San Antonio's are a "block", but half surface lot. Columbus & Baltimore are the only examples I see similar to ours. Sprawling across a large chunk of land.
  12. It reminds me of those giant cardboard bricks you played with in Pre-K. Cartoonish colors, giant suburban layout with surface lots, what I imagine a prison for toddlers would look like. Weird they didn't build a high-rise like most of their buildings are - on an empty lot Downtown. Would leave this huge area for better purpose fronting a premier park in a highly expanding/densifying area.
  13. None except here. Shorenstein still owns it and still maintains the "Updated" facade on their site. This area of town needs some love. The former Skyhouses and additional residential on Main have been great but it's my hope we'll see more aging office to residential.
  14. If Y'all want to argue with each other, do it over PM.
  15. Suppose the indoor pool is the only option and better than none. Really hope this is successful. Gives me hope for an 800 Bell conversion to residential.
  16. The HHA could build a high rise building or two. Not only replace the aging housing, also add more units. Obviously keep that portion and property for affordable units. Sell off the remainder or even extend the park. Create a bigger urban garden, incorporate the boys & girls club, add a pool, outdoor athletic infrastructure with a playground. I'm sure at one point this may happen. In no way am I advocating getting rid of the affordable housing - only improving.
  17. I don't get the reasoning to put the suburban Federal Reserve there, but I'm sure the housing complex will densify & sell off part of the land. It's a huge lot and some of the buildings are what, 80 years old?
  18. https://abc13.com/where-was-bachelor-filmed-in-houston-scenes-locations-blood-bros-on/11875121/ Looks like there will be 2 Houston episodes on the Bachelor. Our Houston spotlight dreams can finally come true.
  19. Favorite new tower in Austin. Sleek! The balconies are amazing.
  20. Actually, The Winnie to Galveston section is interesting.
  21. Snapped a terrible pic this morning. Renderings are on the fence.
  22. Not everyone forgetting how the "Under the Tuscan Sun" design plagued our communities. 1200 Post Oak, Uptown Park, Granduca, Montebello, The Dominion, Villa D'Este, The Mercer, The 610 Sheraton (to an extent), and of course, the Ventana.
  23. Edibles for the win. Legally, this a joke. Edit: I'll be interested to see the long term effects of vaping. I only have a handful of friends who do, but I always encourage them to quit.
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