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  1. That's a shame. An equinox in this or general location would do wonders. The one in ROD is at the corner of traffic and rush hour. So many people want to join but hate the location (that live in Montrose/Midtown).
  2. Well, I know what I'll be doing. Report Tax Exempt Status Abuses to the IRS
  3. Wish they would get rid of the Giant looming flood flights , and update to something shorter and more modern. Nothing ruins the Sabine Street view like the giant power lines and flood lights.
  4. Hey Y'all, I don't know how accurate the source chart/numbers from CNN are, but the title says apprehended, *not* Mexico or Northern Triangle. It's to show the dramatic increase in crossings via persons originating from Nicaragua and anything south (especially Venezuela). Vs the raw numbers from the DHS site which look like a total number of persons, rather than excluding any country of origin. Anyways, back to the "scandal" of Hidalgo at hand.
  5. Take a drive down Richmond (starting at Kirby and heading West), and you'll get a sense this is very "Houston". I'm all for color and culture, but not every building needs to be a loud, eye-catching fuchsia. Allow the sky, trees, and flowers to frame structure.
  6. At least the pool is facing the south/west. Know some folks in La Colombe D'or and the pool isn't great after lunch time. Nice views though.
  7. It's yet another fortress along Allen Parkway. I understand what you're saying, but it's fashionable for Houston.
  8. Potential Customers are more likely to make impulsive decisions if their wheels are greased.
  9. Literally belongs in that part of town. It's a grid, close access to the park and alternative transport from cars.
  10. Not confused about what building you're referencing. Confused as to why you think this little infill building is worthy of ruining your photo. The patchy repair jobs on Memorial and giant garages in the background are more distracting.
  11. The largest automaker in the world, who also sold more vehicles than any other in the US, doesn't represent our car-centric & international city? You know they also build the Sequoia & Tundra in Texas, right? Feel like Toyota Center is more fitting than Minute Maid Park. Particularly since Coca-Cola closed their offices in Sugar Land to move them to Atlanta. But I agree with you that something Space related would be cool. Doubt it would happen. Hopefully it won't be "Landry's Center".
  12. Maybe 20-30 years ago Sheraton was nice. Have you been to the Sheraton Brookhollow? Lordy. Shame they're not changing the exterior. But the interior is what really matters. Looks like a cool bar.
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