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  1. I really hope they serve more local brews than 8th Wonder.
  2. Wow I haven't heard a bassline like that since the Berlin Love Parade stopped. I follow the r/nudisco and every few weeks a real jewel will be shared. Sometimes something more lounge will be posted Also, the French House is particularly cool. This is definitely commute music driving through town. Or French House remixes What would a NuDisco playlist be without a little Classixx? Then, what would NuDisco be without a club or poolside banger?
  3. I think it looks pretty cool. Apart from the bright floor. It's a bad idea and already blinding.
  4. Best kind, such a small and weird lot. The views from the units looking north will be super sweet.
  5. I was just typing this myself looking on google street view. The red brick office building next door (to the north of Deerwood), is 510 Bering.
  6. They are getting worse. Last time I went to Montrose HEB, less than a quarter of people were wearing masks, I didn't see them spray down the cart handles, and some of the employees had their masks below their noses lol. People don't GAF anymore. Martin's Gentlemen's Salon is where I occasionally go for haircuts. They temperature checked me at the door right at 100. Scared me a bit, but my huge pale forehead was absorbing the direct sunlight on my stroll across the parking lot. They re-checked and I was down to 96.
  7. I'm all for the configuration, just curious why even change/spend the money on Leeland? It's not a shortcut. Does anyone want to wait 20 minutes on a bike in summer heat for the slow trains to pass? Polk goes under so it makes sense. The money to spend on Leeland should be put to burying Cullen under the tracks.
  8. All Astrodome conversation moved to the appropriate topic.
  9. Apart from the birds, it's about as cute of a suburban office as we can get.
  10. I eat dinner 6:30-7:30 during the week lol.
  11. Mole people have returned (not all, but enough). Friend sent me a lunch pic from Understory. Besides, this is a street level restaurant that is open for dinner.
  12. Anyone know if/when Local Foods Downtown will re-open? The number automatically diverts to the Heights location.
  13. I haven't seen any pictures of this side of Downtown. I'm told by local businesses and residents the area did well during Harvey. It's unlikely Midway would be putting so much bank on the side of the bayou without doing their homework on flooding/erosion. Also, at a certain point past Downtown, tides and wind control the water levels, not rainfall.
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