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  1. Looks like I & II ground floor renovations. Interesting to get rid of the bottom two floors on that corner and incorporate larger stainless steel columns. Would flow with the infamous Post Oak arches.
  2. Does a picture of an attractive young woman sell more units than actually showing what they're supposed to look like?
  3. On a different note, the office buildings in Greenspoint have updated Christmas lights (Red & Green LED vs the last 80s bulbs in the city). Cool to see the empty mall parking lot being used for something else.
  4. Skyscraperpage.com has a few drawings you can compare heights with and see the rankings. But you have to know which buildings are residential. On Page 2 of Houston Link, it shows the Brava as number 1. Would also reccomend looking up the heights from sources. The information on that page is provided by users and doesn't always have the source. 1. Brava - 167.3m 2. 2929 Weslayan - 162.5m 3. The Huntingdon - 153.3m 4. One Park Place - 152.7m 5. Parkside Residences - 146.3m (or The Post Oak if you count Hotel mixed use with residences). Perhaps the @editor can advise, but there used to be a source on HAI and it would list buildings by type. appears to not work
  5. Strange we didn't get a branch up to BCS via 249 or 290 via 36 to Killeen. The rail lines are always full of military transports. Suppose they do their job and we don't need another freeway branch.
  6. It's cute. I'll take a glass box over anything stucco. Brick would be timeless, but that's asking a lot. Wonder if this 300 key hotel will further delay Houston First Hotel.
  7. Meant "we" as in HAIF, since it was the Dallas Forum that issued them, but was more so a joke since "Dallas Architecture Forum" is a legit architectural forum, and we're an internet forum board. Sorry, being silly. Fountain Place is one of our state's Crown Jewels.
  8. You might be right. There's a few buildings built during that time that have had "for rent" signs since, which would be an indicator of the property rather than the market. Sucks we won't get this cool building in the Med Center.
  9. Okay since we're going slightly off topic. Don't think it's akin. Let's look at the numbers. 7.2 million under construction in Austin. How much of our total office space (estimated 240 million), was built in the early 80s? Not sure. Let's start Downtown. Chase Tower - 1.7 million square feet. Wells Fargo Tower - 1.8 million square feet Enterprise Plaza - 1.46 million square feet Fulbright - 1.23 million square feet TC Energy Center - 1.25 million 7.44 million square feet in just 5 large buildings. We currently have 45-60 million square feet (depending on the source), available right now for lease. I'd go so far to say that we have never "recovered" from our 80s building spree. Austin will be just fine.
  10. A Trademark for Triangle Refineries shows 2600 Nottingham, which would be the Bank of Texas building (5500 Kirby). Rice U has some architectural drawings of it in their archives, but no digital copy. I'm curious what the office building looked like. Bankruptcy court file in Minnesota. Also found a superfund site outside of Atlanta, which is now a tank farm owned by Citgo.
  11. The Chron is the almighty truth. The Chase Tower is standing pretty at 1,049ft. E-mailed the architects well over a decade ago. Like back in AOL times. Advised the building grew and shrunk before they settled at the current height/floor count. Have yet to see any solid proof (from either perspective), that there was an official FAA statement blocking the height of the tower - let alone the proposed BOTSW Tower. They did tell me the FAA were concerned about the flight path into Hobby. A 75 floor count cap by the FAA is strange. Floor height varies. There would be a definitive height cap, like San Diego, or Singapore, in feet/meters. For now, I'd say it's an urban legend. Wouldn't put it past the Chron to peddle it.
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