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  1. Until we get the new/confirmed rendering, we won't know. But the current one is tricky to the eye. The W's amenity deck looks to be on the roof of the Partnership Tower. There are visible columns sticking out of the roof on google earth that don't look like functional roof equipment. Did everyone forget how MD Anderson added height to their Med Center Tower a few years ago? Anyone know how it disrupted their operations? However, the render shows the skywalk towards the front of the tower - which in reality is towards to "back" in the angle facing the rendering.
  2. Milby is a pot hole war zone and the tracks & crossing are missing from this glittering rendering. Although it would be nice if Milby were to become a wild flower haven and well manicured street. Would make the walks to Voodoo Queen more attractive. Some of the windows on warehouse portion facing the tracks have missing windows. I think I might peep inside and see what the work looks like internally. It's a very interesting space but I can't imagine what would go here? Some kind of upscale furniture store with a show room and warehouse? Indoor farmers market? Tout Suite and other random businesses getting displaced by the 45/59 realignment? A beer hall/bar/restaurant would be super sweet. It's just hard to picture.
  3. This area is a hodgepodge and the city needs to connect it better. Summer & Crockett should connect at least to Studemont, and should be placed as one ways. And while they're at it, Spring Street should connect to Oliver and to the I-10 feeder.
  4. I don't think so, the coverage areas in Austin and Lisbon are huge. What I did like about them was the parking areas were defined - and outright banned in others. Obviously no parking in front of the Alamo, Terreiro do Paco, or riding along the Riverwalk, etc. @brijonmang The same could be said about cyclists not obeying laws while riding. Did you try riding one?
  5. Why would they be banned from the trails, it's the best infrastructure for them? The point is to get from A-B, not leisurely ride along the Bayou. These would better serve Downtown, East End, Heights, West End, Montrose, and the Museum District.
  6. Uber and Lyft initially had difficulties getting into our markets, the latter leaving and then returning. It's a shame they're leaving San Antonio, but apart from zipping around Downtown and King William, there isn't a lot of places to go. Houston already has a lot of bike lane infrastructure/trails and would be a perfect set up for this. San Antonio has little to no set up (in the immediate areas I was in and wanted to go), and required you to ride on the streets with traffic. Lisbon had a ton of bike lanes. Austin also has bike lanes. Super easy to adjust your navigation to the bike setting and scooter away into the sunset. Guess I'll have to look into purchasing one. They're unbelievably fun and can cart my 6'1" 230 lbs self around just fine - even uphill.
  7. I'm extremely excited for Lime to come to Houston. I've ridden these things in Lisbon, Austin, and San Antonio. It will be nice to have in the East End, could ride the light rail and scooter home (rather than the 11 minute walk). Or maybe even lime all the way to the bars and restaurants in EADO on the bike paths/trails. They're really extremely fun and help you explore more. Houston will be perfect with our flat surfaces. Just worry about our potholes more than anything. Scooters on rough roads are teeth rattling.
  8. I hope so, their food is amazing. But such a weird vibe with the giant window they have overlooking the super homeless camp under the freeway.
  9. I ate at the bustling Rosalie Italian restaurant located in the lobby of the C. Baldwin Hotel (formally Double Tree). You know, the Allen Center Hotel that half the west facing views are obstructed by a parking garage? The renovation in the Hotel is fantastic (and so is the lobby bar). The restaurant layout is different. It feels like you're dining in The Lexington Grille - all the rooms are separated and provide an old converted home feel. Style and atmosphere satisfied my appetite. The Cocktail list wasn't my thing. I'm not really into the whole idea behind a Mixologist being recklessly creative. 1st bourbon drink tasted like potpourri and the second gin drink was like spraying a citrusy cologne in my mouth. Stuck to a dirty martini after that. The food was great though and the staff were very attentive. Floor managers swept through the rooms constantly. I highly recommend this place. Also the signage at the hotel entrance is cool. Montrose1100 Stamp of Approval. I'm not a critic by any means but thought I'd share my experience. Would advise to make a reservation.
  10. Perfect! I'll be taking bets that this is the end product - give or take a panel or two.
  11. If you think it won't end up like this, then you don't know RD.
  12. We married in the Carter Room at JW Marriott Downtown. Reception Downstairs in one of the ballrooms. Carter room is original to the building and really a beautiful/unique space. It honestly depends on your budget and guest size. We looked at several hotels and other spaces (like the Astorian). They were just super expensive, so we stuck to Hotels. Lots of out of town guests meant great discounts on the rooms. Service packages saved us a whole lot of money to spend on our honeymoon. Plus the Hotels really cared about getting your business and helping you out. To me the Service stood out in all the Hotels we toured. Plus they gave us a preferred vendor list which turned out to be less expensive than the quotes we were getting by ourselves. Hotel ZaZa was a close second choice. Even if you're not keen on the idea of a hotel, at least tour. You'll get to see some hidden gems Downtown that you wouldn't normally.
  13. Anyone else on Mobile notice how annoying the ads are? They're like a shutter constantly lowering on the screen. Even when hidden, the arrows can get in the way of navigating the site. I'm all for generating revenue for the site but it makes it super annoying to casually browse.
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