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  1. A lot of places are. Unfortunately, not the best time to open a restaurant... anywhere.
  2. HEB on W Alabama was picked clean. Managed some chicken, bread, cold cuts, toothpaste (seriously the last one), Orange Gatorade, random weird soups (cream of poblano), 4 ramens, frozen pizza, fruits & veggies, it was dismal. I heard the Whole Foods on Kirby is stocked.
  3. Usually do our bi weekly grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday. Looks like I'll be patient until next week as well. All my favorite restaurants on Uber Eats were closed until Monday. I thought that was strange.
  4. Amazon! I buy Industrial nitrile gloves for cleaning. They might come in handy just to vogue around town since hand sanitizer makes my skin dry up and bleed. If you're on r/houston there have been posts advising on when area grocery stores are restocked. If you're not having any luck try unusual places like gas stations, non-chain pharmacy's, corner stores, and dollar stores. There's a Valero on Canal that was stocked full of water when the grocery stores were wiped out during the water main bust.
  5. The bottom floor from Nordstrom to Banana Republic is a gypsy market. "Have you heard of the Dead Sea in Israel"? "you must try this product"! "Excuse me, SIR, yes, you, come this way I'll show you my sale". Heck off, buckaroos..
  6. 2:16 to 2:40 - Those Orange connector ramps floating into the near north side. Is that Hard Toll Road expansion? I thought it was going to be via the Elysian Viaduct?
  7. I was talking about "spec" offices. The Energy Corridor has never truly recovered from the glut back in 2014-2016. The new stuff in Downtown has been United Airlines, BOA, and who knows what will go in the Texas Tower. I'm not saying we won't hurt. But the recovery won't be as long... maybe. The Corona Virus scare is really screwing up a lot of industries short term. Korea Air having temporary layoffs. Italy basically shutting down. I hope that panic doesn't come here. Everyone will be screwed, not just Houston.
  8. Well we haven't really had any oil related real estate go up? One Market Square might never get off the ground for a few years, or 6 Houston Center. Speaking of which, every time a rendering shows up for 6 Houston Center we seem to hit an economic slump. Coincidence? Cursed I tell you!
  9. What was there before? I checked historical aerials and it looked like a small structure right on the street corner and the rest of the lot was scattered with trees. What about the lot catty corner? Those townhouses/student housing structures are bizarre.
  10. Is it? It's kind of on the frontier. There isn't enough income east of here to support an HEB in the area, I don't think Whole Foods will be relying on 3rd ward and the East End for business. I'd bet Specs losing business is due to Total Wine opening up shop around Sawyer. Anyone who can't google what's around them if they need to pick something up before heading home would likely be the same person who wouldn't bother with an urban-concept store because parking is confusing.
  11. Is there a list of businesses complaining about this? Who would grocery shop at Whole Foods and truck it all the way to the burbs? My ice cream melts shopping at the HEB on W Alabama and driving 15 mins to the east end. Seems strange since Louisiana and Travis still provide ample access. I just can't comprehend how bars and restaurants (and a grocery store), could be losing business over 2 blocks of additional travel to and from the spur. Are people so fickle that driving 4 blocks over to Milam to get on the Spur makes them stop purchasing from places? Sincerely someone help me out here.
  12. That and most of the restaurants/retail are more north and face Fannin. Texas Childrens is such a fortress you can really see where the pedestrian activity cuts off. Plus Main is car-centric while Fannin is pedestrian and rail focused. Maybe the Aggie campus will help change this?
  13. If a cover band doesn't play this song and change the lyrics on the grand opening, I personally will be disappointed.
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