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  1. Generally, yes, but the grey transforms 1200 Post Oak & the Mercer into commie blocks. The white in Uptown park doesn’t make any sense unless they update everything else.
  2. I ventured to Post Oak Blvd and this tower will look great. San Felipe & Post Oak is turning into a real gem. It’ll get along great with the post modern and newer glass neighbors. On a side note why are they painting every Italian stucco condo building & Uptown Park neutral colors in the galleria area? Makes them look worse. They went to Vegas, stayed at the Bellagio, watched “Under the Tuscan Sun”, I get it. But why destroy that idea with grey and white?
  3. Lordy these renderings are getting HAIFers excited. I just hope there’s a bar on the top floor. We need more Z on 23. We have a skyline, let the people see it (and drink to it).
  4. Topman’s styling was questionable and way too European. Their shorts are super quality. Have outlasted every other. Price point was too high for their younger market. Forever never changed. I liked getting cheap bathing suits and tank tops but I knew pineapple and other prints wouldn’t last forever. No pun intended. It is literally the same style when I was actually 21, 9 years ago. They never adapted. H&M at least progresses and offers staples, like solid colors. As long as Brooks Brothers stays in that section I’ll still be shopping there. Although they should seriously consider a Rice Village location. The Galleria needs some wider spaces and better transfers between floors. The walking room is not sufficient in some bottleneck areas. It’s poorly planned and a unified vision could fix it if they did it in phases.
  5. Since Uptown is our kitschy commercial neighborhood, I’m surprised these giant garages haven’t put up billboards/screens. Using our little sister to the north, it’s crazy how commercial Dallas is. Giant billboards on blank building facades similar to Los Angeles. I know it’s ugly and lame but if any street has the potential to be our picadelly circus it’s Post Oak @ Westheimer. I would prefer a bright & colorful billboard that serves a purpose over a giant white blank garage wall. Same with this tower’s giant garage facing the boulevard. It’s so dim in this city. Turn on the lights please.
  6. Isn’t this the old Americas Plaza proposal site? It’s amazing how Navigation is buzzing with activity compared to Harrisburg. Once the Bayou Park & East River are completed the greater east end will become a destination. The “Greater East End”. ...in the not too distant future, anything south of I-10, and north of 45 will be the Greater East End. You heard the super neighborhood buzzword here first.
  7. The retail in Katyville can’t currently support anything more than the chains there now. Local foods & dish society are on heights blvd just a stones throw away. Also two Downtown nearly equal distance. This area has the potential to be a good heights trail gateway. Shame the options are southwells or fast food after a ride.
  8. “Near Houston’s top cultural attractions, the Galleria (mall), and the TMC (hospital)”.
  9. I really think they need to make Hirsch/Waco an underpass at the railroad. I know Gregg & Jensen are a work around. The trains have to slow down significantly for that right turn when the tracks turn North. Unless the city redoes Jensen and Gregg, Waco is the only road leading to this from I-10 & the east end that’s not suspension damaging.
  10. There’s a big ramp of dirt on the property. You can see it from the amazing new 59 entrance on Cullen.
  11. I love the size and shape of this building. Fits very nicely in Upper Kirby with West Ave. Almost a shame the scaffolding is going away. Some fins would be extremely sexy.
  12. It has to do more with B2B. Even the Maritime industry is looking at tech (all of our interns are), and the logistics we do might not be amazon on scale, our oil major customers are.
  13. I drive past here everyday for work. The main brick entrance by the tracks is gorgeous. Pretty sure it’s in the Art Deco Houston book. I’m not sure what they’re going to turn it into, but a big industrial roller disco lounge is what I’m crossing my fingers for. I thought the fenced off lots to the southeast would be more town house farms but it will be permanent parking for this property. if it will be a bar, it could be the nail in the coffin for D&W. Which would be a crime.
  14. Anyone who lives in this building please invite me over to go swimming. I’ll bring some good booze.
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