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  1. Snapped a terrible pic this morning. Renderings are on the fence.
  2. Not everyone forgetting how the "Under the Tuscan Sun" design plagued our communities. 1200 Post Oak, Uptown Park, Granduca, Montebello, The Dominion, Villa D'Este, The Mercer, The 610 Sheraton (to an extent), and of course, the Ventana.
  3. Edibles for the win. Legally, this a joke. Edit: I'll be interested to see the long term effects of vaping. I only have a handful of friends who do, but I always encourage them to quit.
  4. Are you suggesting we enslave workers from around the world to build up a fabricated city? Where we'll also import office/admin workers from India & the Philippines, force them to live way out of the city in segregated communities, and pay them way less? Shanghai comparison is silly as well. Their population in 1990 was what, over 12 million? So already a super dense city. Then you have them enter the skyscraper world stage in the 90s before the APAC financial scare, then to the largest migration/urbanization in the history of the world? Look at a picture of Houston from 1970-1990 and you'll see a similar stark contrast. As for red tape and government spending, can't speak for why it takes so long to get infrastructure in this country.
  5. Maybe I've just lost it. I kept thinking KHOU was briefly at 1803 Allen Parkway post Harvey.
  6. What's to become of the KHOU site? Might as well ponder that corner tiny lot on Temple & Walker too.
  7. Houston, we would never dare consider a subway, but an underground Bus station? Yee-haw!
  8. Houston - The architecture of yesterday, today! Sincerely love this. Makes me wonder if the shades are on the north side as well?
  9. WOW they are going to build a divider wall inbetween? To prevent the rubber necking of a wreck on the opposite side? Meaning there could be a fender bender traffic on the opposing side wouldn't have a clue? Do it on every freeway TXDOT.
  10. Imagine if we built a legit ROW rapid transit.
  11. Dare challenge me? 😉 I've been on this site long enough to know I should have provided a source in my post initially. However, spent too much time reflecting on what I like about this city.
  12. You want a source for our country's two giga alpha cities being more diverse than Houston? Alrighty. 2019 Source with links NYC Same source but updated to +700 2021 World Atlas says 800 I'm having a hard time finding updated sources for LA, but the last shows 2015 almost 250 languages spoken. Visit Houston says: Visit Houston There's a ton of different metrics to rate a city "diverse" or not. Similar to how we get to claim We're the world's busiest port* *in terms of foreign bound tonnage. Wallet Hub has a good break down and rates us as #1. If the 800 languages in NYC is true, and ours is only 145, then my statement isn't farfetched.
  13. In terms of percentages, sure, we are more evenly spread between. As far as total numbers and languages/cultures/nationalities go? NYC and LA blow us out of the water. I'm Houston's biggest fan but also our biggest hater. So I'll start with what I like: Food We have an abundance of excellent food. It's a major thing that sticks out to me when visiting other places. Yes, there are wonderful places in this world that have great food options but I always draw this comparison to our restaurants as a place hold. Generally many other cities lack what we have. Not just fine dining. and it's amazing how less expensive our food and drinks are compared to other towns. Do we lack specific things? Yes. Fire House Pizza being the only decent "NY" Pizza place in town is evidence of this. Doesn't mean you can't get a good pie. Pools Everyone has one or knows someone that has access to one. Private, Public, Neighborhood, Apartment, Hotel, that's one thing I really enjoy having access to. Particularly those 2-3 weeks in August. Greenery It's so green here. Trees of all types everywhere. This is a blanket statement as there are new development areas and obvious parking lots that lack them. Direct Flight Options Can't stand to waste any minute of time in a layover. Our direct flight options are great and I never take it for granted. Diversity of Things to Do This is what it's really about. Do you want to go to the Beach for the day? Go Karts? Taco and Marg crawl? Hang out at the pool all day? Traveling exhibit at one of the Museums? Concert? Picnic in the Park? Cycle? Hike & Camp Sam Houston Forest? Gawk at some new building? Production at a theater? Drink $17 beer at a sports game (Let's go support our Rugby Team the Sabercats)? Throw a dart on the map and check out the closest coffee shop? Additionally there's a branching of options of each thing I've mentioned. Do I want to appreciate a different culture and see how they celebrate a specific holiday or religious event? Interesting Citizens Apart from the worst drivers in the US - Houstonians are interesting. We're not as shallow as LA, but, also not as tightly wound up like New Yorkers. When we look past our differences is when we have a good time. We kind of capture that. At least I've witnessed it. Edit: There's more. Just what comes to mind anytime I tell myself I hate it here and need to move away.
  14. I'm not sure if you're aware of what's going on in this town relative to all of our drainage ditches? Perhaps not so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The Freeway comment is silly. There's already a large portion of the White Oak Bayou Greenway either adjacent to a freeway or underneath. Same with the Sabine Promenade, and essentially all of BBP through to the Theater District. Even then it's under the web of street bridges to the courthouses. If the City of Houston thought no one would use this why would they even entertain the idea? Just say you personally won't visit it and move on.
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