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  1. I'm so happy to see these construction pictures. I was still in high school when this thread started.
  2. This is about the Mixed use project, "The Allen", not the Federal Reserve building. /s I'm eager to see how it turns out. It's different for sure.
  3. I'll come but @monarch has to show... the myth, the legend.
  4. Assume they're moving everything from the 1301 McKinney/ex-Chevron/Fulbright Tower?
  5. I really hope there is some future restaurant option coming in, but it seems unlikely, given the current climate. Also, long term, closing/cutting off the McKinney RR crossing would limit customers. The neighborhood is doing well given the slump in oil and overall economy. That lot next to Baytown Seafood is being cleared and will surely sprout the newest townhouse farm at any time. A realtor opening up in a renovated warehouse is cool and very appropriate.
  6. You don't owe Market Square Tower anything. It's the Harris County Criminal Courthouse of Residential Buildings. It's like the very threshold, to the finest degree, of architecture in this city. Partly joking, partly being a big you know what. Brava (the tower portion only), is looking great.
  7. It's cute and I hope it gets built. Looks like the parking is covered by glass, so as long as that's not exposed, we have a solid & interesting structure on the Park. The Embassy Suites deserves to be covered up.
  8. It should be the 8th tallest behind 1100 Louisiana, and pushing CenterPoint Energy to #9. A real stand out structure close to the Williams Tower and the west side in general.
  9. 800 Bell being saved would be worth another decade of seeing through the Old Days Inn / Holiday Inn.
  10. Yeah, I think you're right, thankfully. That's likely Three Post Oak Central to the right and not the BBVA/PNC.
  11. A Loews would be a big win for Houston. We have a big lack of brand diversity in Hotels. Sure We have every Marriott and Hyatt brand but nothing exciting out of that besides St. Regis, Omni, and our local Boutiques. The Design is really a bore, oh well. I'm confused though. Are the Flags/Entrance on Guilfort Ct? What would the Post Oak side look like if this is the "front"?
  12. "if". No matter how cheap it'll look, as long as they keep the same amount of windows, I promise not to complain.
  13. The Lighting is cool around the rim of the "crown". Hopefully it circle the whole building and not just the 3/4ths that is lit now.
  14. It's a roll of the dice to reply to any topics or utilize the moderator actions. Happy 2020 I suppose :P
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