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  1. Isn’t this the old Americas Plaza proposal site? It’s amazing how Navigation is buzzing with activity compared to Harrisburg. Once the Bayou Park & East River are completed the greater east end will become a destination. The “Greater East End”. ...in the not too distant future, anything south of I-10, and north of 45 will be the Greater East End. You heard the super neighborhood buzzword here first.
  2. The retail in Katyville can’t currently support anything more than the chains there now. Local foods & dish society are on heights blvd just a stones throw away. Also two Downtown nearly equal distance. This area has the potential to be a good heights trail gateway. Shame the options are southwells or fast food after a ride.
  3. “Near Houston’s top cultural attractions, the Galleria (mall), and the TMC (hospital)”.
  4. I really think they need to make Hirsch/Waco an underpass at the railroad. I know Gregg & Jensen are a work around. The trains have to slow down significantly for that right turn when the tracks turn North. Unless the city redoes Jensen and Gregg, Waco is the only road leading to this from I-10 & the east end that’s not suspension damaging.
  5. There’s a big ramp of dirt on the property. You can see it from the amazing new 59 entrance on Cullen.
  6. I love the size and shape of this building. Fits very nicely in Upper Kirby with West Ave. Almost a shame the scaffolding is going away. Some fins would be extremely sexy.
  7. It has to do more with B2B. Even the Maritime industry is looking at tech (all of our interns are), and the logistics we do might not be amazon on scale, our oil major customers are.
  8. I drive past here everyday for work. The main brick entrance by the tracks is gorgeous. Pretty sure it’s in the Art Deco Houston book. I’m not sure what they’re going to turn it into, but a big industrial roller disco lounge is what I’m crossing my fingers for. I thought the fenced off lots to the southeast would be more town house farms but it will be permanent parking for this property. if it will be a bar, it could be the nail in the coffin for D&W. Which would be a crime.
  9. Crock, let me speak to you as a forum member and not a mod. The F in HAIF stands for forum. We are not a real estate news site like swamp lot was. That being said, creation & discussion can flow freely between users without much interference. Now - as a moderator: As a voluntary moderator, I do this in my spare time to ensure nothing goes off topic into a political or adult language situation, or spam, or arguments unrelated to the discussion, etc. I’d be open to the idea of organizing and labeling everything, which is why I reached out to you previously about applying to be a moderator yourself. If you wish to be a leader/champion of change then act like it. Personally I’m happy to change titles, move stuff around, and oblige to requests but you’ve got to cool it down. I cant spend all of my free time tweaking every topic on HAIF because you’d prefer it that way. If your request is not answered or done right away you’ve got to accept that we can deny them. If the Editor wishes to see “going up” take on a real estate, click bait (sound the alarm, a tree is getting cut down), website then it’s his decision. Not ours. We’re open to ideas, change, and progress. We’re open to users contributing new uses to the evolving landscape of discussion. Sincerely, I do appreciate your contributions. What I don’t appreciate is being called out if myself or any other mods say no/deny your request.
  10. Anyone who lives in this building please invite me over to go swimming. I’ll bring some good booze.
  11. I was wondering what those were. They look like some odd highway hotel complex.
  12. I don’t think you should dismiss the early 2000s. We got the second Enron Tower, 1000 Main, Calpine, Hilton Americas, 3333 Allen Parkway, all of those terrible stucco condo towers in Uptown. I think it was that round of development that brought me to the HAIF.
  13. I like the design but the shape of the mid section throws me off. Also completely blocks the apartment tower of Downtown views.
  14. Some vessels have reported Benzene on board and some crews are being evacuated. USCG stated there cannot be any clean up efforts for the chemical spill until Benzene levels are reduced to moderate.
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