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  1. Seems specific, even the small office building on the east side of the building.
  2. Honestly they could have a nice path with trees and vendors from NRG Stadium to the Light Rail stop. Otherwise you're just roaming a huge dark parking lot. Doesn't feel dangerous, just uninviting. I don't really care what happens with the Dome anymore. Should just turn it into a giant parking garage to clear all the surface lots, turn them in year round fair grounds with trees. Could easily get rid of all the lots and maybe even sell some of them to developers.
  3. This building is huge. Is there going to be a fast food place in it as well?
  4. It's interesting the market has created what most major cities already have - but without the transportation. This is like the Ferry Terminal Building in San Francisco or Auckland, or the WTC station in New York. In a ideal world, of course, this would be our HSR/Amtrak/transportation hub. The real entrance to our City.
  5. Coral Sword isn't too far down Telephone ;) No train track to cross.
  6. Inspired by the Editor's post about 20 years of HAIF & Bilbao58's posts in SSC about projects that are less than 20 years old - I present: The Highlighter Google Earth Downtown Houston 20 Years of development image. Green: New Build Yellow: Renovation (saved from abandonment, which is why the Leeland Federal Building is not notated, or the Allen Center). Purple: U/C buildings missing from the outdated satellite imagery. Feel free to add in or ask me for corrections/amendments. A cool visual of the amount of investment in our city! Personally, I'd be happy t
  7. At least patrons/patients visiting for their medical needs will know exactly where their co-pays & out of pocket medical expenses are going.
  8. I'm going to have to give Segundo another chance. I ordered a latte and asked how many espresso shots it came with and the two people working told me none 😑 and it wasn't good, super muddy sediment at the bottom.
  9. As much as I dislike his buildings, a little Chateau Ten Sunset wouldn't be the worst thing in the world here.
  10. I hear "Light Rail" from people who live in Houston, "Metro Rail" by Metro advertisements only (seems kind of forced), and "the train" from people who get hit by it or comment on Chron articles.
  11. Don't worry Editor, we're all aging at the same pace ;) Hotels and businesses have taken a hard hit during the pandemic, but hotels especially. This is not a Houston or Marriott thing. Mexico, New York, Montana, all the same. Getting a hold of a warm body is tough. Half of the business numbers on their own website don't work, the number listed on google or apple maps don't work. If you do talk to someone, there's zero communication between that person in the call center and the hotel desk, and zero communication between the hotel desk and the person on the next shift. It's not really
  12. I would take a thousand of these over 1200 Post Oak, The Mercer, The Titan, or the Harris County Civil Courthouse. Anyway, point I was trying to make is 5959 Richmond was also a cutting edge retail/office/mixed use design (I think it's a good period piece). That it would change the way retail/strip centers were done going forward in Houston. It didn't. This won't either. It's an exceptional development, but will not set any guidelines for other future retail projects in this city.
  13. I'm sure someone said the same thing about 5959 Richmond Ave back in the day. This project is the exception rather than the rule.
  14. Not really sure what his warehouse/steel building is (across the street from the Gym). I've seen the gym patrons use this lot and the one next door as an overflow parking. Anyway, there were a ton of workers on the roof this week. Anyone know what business or storage this is?
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