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  1. I mean, the pool might have some cool views, on the north corner. Particularly when TMC 3 is fully "blossomed".
  2. This has to do more with time frame these buildings were built - the early 1980s, as you noted. When we were booming growing with our skyline this was the style. I believe it fits more in "International" rather than postmodern, but certainly has elements with the building shape. It would be similar to addressing "stepped" art deco skyscrapers with their abundance and birth in New York. Sure it also became the style in many other cities where there were not ordinances to have the buildings gradually step to avoid blocking sunlight. We own that time frame. You can tell when economic times were great in most cities, because there is usually a style more present than the rest (even in the burbs or outer lying business districts).
  3. I'm guessing this is looking north/west down Rusk? If so, shame whatever to the left is now a parking garage. And the building going up on the right, is currently black glass façade.
  4. I'm still holding on to my pettiness. The stone is nice stone. Just would have preferred something better visually facing Market Square.
  5. Yeah I think anything tourism related should definitely front our "main" park (and the views east/west/south would be spectacular). Otherwise, Other side of 59 from GRB would be good, but limiting. Somewhere in front of Heritage Plaza would also be nice.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Where were you when Meteor closed their doors? Feel like that was a place to save more so than a suburban style grocery store on a major urban thoroughfare.
  7. Sometimes I wonder how an area or building will look in 20 years. Perhaps there won't be a need for affordable apartments in the vicinity, because these will age and unlikely be revamped, and be cheaper than newer builds. Rinse & repeat (which is a good thing - not everything needs to be overpriced). By that time, 45/10 may be done, and they will be torn down for a new development. "Historic Hardy Yards". Or remain an affordable option for those living close to Downtown.
  8. IDK, I don't think every single building in this neighborhood needs a mural.
  9. Alright, everyone relax, and get back to the great addition to Downtown. @Luminare if you ever have any issues with anyone, please feel free to discuss with another Mod, or the Editor.
  10. While I agree the foundation people were lying, I'm not finding anything to source the 30,000 feet. There's likely limestone/sedimentary rock not too far down. Although after reading a few PDFs I'm not seeing any confirmations. Anyway, suppose that's another topic.
  11. I know Industrial/shipping is not everyone's cup of tea for décor, but I really love the renders.
  12. I can't help but think how the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th worst high-rises in Houston could be in such a nice view. At least the Hotel looks good at night.
  13. The green dry wall looked more interesting, but at least the housing authority is keeping up with trends around the city to blend in.
  14. The heavy rail train in the rendering almost makes us look legit.
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