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  1. It's a cool feeling seeing this interaction with the street. It goes against everything in the original vision. The contrast in glass is kind of ugly, but I guess I'll reserve judgements until it's complete with some greenery.
  2. It looks very odd, but they could have done something better than the stark/tall garage wall. At least the apartments adjacent covered their garage with a little civility and grace. The only thing that screams Houston more than this is San Felipe Plaza.
  3. Yeah, they've been working on hard on that mountain of dirt that has been sitting there. Glad to see activity again. Plus they broke up the median on Cullen and looks like they'll put a turn lane for people trying to connect to 59. No more breaking the law!
  4. Hi All, Did anyone ask Richard Keating if Allied Bank Plaza (AKA Wells Fargo Plaza), was meant to be an abstract $, or just 2 semi-circles. I know on the HAI it says 2 semi-circles, claiming KHOU and other local rumors have it wrong, but is there a source for this? The link to Glass Steel and Stone is no longer.
  5. The CrossFit I go to doesn't even have A/C, except small unit for the bathroom and their office. Same with where I used to go, BeFit.
  6. Are these pie in the sky? Everything East of 59, North of 45, and south of I-10 has exploded (and continues to explode) with homes and apartments. There's very little retail or small offices to keep up with the demand. The below is anecdotal obviously. I drive 15 minutes to the HEB on W Alabama. Drive +15 minutes to the Total Wine on Holcombe or the newer one in the "Lower Heights District" 🤢. Do all of my shopping on the west side or Rice Village. Most of my Uber Eats are from there or the Heights. There's not a decent nail place nearby. Although it is mostly dependent on who you get, even at good places that are clean, and the towels don't smell like mildew. East End Barber is really the only good men's haircut nearby but you need to book well in advance. Hell all of the greasy fast food options are past UH, down by Gulfgate, or at the last light rail stop on Harrisburg. Same with car mechanics (Tire Store Service Center on Milby is actually the only good one). We have like 2 or 3 hand carwash places, but after going a few times they really suck compared to Aqua on Montrose, $oap Hand car wash on Richmond, or the city's best and least expensive; Best Hand Carwash #2 on Voss. There's no in network dentists nearby. No in network Doctors nearby. No in network anything really. Midtown has the closest options but the reviews aren't as good as going further west to Greenway Plaza area or south to the TMC. Same with Yoga & Pilates, all in Midtown. Granted this was google searching and most places are closed during the Pandemic. However, throw a dart on the map and you'll probably land on a gym/CrossFit place. I know where I moved to and what was around prior. Would just be nice to have a few things closer.
  7. That's the nicest retention pond I've ever seen. I would like to see more of these.
  8. Have you seen with your eyes every condo building Randall Davis has put up? How about the Fertitta Hotel?
  9. It's a bit weird given the HOV lanes on 290 already... Plus there's so many businesses along this road. Seems like such a waste, just build an elevated route above the current HOV. Where is the high speed rail supposed to go again?
  10. Is that lot going to be a giant patio or parking?
  11. Looks like my first building in Minecraft. It's a beast.
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