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  1. I was wondering what those were. They look like some odd highway hotel complex.
  2. I don’t think you should dismiss the early 2000s. We got the second Enron Tower, 1000 Main, Calpine, Hilton Americas, 3333 Allen Parkway, all of those terrible stucco condo towers in Uptown. I think it was that round of development that brought me to the HAIF.
  3. I like the design but the shape of the mid section throws me off. Also completely blocks the apartment tower of Downtown views.
  4. Some vessels have reported Benzene on board and some crews are being evacuated. USCG stated there cannot be any clean up efforts for the chemical spill until Benzene levels are reduced to moderate.
  5. It still is. Winos are now bar hoppers, and the homeless* are still around. It’s not nearly as unwelcoming even 15 years ago.
  6. All lovely and fine Lum, but is this not international design by definition? These “colorless” blue glass prisms are everywhere and interchangeable. Place this Hines tower in Denver or Chongqing and no one would be the wiser.
  7. We don’t need or have a specific structure. We have the space shuttle or an old school oil rig as our identity. I’m sure something nice will end up here.
  8. Welcome back! Personally I think LA is up one level from us. Chicago is two or three floors. Although the original Vista rendering was a crime, Chicago has produced some fantastic structures. All certainly have their share of the new international style. Post Internationalism? Where are we exactly?
  9. We tend to get bigger structures that are a decade behind the design curve. So maybe not in love but rather déjà vu. It’s crisp and clean without risk. Really what we’ve been used to, the 1100 Louisiana’s, 3 Allen Center’s, First City Towers. Sure they’re not award winners, however, they still look good collectively and age very well. Still waiting for the new generation of Pennzoils & Nations Banks.
  10. This thing and the Tilman Hotel are a blight on the skyline. Coming up from Bellaire you can’t take your eyes off how out of place these two are. I want to say they belong in Vegas or Tampa, but I don’t think they’d pass there. Like a giant white and opposable brown thumb with equally bad proportions/symmetry. I thought we had turned the page from the Montebellos & 1200 Post Oaks. Even the stale apartment towers going up Downtown are good at being bland. They easily blend in and could be over shadowed by a building with a sprinkle of imagination. Not these two... like driving down a fresh 20 lane highway. No amount of tint on your sunglasses can help. BF over.
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s only a matter of time before all the groovy office buildings on Richmond make way for newer ones.
  12. Anyone comparing this to RD is laughable. A Hines structure, no matter how modest, could never achieve the cheapness RD does on 610 (heading south before 59).
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