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  1. Does anyone have any renderings of the projects listed here: http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/2673-unbuilt-houston/ I can't seem to find anything barring the bank of the southwest tower and it would help me out with a project of mine chronicling unbuilt skyscrapers in American cities. Thanks!
  2. lilbigjanet

    Skyline update

    *cough* bank of the southwest revival *cough*
  3. I just gotta say, I really love this tower. Such a shame.
  4. I just worry that as time goes on, and the other development nodes grow, and downtown begins to fill it's empty lot capacity and become more expensive to build in, we will hemorrhage growth opportunities to the nodes instead of seeing complementary growth.
  5. Does anyone else ever wish this had been built downtown? Could you guys imagine how it would look in the skyline?
  6. Has anyone ever thought about what Downtown's skyline would've looked like if Houston had developed traditionally. Would Transco still have been built? or what the Uptown boom would've looked like localized downtown? Just curious.
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