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  1. I think the 40/41 could be fixed with a little smarter frequency & timing. The 25 and especially the 82 need dedicated bus lanes to be on time at peak. Richmond and Westheimer have the room west of 610, but making a dedicated bus lane where the 82 really needs it is probably politically impossible
  2. The 40/41 was 6 min frequency at peak before covid; it's at 10 minute frequency at peak now, and often the 40 and the 41 bunch behind each other so the frequency is more like every 25 minutes sometimes at 5
  3. I think a new bus that goes up emancipation, past east river, and gets to at Arnold’s would popular
  4. Until people run the roundabouts using lifted trucks through the middle
  5. My grandmother said she always just swam in the flooded streets for fun when it rained
  6. Is it a physical server in a closet? Or all AWS or similar?
  7. The scale of it… I wonder if metro will actually improve frequency on the buses that go next it. A train is too much to hope for
  8. At the end of the day it is still a car-oriented shopping center. A fully pedestrian-focused development could have had at least 2 more retail spaces. However, it is still much better than an empty warehouse, and the quality of the finish is good
  9. there’s a huge variety of food at hobby: - Pappa BBQ - Pappasito’s -Papadeaux - Pappas Burger - Pappasitos togo
  10. I believe he’s the only starting pitcher with a 0 ERA
  11. I don’t like the idea of an elevated stop at Harrisburg, but they definitely have to grade separate with the freight rail
  12. The original midtown to galleria route down Richmond through montrose would probably have rivaled the redline in ridership.
  13. When I lived downtown (pre-COVID) I would notice street sweepers on Fannin and pease fairly regularly at about 3 am. And every so often I’ll see them in the middle of the night on a freeway. Besides that, I haven’t seen them outside of downtown at 3 am
  14. I would agree that you'll notice almost as much biking as walking with one caveat - I am way less likely to take a random picture while biking compared to walking. Hinedesky must have a bike mounted camera or something
  15. This is noticeably taller than its neighbors from 59
  16. The density of Midtown didn't attract an H-E-B, but hopefully the hole in their map should bring an H-E-B somewhere in the area - and hopefully in East Downtown
  17. Does it have the retail space? I don't know if H-E-B would want to be right next to CVS
  18. To really get the Wrigleyville feel, the apartments across from Minute Maid should have been townhouses with bleachers on the roof
  19. Probably will give Houston House a run for its money - I bet it will be over serviced with elevators compared to other residential high rises
  20. I complained about illegal dumping at one spot enough they installed a sign - that quickly was engulfed in trash from illegal dumping 🤦🏻‍♂️
  21. I’m pretty sure it’s paid for by the TIRZ
  22. They do have fueling facilities at other stations. The Texas Eagle gets fuel in St Louis and Fort Worth iirc, both at the station during a 30 minute stop. I'm sure that it took some investment, but for 3 times a week train you really just need a pump and a tanker truck. It's not like they're turning around 12 an hour or something
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