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  1. Don't know how reliable this site is, but it says it should be done Apr 2022 https://www.showcase.com/1102-delano-st-houston-tx-77003/23181210/
  2. They've removed all the cladding, and there were lights on this evening It was quick too - Friday morning it was fully cladded and it was done this evening
  3. That expansion was just a fish tale
  4. The argument I always heard for eminent domain power for infrastructure projects is without it, the last person to sell has an incentive to set a ridiculously large price, since a multi-billion dollar railroad/pipeline/road/etc that needs to cross their land or else it fails would have to pay vastly more to buy it. It's a point on the supply demand curve where supply goes to near 0, demand goes to the maximum of the project, so the price could be whatever number the landowner could wring out of the company building the project. By making it so they have to sell at a normal price, it enables companies to build infrastructure as opposed to requiring governments to decide on every single piece of infrastructure that needs to be built.
  5. This would have been a helpful list during Flying Saucer's easter keg hunt this year (one of the clues was fountains)
  6. you would have to pair it with vastly improved public transportation that would serve that path - which is only in the concept & early design phase.
  7. Usually I replace my demolished Taco Bell with more Taco Bell
  8. Sounds like a good weekend trip
  9. I suspect Amtrak is even going to try more NOLA service for now because of how congested the rails are in downtown, specifically the at grade crossing just east of where the Amtrak station is. The trains stopped in the East End are often waiting for a green at that junction. The San Antonio & Dallas trains wouldn't have to go through it, so they try to do more service
  10. The lot for the parking garage behind the Houston post building is nicely graded. I feel like they're waiting before for something preceding
  11. The Rice ones are probably older
  12. Ideally the train should leave from East downtown, have a few stops on the way (maybe move Bay Area park and ride 2 blocks west to the train tracks and have a commuter rail station?) and terminate in Galveston it would need to run 7 days a week at least every 30 minutes to really be useful; probably would mean at least 4 train sets. Biggest problem is just getting in/out of downtown Houston - that line is always busy with freight traffic
  13. I can see a lot of logic in Home Depot wanting to build here - its near other big stores (Target, Kroger) - There's no Lowe's or Home Depot nearby - its sufficiently far from Gulfgate and Meyerland - It's a large tract of land, one of the few that could fit their very large stores + parking lots
  14. It could also be coupled with work from home meaning fewer downtown workers feeling a need to live down there
  15. 290 has a new contraflow HOV lane, and that's something they might be able to implement on other freeways on the cheap
  16. Super selfish post but here goes When are the COVID schedules going to end for METRO? I just started a job a block away from a park and ride, and the reverse commute bus used to go in front of our house but now only picks up downtown. Does anyone have any info on when the park & rides and the network in general will go back to normal? As a additional question, when do you think the express bus network will be implemented? Next few years, or closer to 2040?
  17. The rooms should have running milk on tap
  18. Their property is not being taken, it is a forced sale of an easement. So it's more like if I forced you to sell me your house at HCAD appraised value so I could build a railway there, but you would still own the land if my railroad failed.
  19. It's also the opposite of a quiet zone, as you can usually hear around 2:45 am
  20. Probably the wrong grass too, and in the wrong spots. The park will probably have subtle rises and falls, and have paved sections and such.
  21. It would be nice to have HSR to Galveston, but I don't think the passenger volumes would be there. The next leg I see from Houston is to New Orleans - a 5 hour car trip condensed down into a 2 hour train ride, with people from both Houston & Dallas being potential customers (transfer in Houston) The other two lines are the 35 corridor, though getting the ROW would be hard, and from Houston to San Antonio
  22. This could be associated with all the new drainage work the city has been working on downtown
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