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  1. When I lived downtown, Houston House had a deal where you could lease a second parking spot at the garage that would be across the street from this development. My guess would be that these 43 residents would have that option as well. Probably does mean that the parking spot will be an add on instead of included with the rent, which would be fine if the price is right. There's probably 30 free street parking spots around this place at night anyway, though you'll get a ticket if you don't wake up to feed the meter.
  2. They're solution on the Metrorail stretches was plastic chains that the pedestrians immediately dismantled or just go under. The real solution is more actual crosswalks
  3. They're really going to town on this place; it's about half gone now
  4. I mean I’m also annoyed that it’s 9 years after the bond passed
  5. Sometimes the 29 bus goes down McKinney when there is a train stopped across Lockwood does that count?
  6. Why did the main cluster of skyscrapers develop where they did? Is it because of the 45 and Allen parkway ramps being right there?
  7. Looks like they are busting out half the windows on the sides and all on the front, in preparation for demolishing that half to make the patio & parking lot. Also can confirm that they only removed half the roof
  8. I like the floor plan, but I think the exterior would look much better styled like a brownstone LIKE ITS NEIGHBOR There was a development a block away that advertised “first floor living” and “large yards” that were also around $700k before COVID, but they were also nicer houses
  9. It was signed for Cleveland way back when it was built in the fifties. http://dallasfreeways.com/dfwfreeways/pdf/Eastex_Freeway_150ppi.pdf
  10. Modern farm finish sounds like the marketing for the new John Deere
  11. I remember that they worked in 2008 when I was here for school, but when I moved here in 2013 they weren't working anymore
  12. It would be cool if the parking garage was connected to Minute Maid via the existing train
  13. Retail! im going to have so much retail within walking distance! must mean ill have to move soon...
  14. Hopefully it doesn't all get demolished for parking lots
  15. They might also be doing all larger units - if you only have townhouses with garages and 2-3 br condos, you wouldn't need a very big parking garage
  16. Maybe East Downtown's old roofs suck? or maybe they won't support the infrastructure needed for commercial buildings?
  17. Noticed this a while back while walking the dog, and finally got around to taking a picture. Looks like the property includes the single family house next door Looked at their website, and there's no mention of this project but they do claim the Parc @ Midtown I've always thought this would be a nice plot for a park because of the two huge trees - hopefully they can keep them in their final design, but I'm not holding my breath.
  18. I'm stoked to be able to walk to a pharmacy instead of having to bike or drive to one I don't know what those other people's problem is
  19. Don't know how reliable this site is, but it says it should be done Apr 2022 https://www.showcase.com/1102-delano-st-houston-tx-77003/23181210/
  20. They've removed all the cladding, and there were lights on this evening It was quick too - Friday morning it was fully cladded and it was done this evening
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