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  1. When I lived downtown (pre-COVID) I would notice street sweepers on Fannin and pease fairly regularly at about 3 am. And every so often I’ll see them in the middle of the night on a freeway. Besides that, I haven’t seen them outside of downtown at 3 am
  2. I would agree that you'll notice almost as much biking as walking with one caveat - I am way less likely to take a random picture while biking compared to walking. Hinedesky must have a bike mounted camera or something
  3. This is noticeably taller than its neighbors from 59
  4. The density of Midtown didn't attract an H-E-B, but hopefully the hole in their map should bring an H-E-B somewhere in the area - and hopefully in East Downtown
  5. Does it have the retail space? I don't know if H-E-B would want to be right next to CVS
  6. To really get the Wrigleyville feel, the apartments across from Minute Maid should have been townhouses with bleachers on the roof
  7. Probably will give Houston House a run for its money - I bet it will be over serviced with elevators compared to other residential high rises
  8. I complained about illegal dumping at one spot enough they installed a sign - that quickly was engulfed in trash from illegal dumping 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Looks like a casino that does $1 margarita mondays
  10. I’m pretty sure it’s paid for by the TIRZ
  11. They do have fueling facilities at other stations. The Texas Eagle gets fuel in St Louis and Fort Worth iirc, both at the station during a 30 minute stop. I'm sure that it took some investment, but for 3 times a week train you really just need a pump and a tanker truck. It's not like they're turning around 12 an hour or something
  12. Diner car is available to everyone, though you have to pay if you’re in coach. And I typically am moving between cars constantly unless I’m sleeping, though I wouldn’t want to be on there too long. I haven’t ridden it between Houston and NOLA, so if there’s no fuel stops between Houston and NOLA filling in San Antonio makes sense, just not a separate stop from the station
  13. The stop in San Antonio is to add cars from the Texas Eagle from Chicago to go to LA on the sunset limited. It’s a ridiculous waste of time and resources since the thru passengers have to get off the train Also there’s a 15 min scheduled stop for gas outside of San Antonio before the 5 hour layover
  14. I believe its a tenant amenity for the offices (aka Lovett)
  15. There’s also a difference between building something where there’s nothing and replacing a super busy freeway in the middle of downtown while keeping it open to traffic and commerce
  16. I wonder why their rendering shows Orange Fitness in that spot
  17. It sounds like it will be signed SH35 according to the work document posted above
  18. Is it just going to dump onto Griggs and Long? Is the freeway going to back up all the way to downtown when there's a train?
  19. Why would they need additional parking? They just built a new lot on top of the bones of one of the only bars next to the stadium, and now they’re going knock down one of the only businesses on that side of downtown for more parking? if that’s an actual reason that’s ridiculous
  20. We just went yesterday too and even the "light mild" is has a decent kick to it. I got a slider and a tender, and their "slider" really is a full on sandwich
  21. I feel like they have at least one tenant under wraps - why else did they start now after holding it for a year?
  22. At first I thought this was a joke, and I'm still not sure if it isn't a joke
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