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  1. It downloads a Power point presentation for me
  2. Stupid question - where are the doors into the place? Is that "speak easy lobby"?
  3. It used to be the Southern Pacific station, and two active tracks and a platform remain that are serviced by the Amtrak Shack on the other side of 45. It was looked at as one of the possible locations for the Houston terminus of the TCR train, but was ruled out after the environmental impact report by the FRA. One of the issues would be extensive modifications of different historic sites between 610 and downtown on the UP line that runs through the heights (south of 10)
  4. This is no where near train tracks - why "station"?
  5. They've already closed and moved to Pearland (which seems a bit far to move from downtown - I guess they didn't want to stay in the city)
  6. If there's no more grass pathway up to the green roof, how are they going to mow it?
  7. Block 334 and the Alexan don't have GFR, and I don't think the one on Caroline does. The one on San Jacinto next to the Co-Cathedral has spots that could be retail spots, but I've only seen one business in there, and it lasted about a week. They don't advertise them being retail spots for sure.
  8. Monitoring sites are live https://www.readyharris.org/deer-park-fire
  9. I wonder if you'll be able to rent trucks or at least return them there
  10. I didn't realize El Tiempo was associated with Ninfa's in any way until I noticed the giant portrait of a lady named "Ninfa" in El Tiempo. What is the history of the restaurants? I'm sure someone here knows
  11. The first floor looks a lot like what used to be there. It will be a good improvement on what was there
  12. I think plastic grocery bags are the biggest issue - they're dirt cheap, ubiquitous, and float easily in the air, much less the water. I also hear they look similar to jelly fish in the water. I think about this every time I go to HEB and they put my 6 pack into two plastic bags without me asking
  13. I saw they posted a rendering on the corner of San Jacinto and Pease, haven't had a chance to take a picture of it though
  14. In midtown, the baseline should be no parking lots between the sidewalk and the front of the building. This place meets that, so it at least meets the minimum. It is in an area that has less developed buildings, so it is just a first stage. It might look like an eye sore after the other lots are developed, or it could just blend in. It will depend on how those other blocks redevelop
  15. Here's the rendering from the HBJ article from above https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/01/14/houston-developer-considers-midtown-apartment-high.html
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