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  1. Because the market sets the parking requirements - home buyers, renters, and commercial tenants will still want parking, just not necessarily as much as the city's requirements
  2. What about a giant disco ball hanging over the intersection, similar to the rings over Post Oak?
  3. Really you need both a shared garage and good sidewalks to walk from the shared garage to everything around it
  4. I still don't trust it - it might just be a parking lot improvement. I won't believe it until I see a banner for 3 months free rent
  5. In downtown, east downtown, and the west side of midtown, there's no parking minimums, but I don't know how well garage-less townhouses would sell over there. They would probably sell for less, discouraging developers from making them
  6. I suspect the biggest issue is parking. Until recently, the only place that it would even be possible to do that would have been downtown, and downtown already has a lot of vacant retail spots that are more purpose built. East side of midtown could've started having that, but the parking requirements are still in force there, so even a small retail spot would need a bunch of off-street parking, a lot more than the 2 needed for a townhouse. Which brings up the fact that most Houston townhouses are mostly garage on the first floor
  7. What about small mid-rise apartment? Or not really the space for it?
  8. It looks like from the plan that most of the lane will have armadillos between the bike lane and the travel lanes; the floating bus stops will have poles at the corners. And @samagon they are working on an ordinance, but I don't think it's passed yet https://www.houstontx.gov/ara/Chapter-26-Bike-Lane-Parking-Redline.pdf
  9. I believe this is the plan, but they might want to put in sticks - people parked in the old bike lanes all the time, and the road's really not wide enough for that
  10. I'm thinking more day to day, walking around level. That vacant lot makes a great dog-playing-catch area downtown
  11. Looking at the brochure again, they also didn't say how many apartments are going in to the apartment buildings, which would be a built in market for any commercial tenants
  12. From the Chronicle article today Why do we insist on covering all interesting architecture up?
  13. My rankings for downtown development: Tall building with GFR Mid-rise with retail on the ground floor Lot line building, 1-2 stories, with a shop, bar, or restaurant in it Mid-rise building Tall building Park (public space mainly with grass) Plaza (public space mainly with concrete) Nice looking parking garage vacant lot covered in grass active construction site giant hole in the ground parking lot
  14. According to that Chronicle article, it should open "soon" but there's a separate pedestrian bridge that won't be open - so if you want to walk across the freeway tough luck
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