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  1. Found where I posted it: in the Boulevard Project thread
  2. Is there still an open spot at Mid Main? I thought all the GFR was taken
  3. Also if the line is such a big failure that it goes bankrupt, why would the state bail them out? And if the state did bail them out, it means the HSR line was so useful and important that it's worth whatever the bailout cost was, which means that it was worth the disruption of some people's property to benefit a lot of other people
  4. It looks like a generic midrise apartment building 😲
  5. Looking at the current segment 3 schematics, there will be a new exit from southbound 59/69 to Almeda; that should replace the Fannin exit for going to Midtown from 59/69. Now if you're coming from 288 NB, you will no longer be able to exit 59-S -> Fannin to get to Midtown, and I can't tell what the exit strategy for 288 is going to be http://www.ih45northandmore.com/docs11/08_NHHIP_Seg3_SH288_RollPlot_FEIS_1-1.pdf
  6. Ugh they're replacing a nice little house with a generic store with parking in the front
  7. I don't understand the confusion It's a separated lane with pictures of bikes painted on it - pretty sure that translates well to "bike lane" White diagonal striped buffers are everywhere - just look at a merge, where the triangle has white diagonal stripes in it, until it comes to a point where there's a double white line and then a dashed line. The diagonal stripes = don't drive here. I think the confusion is from it being new, and people not paying attention. The city could finish it and put in the armadillos, but it's pretty clearly marked
  8. How about they replace the large surface lots that are mostly zoo parking with underground garages and put more park and zoo on top of them?
  9. cspwal

    Discovery Green

    it is the block bounded by San Jacinto, Fannin, Bell, and Leeland, where the Goodyear used to be
  10. Or if there's a decent sized storm surge you could see water coming from the other direction
  11. I think they are trying to provide access to all those smaller suburbs in between Houston and Galveston as opposed to Galveston access. A new spur running to Galveston, with new southern causeway, seems like a good idea though
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