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  1. It's also always good to remember that the eminent domain is for a rail easement - they can only use it for a railroad
  2. cspwal

    Houston House Reno

    They're removing the balconies? I thought they were just painting. It's possible they're replacing the railings - they had to reinforce a bunch of them with big steel supports a while back
  3. Reminds me of the Circuit 6 blocks north. Any news on the renovation of the Post building just north of the rendering?
  4. I think South-by has a big influence on getting Tech companies to consider Austin
  5. The support on the right looks like you caught it drinking it's Dr. Pepper while it's supposed to be working
  6. I really don't like using my phone when biking - I usually have it tucked away where it won't leap to freedom, inevitably screen down on to a pointy rock. I admit I'm probably in the vast minority though
  7. Yeah that sign has been there... just not very helpful for following white oak trail or mkt trail
  8. On Polk where they're improving the bike lane, they're starting with new floating bus stops and new sidewalk ramps, but they're also going to be redoing the pavement and putting something in to make the bike lane protected, at least according to the project drawings. Maybe Cavalcade they haven't gotten there yet?
  9. I was talking about the Uptown transit center; didn't realize it wasn't going to be done until 2022
  10. Looking at this photo, the bends of 59 make much more sense - they were avoiding the preexisting rail line, since that probably saved them money. When did Clayton homes open? I wonder if it was built before 59 was being planned, or if they were planned at the same time. That rail line isn't there any more - moved to the east side of Clayton homes. It's intersting to see the freight stations - there's one on the right side where you can see trucks parked, waiting for stuff to get loaded on to them, and you can see another freight station on McKee, and you can see Union Station in the background, with the sheds stretching multiple blocks east. Then there's the train yard on commerce and San Jacinto - which is now entirely erased from the map, with the Criminal Courts building at the head of the building, a parking garage, and a bunch of parking lots. The only evidence that it was there is that Caroline doesn't cross that block.
  11. I wonder if the board will go along with it or not - yes they might save on taxes, but it costs a lot of money to open a new factory, much less moving all operations to a new state. How many of their employees would follow?
  12. They might have pushed the timeline so that they can test the whole route (including going to the transit center) at once, and then open after that, since they won't see good ridership anytime soon.
  13. Also for people to walk to and from NRG during large events
  14. There's been two mall attempts in downtown already - shops at Houston center and green street. How are they going to do better at attracting tenants and customers besides the giant surface lot?
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