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  1. Major track work until March according to metro https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/RiderAlert.aspx?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=carousel&utm_term=rideralert&utm_content=seewhere&utm_campaign=rideralertred
  2. This is what the presentation is showing for the system; it implies that you would need to transfer at NW TC to go to the galleria from downtown
  3. According to HCAD, the parcel with Jos A Bank and the former 1/2 price books is owned by someone else 2537 UNIVERSITY BLVD HOUSTON TX 77005 The parcel across the street is owned by Rice though
  4. It looks like chain link fences on overpasses over train tracks is standard https://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/cmd/cserve/standard/bridge/rlstd032.pdf I'm not sure why
  5. The only maskless person I saw on my Monday afternoon run to the Galleria was a guy working at some sort of fresh fruit cutting stand
  6. I think the fact that it's the only new condo building in downtown, combined with competition in that price range with east downtown and midtown, make for relatively overpriced condos for the market, but the correct price for the build cost of the building. Probably would need a few years and some more condo competition for them to sell
  7. Both times I've taken the lanes into downtown, I had to just take 45 to Scott, since that exit is WAY too close to get to safely
  8. Even if they got rid of the transit center, that's a pretty major node in the bus network, so there would still be a lot of bus stops and busses. Right now, 2 frequent bus routes, the quickline bus, and 2 normal routes all cross there, and none of them are really going out of the their way. You wouldn't want the Bissonet or Bellaire BLVD busses (the two frequent routes) to go to the west park TC, and from pre-pandemic anecdotal observations, both of those routes are busy
  9. I think a lot of the current opposition is from that original design, where it would be taking a lot more land
  10. You can have express trains and local trains on the same line; the counties are large enough that you can have acceleration space for the locals between each station so they don't slow down the express trains, and you can also put in points in the track for passing. And I was thinking of a TCR branded shuttle service, where you pay TCR the same price as parking at IAH for that time period, and park at the rural station, and you would get a train ride to the station, with a shuttle to bring you to the airport, with your bags transferred from the train to shuttle. It could be run as
  11. The two projects are both large infrastructure, with about the same price tag, but the similarities break down after that. The I-45 expansion is going to be 100% government funded, built, and maintained. It's construction impact will be entirely in one part of the Houston (downtown & north Houston), while the benefits will be mostly for those who want to get from north-northwest Houston area to downtown and back. It will displace about a 1000 people from their current homes, as well as businesses and other organization. That being said, it might be justified to as 45-North i
  12. There's more homes that will be demolished (~1000) than parcels of land that Texas Central still needs to acquire (~900)
  13. I don't understand why Texas Central doesn't even try to placate them with small stations in each county; you can have local trains that stop there, but still have express trains that make the 90 minute trip between Houston & Dallas
  14. His seat is adjusted too low, and the bike itself looks like it might be too small
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