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  1. It would be a perfect time to build a cut-and-cover subway down Westheimer
  2. Or I guess “as soon as they can”
  3. I think there's going to be a lot of rethinking about getting everything exclusively from one country overseas - I could see a lot of bigger companies start spreading out their supply chains
  4. I've actually seen more work being done on the old post building renovation in East Downtown
  5. Our company has tried to start a new building 3 times; first was in 2008, second time in 2015, third time was going to be this year I think the new building is cursed
  6. Then why do the townhouses sell quickly and the midrise apartment buildings keep raising their rents?
  7. Randall's in midtown is the busiest I've ever seen it - so the typical number of customers in an HEB on a slow day
  8. If only there was some way of moving people not on the streets? hmmmmm *giant train rumbles under feet* Nope, can't think of a way. Traffic apocalypse it is!
  9. This photo makes it look tall and imposing, but in a good way for an urban enviroment
  10. Randall’s midtown was still decently stocked on Thursday. I did most of my shopping last week or early in the week, but it was getting crazy even a week ago
  11. There was still at least one horse there yesterday
  12. Hope they're going for a neighborhood bar feel - that's definitely off the beaten path
  13. One thing I've noticed with the Midtown Whole Foods is it doesn't show up in Google Maps without searching. It will show "JuiceLand" and "Kasa Houston Midtown Apartments" but Whole Foods doesn't ever pop up. Now of course if you search for "Whole Foods", it does drop a pin there, but it doesn't if you search for "Grocery Store" I don't know why that is, and it will show up if you force it to re-search the area, but that can't be good for it's traffic
  14. Why not renovated into 8 nice condos?
  15. I'm having trouble understanding where this will be
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