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  1. The Nextdoor people found out https://nextdoor.com/p/mQmht649_6yk?post=306185314&utm_source=email&is=tpe&section=cta&mar=true&ct=tfzr1NpvmegZqins1yBghtHCXGH_ZxSNK-JfReQxYb3tpHAgb3K5271FBLuR4nmK&ec=OWKiQRDj9vEHAYwTV6YMARldwuFdgGkeefhwfGYAE0s%3D&mobile_deeplink_data=eyJhY3Rpb24iOiAidmlld19wb3N0IiwgInBvc3QiOiAzMDYxODUzMTR9&link_source_user_id=17635004 The alarmist comments are pretty funny too
  2. I couldnt get my q card replaced easily, so I temporarily started using the app and it’s been good enough I never got a q card
  3. $63 is low enough to legit do it for a block party or a birthday party
  4. Walking across at least two blocks of parking every direction before you even head to the place that is a couple minutes walk is not that walkable. This is coming from someone who will walk a mile downtown to do stuff regularly - for unplanned, spontaneous before or after game events, it has to be a maximum of one block away or it is not part of the conversation.
  5. There are not that many restaurants and bars within easy walking distance of minute maid. Besides the two italian restaurants next to the stadium (not exactly pre-/post- gaming places), the closest cluster are the hotel based bars and restaurants around discovery green (minimum 2 block walk), followed by downtown (7 blocks to main street) and EaDo bars (6 blocks and going under the freeway). Of course more organic development like wrigleyville would be great, but the Astros literally own the land around the stadium. They either have to do the development themselves or sell the blocks off. Oh and my dream development would include a cheap bar and grill that I can suggest to my friends to go to before or after the game
  6. Only $200? I might close my street for my next birthday party
  7. I'm sure they're paying for it. Street closures seem to happen a lot more in east downtown than other places - for a while 8th wonder was just casually closing down dallas every other week - usually when I was wanting to walk to get some coffee
  8. Or Texas central can just renovate their kitchens
  9. The lanes on Polk are nice between emancipation and Cullen - I bike them every week day. The rebuilt part past Cullen looks like an improved version of the rest of Polk. One of the problems before were people parking in the bike lane, which A) blocked the bike lane & B) was not big enough to get them out of traffic. Hopefully concrete curbs solve that where armadillos don’t
  10. Does this mean they didn’t get a permit for the pool originally? Or that they added a pool?
  11. Looks different than what I was expecting but it is also different than other bars there. Seems like it could be a just “bar.” to go hangout at which doesn’t really exist in east downtown. I wonder how much the drinks will be - note the lack of prices on the menu pictures
  12. Recently Kroger seems to have started accepting Apple Pay - both Polk and buffalo speedway
  13. I drove on it yesterday. Thursday I am going to try to get a photo when I bike over there
  14. The rebuild on Polk East of Cullen is including protected bike lines with concrete curbs.
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