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  1. I believe its a tenant amenity for the offices (aka Lovett)
  2. There’s also a difference between building something where there’s nothing and replacing a super busy freeway in the middle of downtown while keeping it open to traffic and commerce
  3. I wonder why their rendering shows Orange Fitness in that spot
  4. It sounds like it will be signed SH35 according to the work document posted above
  5. Is it just going to dump onto Griggs and Long? Is the freeway going to back up all the way to downtown when there's a train?
  6. Why would they need additional parking? They just built a new lot on top of the bones of one of the only bars next to the stadium, and now they’re going knock down one of the only businesses on that side of downtown for more parking? if that’s an actual reason that’s ridiculous
  7. We just went yesterday too and even the "light mild" is has a decent kick to it. I got a slider and a tender, and their "slider" really is a full on sandwich
  8. I feel like they have at least one tenant under wraps - why else did they start now after holding it for a year?
  9. At first I thought this was a joke, and I'm still not sure if it isn't a joke
  10. I have questions about this proposed streetcar. Are they the ones proposing it? Or is Metro or the city actually talking about it seriously? There isn’t good North-South connections in east downtown right now. A street car through EaDo that goes up to navigation and easy River would be a nice connection, especially if it can have its own separated right of way over the trains
  11. When I lived downtown, Houston House had a deal where you could lease a second parking spot at the garage that would be across the street from this development. My guess would be that these 43 residents would have that option as well. Probably does mean that the parking spot will be an add on instead of included with the rent, which would be fine if the price is right. There's probably 30 free street parking spots around this place at night anyway, though you'll get a ticket if you don't wake up to feed the meter.
  12. They're solution on the Metrorail stretches was plastic chains that the pedestrians immediately dismantled or just go under. The real solution is more actual crosswalks
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