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  1. The shuttle would probably be between Hermann Park/Rice U and Wheeler - there's no switch over on the tracks between museum district station and wheeler, and when Metro runs a shuttle bus they reverse the trains using the crossover points. Also the city might object to trains going backwards down Fannin or San Jacinto That's why when there was track work at central station, the bus bridge was from downtown TC to UH-D
  2. Probably a 2 month shut down with bus shuttles while they make the bridge. It's possible they might do one track at a time, but since the tracks are right next to each other they'll probably share a bridge
  3. Anytime I say Herman Hospital it takes all my effort to not add "Houston Zoo" they're just paired in my mind
  4. From the website - looks like phase 1 doesn't want their address published
  5. This change will make Sears -> Ion look like a fresh coat of paint
  6. Basically they just started, and have a deadline for the engineering team of 2023. So it probably won't start until 2024, and then take over a year to do, so it won't be done until 2026
  7. My grandmother told me stories about going dove hunting as a kid out on Westheimer where they eventually built the Galleria
  8. I think I would understand closing the other stores more if they were focusing on upgrading the remaining ones, but the evidence for that isn't really there.
  9. ok thank you This is so much work and it will be a great resource
  10. Is there a link to the map on the spreadsheet?
  11. From the perspective of a developer living in the Woodlands, anything inside 610 is close to the Galleria
  12. Downtown managment district says it's still free after 6 pm https://www.downtownhouston.org/parking/-street-parking/ City of Houston website still says that too https://www.houstontx.gov/parking/faq.html#whenenforced
  13. Why did they leave? One or two closing makes sense, but all of them leaving seems to be a company wide issue
  14. I won't believe any construction starting on this site until I try to cut through the parking lot and bump into a concrete wall
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