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  1. Hopefully it doesn't all get demolished for parking lots
  2. They might also be doing all larger units - if you only have townhouses with garages and 2-3 br condos, you wouldn't need a very big parking garage
  3. Maybe East Downtown's old roofs suck? or maybe they won't support the infrastructure needed for commercial buildings?
  4. Noticed this a while back while walking the dog, and finally got around to taking a picture. Looks like the property includes the single family house next door Looked at their website, and there's no mention of this project but they do claim the Parc @ Midtown I've always thought this would be a nice plot for a park because of the two huge trees - hopefully they can keep them in their final design, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. I'm stoked to be able to walk to a pharmacy instead of having to bike or drive to one I don't know what those other people's problem is
  6. Don't know how reliable this site is, but it says it should be done Apr 2022 https://www.showcase.com/1102-delano-st-houston-tx-77003/23181210/
  7. They've removed all the cladding, and there were lights on this evening It was quick too - Friday morning it was fully cladded and it was done this evening
  8. That expansion was just a fish tale
  9. The argument I always heard for eminent domain power for infrastructure projects is without it, the last person to sell has an incentive to set a ridiculously large price, since a multi-billion dollar railroad/pipeline/road/etc that needs to cross their land or else it fails would have to pay vastly more to buy it. It's a point on the supply demand curve where supply goes to near 0, demand goes to the maximum of the project, so the price could be whatever number the landowner could wring out of the company building the project. By making it so they have to sell at a normal price, it enables companies to build infrastructure as opposed to requiring governments to decide on every single piece of infrastructure that needs to be built.
  10. This would have been a helpful list during Flying Saucer's easter keg hunt this year (one of the clues was fountains)
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