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  1. cspwal

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    I worry it's a matter of time before an unpaid ATC worker, who has been driving 12 hours for Uber before their night shift at the airport, falls asleep and there's an incident
  2. cspwal

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Some of it may because there were more rental options downtown, and some of it may have been renovations being done (they replaced all the elevators, and that is a special hell that I would not wish on anyone), but after everything is done the rental prices are all less than what I originally signed a lease for in 2013
  3. A little disappointing that they are going with Sharrows for the last segment (did they say why?) but overall it looks good
  4. A marina in midtown would be easy - 288 already brings in water for the boats every rain, so all they need is some docks
  5. cspwal

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    A side effect of the new, fancy housing is the existing housing had to lower their prices to compete - Houston House's rents have gone down by hundreds of dollars since the Skyhouse duo opened
  6. cspwal

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    A second Shake Shack downtown! And presumably, open for more than 81-93 days a year with no cover price to get in
  7. I thought Caroline was being rebuilt with a bike lane? I guess I was conflating this project and the Caroline rebuild
  8. There's a Kingwood TIRZ?
  9. cspwal

    Jensen and Navigation Roundabout

    Probably the budget is too tight to afford a nice roundabout
  10. In my experience when at a convention, it is nice to see a familiar name of a restaurant instead of some name that you don't know what it is. If you're from Chicago, in town for the John Deere convention, and you have an hour for lunch before you have to go back on the floor, knowing that you won't be disappointed is a plus.
  11. Is it for the 59 trenching, or for something to do with the "Innovation Hub"?
  12. cspwal

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Properly implemented BRT is not the same as just "buses". It has many of the advantages of light rail, just with a lower maximum capacity. What I want to see is an investment in a heavy rail system, one line that could get out to Katy or Sugarland with intermittent stops. It won't be dense now, but 10 years after it's done, the areas around the stations would be where you're seeing the new Texas donuts and some high rises with whatever amenity is in in 2030 (racquetball court?)
  13. cspwal

    The Boulevard Project

    Once the trees fill in, this will look like a super wide, forested median until a bus passes
  14. cspwal

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    From what I can tell, this is standard practice when going from wire-hanging stop lights to the pole mounted ones. And it will take a while to bring the new ones online, because they have to test everything and double check it before using it as the primary lights, because you don't want to find out the new lights aren't working from all the 911 calls of fatal accidents
  15. cspwal

    Hardy Yards Development

    I do like how they tried to take advantage of the obnoxiously tall parking garage by putting common areas there