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  1. I've been in the area for about 4 years now. I originally grew up in the Heights and moved to the Northside as we've had family in the area for a few generations. I wasn't really feeling connected to any of the new residents in the Heights. I leased my house and made the jump across 45 to join childhood friends and family. Most of my family that previously lived in the Heights lives here now as well, as most were slowly pushed out over the last 10 years. It still blows me away when people act like Northside is newly discovered or an "up and coming" area. It's pretty much always been here, and has always had a really tight knit community. I know it's likely going to way of the Heights, and it's a tough pill to swallow. But I'll be the first to admit I'm going to miss "Sabor del Northside", the Christmas Slab parade on Fulton, Day of the Dead altars on Paschal street, the mini pop ups at Houston Warehouse Studios, and the carne asadas every Sunday. North Main is in need of a face lift it's true, and while I do hope to continue to see some change, I hope it doesn't come in the way of overpriced and "trendy" bungalows like Refuge builds. Living across the street from one of their recent remodels has been a bit of a pain. The developers really could care less about the neighborhood, but I can't really judge them for it. It's just capitalism at is finest. But until it all comes down, you can find me on my front porch swing politely waving at the new Columbus' and crew driving through in their fancy Teslas and germans discovering the neighborhood.
  2. Yep, added beauty next to that gaudey contemporary house they just built on Hyacinth.
  3. There is also the Side Out Beach Bar being built out in Glenn Park just across the street as part of WOMH extension. Jesus I feel awful for that neighborhood. It's already such a mess driving through there most days.
  4. I noticed they had police barriers blocking off entrances into the Glen Park neighborhood to prevent people from parking there. Just so happened to be driving down Houston avenue later that afternoon only to get stuck in a clusterf*ck of traffic with everyone then attempting to park in the Germantown neighborhood (east of Houston Ave, west of 45); looked like it was already to the brim with parked vehicles. Noticed one home owner yelling at a bunch of kids walking down the street with beers in their hands. It was a bit amusing. Very happy I don't live within a 10 block radius of this place. Not a complaint here either, but I do feel terribly sorry for all those that live close by it.
  5. It's pretty impressive how far this has come in one year considering it's a 55 acre site that previously had no city utilities or other infrastructure.
  6. I went by last night to see how the show was going. Upon coming around the bayou (from the Near Northside), the chaos was immediately apparent. I truly feel awful for those living in Glen Park. The neighborhood had cars parked along the street on every single block. In several places it was impassable due to the narrowness of the streets and cars being parked on each side. This sleepy neighborhood couldn't of had more honking and traffic. I'm incredibly fortunate to have passed on both houses I looked at in this neighborhood two years ago and decided on another just a few more blocks south. The venue itself is really incredible and a great addition to the city. It's just a shame it's in such a crammed location.
  7. I wonder what they mean by outdoor gathering place. So much stuff popping up in this area as is.
  8. They do but that's no problem. I've had multiple inspections scheduled on the same day and done within 18 hours of my initial request. Helps even more so if they already know you down at the permitting office.
  9. There are tons of really good pictures on KUEHNinc Facebook page of the progress and how the rooms and stages will be laid out on the interior. They've done most of the contract work up until now. Pretty sure this info was already posted on here. But if it hasn't, enjoy.
  10. Is that a huge parking lot across the bayou? How scenic. *gag*
  11. http://dallascityhall.com/government/Council%20Meeting%20Documents/hou_2_disaster-recovery-round-2-a-community-revitalization-model-for-houston_combined_120715.pdf Additional detail of cost and progress, including photos, of CDC projects in the Near Northside, 5th Ward, and OST area including the Hardy Yards.
  12. http://archpaper.com/news/articles.asp?id=8337#.Vk35gXarTbg Shuttle service? Interesting. Makes absolute sense though. Wouldn't be surprised to see it taken a step further. Offer parking at UHD lots beneath the elevated Burnett station, and hop on the train one stop to get up to the venue. Because lets be real, very few will actually walk to this place.
  13. Just for shoots* and giggles, if I may add to the redundancy, ..we can all for very obvious reasons see that this is unlikely. But the mere fact that it was mentioned, gave it enough recognition for me to post it as a positive. The HY aren't going completely unnoticed as many here seem to believe, or therefore acknowledge.
  14. Dallas/Houston high speed training has the Hardy Yards as 1 of 3 options to build Houston station. Maybe unlikely, but interesting to see it as be on the final 3 list. http://www.houstonpress.com/news/the-houston-bullet-train-station-might-be-in-downtown-7924302
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