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  1. The W hotel is gone and if it gets built it will be years before it happens. Funding killed the project. Too bad since it was going to be really great. The biger project was an 89 floor tower set to go in at Richmond and 610 next to Williams Tower. It was being funded by a company in Dubai but again the funding killed the project. Thisis old news I thought every knew about this a year ago.
  2. Hate to break it to you but the original PASA study was Waaaaaaaaayyyy incorrect and you can call District to ask that. The second PASA study was so inaccurate that the Board actually told the District never to show it to them again. So, you can quote PASA all you want, but those that have been involved for a while know that PASA has historically been wrong, and it is more than likely not going to be used again. I think the Board is tired of shelling out money for PASA studies that continually show inaccurate information. So that is my better insight.
  3. Yes it is laughable. And it is not going to be the case, this is nothing more than panic.
  4. It is laughable that anyone thinks that Ulrich will be a Title 1 School. Just not going to happen.
  5. I know all four of the proposals, and the one that had all of Gleannloch at Doerre made the most sense. And I understand that only one lady stood up and made that ludicrus "special" comment and so the district came up with 2 new proposals and kept Gleannloch split. I can tell you that the VAST majority of Gleannloch residents that are at Krimmel would rather have all of Gleannloch all at one Intermediate School. Right now that neighborhood is a community divided. The families that live in North Gleannloch are at a disadvantage when (if) the new HS ges built. Their kids will have gone to Frank, where the majority of GF does not attend, then to Krimmel where the majority of GF does not attend, and then if they go to a new HS only then will they go to school with the kids in their own neighborhood. How is that right? Not to mention how far Krimmel is away form GF. The notebooks either need to go away, or they need to expand that throughout the District. Have some consistancy for once KISD. My understadning is that a great deal of parents do not like them anyway.
  6. Now that I think about this it makes no sense whatsoever. What are the numbers west of the RR tracks to support a new school? Not enough probably What about hte neighborhoods just east of those tracks on Spring Cypress? Do they stay at the same place? Is Gleannloch still split or is it all at one school? Picking the RR tracks as a marker is just about the laziest thing I have seen. Put a little more effort into this and do some real work getting the numbers right. Don't jsut pick a point on the map and say that looks good. This infomration has to be incorrect.
  7. So now it is the railroad tracks?! I can see why Gleannloch would be angry. Currently that neighborhood is split between Doerre and Krimmel. The Gleannloch people that are currently zoned to Krimmel are the ones who are going to end up screwed. Krimmel is way out of the way from their location and that group was hoping Ulrich would change that. Gleannloch should be at all one school.
  8. This bond screw up is really amusing to me. It is funny the amount of uneducated people there are that vote on these things. First off, the Board has NOTHING to do with the current state of the KISD Bond. Let me say that again, the Board has NOTHING to do with the current state of the KISD Bond. The School Board voted and approved the same Bond that the residents voted and appproved. It was imo the wrong move which is evident by what is happening today. However, the Board has done nothing to change the proposal since then. It is Jim Cain, and the District "experts" who are in charge of the changes being made, not the Board. The Board will only be presented the potential changes in January that are going to be made by the District and vote on whether they approve them or not. See the Board and the District are independent of each other in many ways. In fact I am willing to bet the Board has very little idea of what the changes are if you asked them. The District doesn't like to share information like that. You see, the district screwed up and didn't heed the warning signs that the economy was slowing down and now they have bitten off more than they can chew. But KHS had to be rebuilt into the Taj Mahal, so the KHS residnets who voted this through are now upset they won't get their new school since the taxes can't be collected to pay for it. But rather than build the new HS #5 to benefit all, they would rather tell everyone that they are more important than the rest of the districts needs and not build HS #5, and rebuild KHS where it is (Option C). So their true motives have now come to the surface. As if everyone didn't know them already. Anyhow, I can sit back and laugh at this one where all the people who supported Cain for the bond are now getting screwed by their leader. It is truly ironic.
  9. And for those of us who are supporting Jean Casagrande for postition #5 please go vote. She is a proven leader in the community that has shown through her volunteer work and countless other actions in the KISD community that she is the right choice. To my knowledge she has: •Led a community effort to raise over $150,000 for playground equipment for Frank Elementary. •Recognized as Volunteer of the Month for KISD. •Successfully lobbied the KISD Board of Trustees to change outdated transportation policies, making after-school transportation alternatives safer for children and more convenient for working parents. •Worked with Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jerry Eversole to install stop signs providing safe passages for children going to school. •Successfully lobbied Harris County Judge Ed Emmett to prevent the open burning of debris in Harris County after Hurricane Ike. •Assisted in obtaining an additional $41,000 for a playground for McDougle Elementary. •Initiated effort to donate over $6,000 to Epps Island following the fire in December, 2008 as well as to replace eyeglasses lost in the fire. •Worked with the KISD Technology Department to enhance internet safety procedures. •Helped secure Social Studies books for Krimmel Intermediate. •Currently serve on the Board of Directors of Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) 383. www.casagrande4kisd.com
  10. What about Gleannloch? Will it be split in half between Frank kids staying at Krimmel and Hassler kids at Doerre or Ulrich, or will all of Gleannloch go to Ulrich, or Doerre?
  11. To say that KISD is in decline is a joke. As a matter of fact Klein just became a recognized school district. That is a title that Cy Fair, Tomball, Spring, and any other around KISD can't claim. And I am a KF Grad 1990. While the school is much different than when I went there to say it is crap is just verbal garbage.
  12. I still want to know some details that keep being left out. 1. Who is the Architect? 2. Who is the Builder?
  13. HKS? I was under the impression that Morris Architects was the one who was working the design for the Redstone Project.
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