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  1. From the back there are floors that seem built out already and look nice lit up.
  2. As you can see in the pics above it always starts with one "little" building and now boom everything is being demolished lmao. People never learn... do you think it's ruined yet?
  3. I think they are already ruining it. They just tore down a building that they can't really replace that well due to the lot size... what in the world can they put there that will have the same patina effect? The area is full of empty lots and they tear down structures still lmao.
  4. Cost is literally a synonym for risk tolerance, and yes for most small developers going bankrupt is something to advert lol. I think we can all agree that the city does not make it easy and encourages bad design.
  5. You realize city permitting makes anything that is not super cookie cutter very expensive, time consuming, and risky to do right? Need variances for anything remotely pleasing to the eye.
  6. Agreed, I think all the positives outweigh the risk. I think back parts of Eado will develop nicely and parts closer to the park will become much more dense as what happened in Dallas.
  7. I think it's worth mentioning right now that rates are so low for these big loans that a new office building can be pretty competitive price wise with the older ones. In other words, the companies are getting a huge upgrade in space while not necessarily getting a huge rent hike.
  8. Considering Rice raises the rent of everything they touch that seems highly unlikely... otherwise they would have savd the one in Rice Village
  9. Wow, that's a big deal considering there is no national bank in the area... will give it a nice urban feel.
  10. MD Anderson added several floors a few years ago to their main building, it was designed to be expanded as well.
  11. I don't like the design either and feel it totally turns away from the water versus opening up towards it. They should have built a corniche style road or plaza and oriented all the buildings towards the water which would have looked more natural. They tout so much things on urbanism and then build these bland boxes full of massive garages that look no different than Hardy Yards.
  12. Chicago literally is the personification of corruption with most of those expenditures going to public employee salaries. There are literally municipal tree trimmers who earn over 105,000 a year, so amount "spent" doesn't necessarily correlate with the quality of their parks.
  13. I'm racist being a person of color and actually living in 3rd ward?
  14. I own two properties on the street and no one wanted it renamed that I know along the street. I don't care, I'm just mentioning on how the city does whatever it wants anyways in the end.
  15. Maybe because it's name was changed illegally without the consent of property owners lol.
  16. We are in an election year and recession so it's kind of interesting people want huge projects built with these horrible fundamentals lols...
  17. Just because it's "standard" government abuse does not necessarily make it right lol...
  18. Sounds like the contractor charging thousands of dollars to fix a pothole is your problem and not the actual overpass lol... People actually use streets and highways. It's funny how upset people get when things don't fit their narrative. Btw, as a Houston resident and person who pays taxes, why shouldn't people be allowed to use it as a cut through? You make it sound illegal. People treat it like a on/off ramp because that is what is it. So if everywhere becomes a "neighborhood street", how exactly would you even move smoothly through Houston? Through our non-existent subway?
  19. This project would have been a disaster, amazing how fast things can pass without public input when they benefit very wealthy homeowners in a two block radius. You don't think that new park would have been more expensive to maintain than a basic overpass that survived 60 years without maintenance btw?
  20. Agreed, I think it's really beautiful architecturally and historically. Why does everyone want ever building to look the same?
  21. I think people forget that the centerpiece of the MFAH is the Mies Van der Rohe building and anything built around it needs to converse with it and be harmonious. Almost all the buildings you posted are the center pieces of new urban renewal districts or major real estate projects. I personally think the museum should have opened a concept like PS1 by Moma/Tate Modern in a part of the city that needs revitalization or an attraction. Something iconic on the bayou or east end. I think the museum's main campus is already so large and over whelming it would have been nice to have two sites.
  22. Omg, would be amazing if they built this. I just bought a small lot down the street. It's so empty right now.
  23. Random question but does anyone know why none of the bike trails having lighting? The city wants people to be able to commute on them but some of them don't feel so safe after sunset (which can be at early at 5-6 during winter).
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