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  1. I drive past it yesterday and it had a banner for a (new?) chruch on both corners of the property. Not sure if it's just a temporary use.
  2. I highly doubt this is going to cost the same as St.Jose whish is an old refurbished motel...
  3. I think this garage is expected to serve the several large buildings they want to build around it so it makes sense to me I feel. I don't think metro rail is extensive enough yet to say the average person who works there can get around on it exclusively.
  4. It has always been apartments and god knows this tower is better than an ugly garage "wrap" apartment complex like they build in most places. If it was purely about the money building that would have been much less headache for them and probably been pretty profitable.
  5. The timeline for this project is so long it's totally possible/feasible those are "temporary" and there for 10 + years.
  6. I never imagined HAIF would ever be NIMBY central lol. It's totally normal to have highrises with homes in most places in the world. Traffic is not bad on Bissonnet/Sunset Blvd. It's transit rich and will be a great addition. My parents live around the corner so I frequent the area. People here want the benefits of density without any actual density lol.
  7. Does anyone else have a problem with how crappy some of the city's "safety" interventions look? The way they just build curbs looks horrible and I think people would be more receptive if it did not look so bad. The one they did by Rice drives me crazy and the space has accumulated a lot of tree waste since now it cannot be cleaned easily. In other cities they tend to raise the area and landscape it so it actually looks better than before.
  8. This area is pretty rough right now so I would totally be happy with a "Medical Center North". You make this area sound like some elegant area of Back Bay or something. The stretch between here and the Ion is literally abandoned buildings, needles, and a flower shop.
  9. Since this is right before a curve, I think it will have a huge presence which will give a much more urban look to this part of the freeway.
  10. I think it is. What is unusual is that prime tenants have reverted back to the Galleria (i.e tom ford, akris, probably dior). ROD's sister project in Atlanta [Buckhead Village] which opened with an almost identical tenant mix has not seen the same wave of departures. I think the stores in ROD attract a lot of people to the restaurants due to making it seem very upscale. Would Toulouse be so busy if not next to a very aesthetically pleasing dior store? Probably not? These two other similar complexes saw a boost after covid, not what's happening here. In Dallas, Highland Park Village's departures have led to even more niche and upscale retailers opening in the void while ROD's are left vacant a long time and heading in a direction that will scare away the original tenants. I don't really care, I'm just scratching my head on the re-alignment since I think Houston should be able to support 3-4 high end centers like Dallas has.
  11. I think due to historical reasons like flooding and malaria, there were reasons to not build too close to the water. I means this was in 1935 lol.
  12. Forty Five Ten was destroyed when its old owner died and the new owner made bad hires. They closed all their stores besides downtown Dallas location and it's only open 3 days a week at that. It had so much potential before it was ruined. I loved their NYC store before it closed.
  13. I know there are at least 10? Former Akris, Tom Ford, Cavalli, the furniture store, former forty five ten etc.
  14. Me too, that would totally explain why the they did a bait and switch with tearing down the beautiful warehouse.
  15. Totally agree with this, near northside was much more commercial in the past with small scale multifamily than it is now. Many of the structures used to be duplexes that were later turned into single family by just taking down a wall. "Preserves the single family nature" is much more sinister than it sounds and it meant to keep anyone else away and restrict supply dramatically raising prices as what has happened in other places like California. Most of us here I imagine live in the inner lope btw*
  16. Are you saying this whole project is affordable housing? Plot twist*
  17. I think zoning is exclusionary by nature and we live in a city so individuals on a specific block should not be able to dictate what goes a on a busy cross street. We all pay taxes into the same pot so why should some people have more of a voice than others in how the city develops overall? Rich people should not be allowed to use minimum lot sizes to preserve large chucks of land in a city that is trying to densify.
  18. I think the tower might be mixed use so this would be the office portion of it?
  19. People are so critical, it's literally his own personal office building lol. The amount of disused buildings in the area is the real dumpster fire
  20. Sorry but what does planning a freeway/infrastructure far in advance have to do with building a skyscraper or a district like the Pudong? If anything your comment shows that countries with no citizen representation whatsoever get to build whatever they want very quickly so maybe autocracy is the way to go! If you thought TDOT was not nice about condemnations, you should see what they do in China.
  21. Tiffany is now owned by LVMH and most definitely relies on heavy foot traffic for a large portion of sales. I think ROD is going downhill retail wise and will end up just being a place mainly for restaurants. I really want them to succeed but I feel the project should have been a little bigger to achieve more of a critical mass. It's very hard to compete again Simon Malls because I'm sure they get a huge discount for having stores in large numbers in multiple malls of their portfolio. We will see what the future holds
  22. That area has an issue where for some reason none of the streets allow parking even though they are super wide and not that busy. I've always wondered why Just mentioning since I feel street parking would make the area feel much more alive etc.
  23. Yes, a hotelier should definitely get a criminology degree and research new and "out of the box" solutions to reduce crime as if this isn't one of societies most complex (and controversial) issues at the moment lol. Nice architecture and a garden are what a hotel owner should do, not be expected to police the areas outside the property. You should contact your local councilman and judges who unlike a hotel actually have the power (and mandate) to keep us all safe.
  24. I agree it looks like a potential issue but why do you feel this is the hotel's problem? Shouldn't the blame be on the city? It's getting very expensive to put these extra responsibilities on not so large businesses. I was surprised how suburban it feels for the land values in that area. They are tearing down a lot and seems like not replacing it with much.
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