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  1. A short poorly written unpublished paper written by a McGill student? Using this logic, all rural peoples should be forced to move to a city lol. The first paper mention also clearly highlights the noise from RAIL so not sure how helpful that is.
  2. I think they think if we get rid of freeways we will magically have a beautiful city like Sienna complete with medical churches and olive groves... Houston is naturally densifying and is literally a baby barely 120-50 years old? All the cities people keep name dropping are literally at the very least twice as old.
  3. Keep in mind that the west corridor literally added 100,000s of residents so this is ridiculous to say time went up by a little.
  4. In a typical property tax bill you can see a huge chuck of it (85%+) goes to Harris Health and HISD alone so I think your main problem is with their severe inefficiency and corruption lol? I agree more money should go to infrastructure
  5. There is literally nothing wrong with everything you stated lol. If people here do not want to pay for it and are willing to forgo it, what's the problem? Houston is not Boston, New York, or Paris - nor should we attempt to be. Any city you view as a roll model is probably very expensive and unaffordable to most Houston residents. As long as the city is divided into many counties etc, these problems are going to be very hard to address so what is going on is a rational reaction to that. If Harris county funds things that people do not want to pay for, they will go to a county where they can pay less and enjoy the "free" nice things by just driving in.
  6. I don't know where all these vocal people were during their survey lol. It seems like a very loud small group of people...
  7. I regret not buying this when it came for sale 2 years ago lol.
  8. Thank you for bringing reason to this forum, people seem to fantasize that we can all just live off cute coffee shops or something lol..
  9. I mean I do think the interior renovation still looks significan and it seems to open it up a lot more in their defence? I woudn't exaclty call it a light cosmetic renovation
  10. Michael Hsu is literally everywhere inside the loop so I would appreciate a little more diversity in architects lol. I feel his architecture screams Austin and is not representative. I think these look amazing.
  11. I think they have only 1 or 2 markets with more than 1 RH store so this would be extreamly rare. Sometimes they do a small RH Modern store but this looks like a full size store.
  12. Thank god the exorsion was less than expected... I would love to see what Evans-Shabazz has donated to the district after so much time in power.
  13. The building seems to be 9 floors above the podium parking in the render, do the permis usually include parking as floors?
  14. You must be privileged and be able to go to a bank during "business" hours unlike a lot of us who use atms to make deposits. Sorry you don't understand the fear of making a deposit in a relatively unsafe area at night. This is a big plus for people who live in the area and can only bank after hours. How about you withdraw 500 dollars and hop on the lightrail at night to see how safe you feel?
  15. Investment in this area is a big deal consdering how it is now, why whomp whomp? Until Frost there was literally no banks around here except for the Chase on UH campus hidden in the back.
  16. Every house around that block has fences or bars on their windows, why in the world does a fence on someones land offend people?
  17. HEB opened much closer and is actually cheaper than Fiesta and actually had a large fresh produce section so that is not true, it wasn't even on many bus routes from actual 3rd ward like the new HEB is. I think it's crazy is the 21st century to try keep areas as ethnic enclaves etc. Shouldn't every area mirror the demographics of the city overall?
  18. This literally the way it is stated is extortion. Disgusting They make it sound like Rice which is a non-profit is some sort of Fortune 500 company.
  19. Yeah these look like they are going to age very badly...
  20. This seems very expensive! I'm guessing it's going to have a very nice mass to have such a square footage. Should be a great addition to the skyline!
  21. I think it's still there, it's just shown as covered with a lot of trees. It looks like it a long gradual curve now though?
  22. Why do they propose such nice things in areas where less people will use them while ignoring very dense areas like Gulfton where bus usage is very high? I feel they really need some program to promote density around the stations to make it actually work. Like the area around Shephard and 1-10 is literally an open stone counter place and not friendly to pedestrians etc.
  23. Agreed, I don't think there is anything to do with the strip center currently.
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