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  1. Investment in this area is a big deal consdering how it is now, why whomp whomp? Until Frost there was literally no banks around here except for the Chase on UH campus hidden in the back.
  2. Every house around that block has fences or bars on their windows, why in the world does a fence on someones land offend people?
  3. HEB opened much closer and is actually cheaper than Fiesta and actually had a large fresh produce section so that is not true, it wasn't even on many bus routes from actual 3rd ward like the new HEB is. I think it's crazy is the 21st century to try keep areas as ethnic enclaves etc. Shouldn't every area mirror the demographics of the city overall?
  4. This literally the way it is stated is extortion. Disgusting They make it sound like Rice which is a non-profit is some sort of Fortune 500 company.
  5. Yeah these look like they are going to age very badly...
  6. This seems very expensive! I'm guessing it's going to have a very nice mass to have such a square footage. Should be a great addition to the skyline!
  7. I think it's still there, it's just shown as covered with a lot of trees. It looks like it a long gradual curve now though?
  8. Why do they propose such nice things in areas where less people will use them while ignoring very dense areas like Gulfton where bus usage is very high? I feel they really need some program to promote density around the stations to make it actually work. Like the area around Shephard and 1-10 is literally an open stone counter place and not friendly to pedestrians etc.
  9. Agreed, I don't think there is anything to do with the strip center currently.
  10. I don't understand why you view it as a zero sum game when in reality the highway and rail should be built. Houston and the port are growing fast enough where both are necessary.
  11. Liz Lambert who made the group what it is what fired from her own company a few months ago so this hotel is not going to be as detail oriented as past proejcts but a welcome addition anyways. Very good article in Texas Monthly on her this month! https://www.texasmonthly.com/being-texan/liz-lambert-next-act/
  12. Many people chose to live here specifically because there is no HOA. What does taxes have to do with a private development?
  13. This looks like a crappy rendering of a Morris Adjmi building who makes his buildings look very industrial. He did just do the Standard Hotel in Nola so this seems like possible connection but I think it's a weird fit for the area and would have been better in a more industrial heritage area like sawyer yards or Eado or even Westheimer through Montrose.
  14. You think random people who don't own a property should have specific demands on how a project that is privately financed is developed down to the T? Why don't you share your address to we can evaluate how your garden and siding effect the quality of life of your neighbors lol
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