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  1. This is literally the whole concept of tenement housing .. Multiple rented rooms with shared kitchen/bathroom. I mean I think its a great idea from an affordability standpoint but there's probably a reason they were totally phased out in the US ..
  2. I think you need to direct you anger at our ridiculous minimum setbacks and parking requirements. Anything you like about Amsterdam is probably not legal here under our present building codes. Keep in mind even applying for small variances can be very expensive.
  3. Fulshear is going to develop much faster in my opinion due to westpark tollway and expansion of I-10 again up to Columbus. I would say it's like 5-10 years behind current cypress. Infrastructure and subdivisions are being laid out pretty quickly along with lots of roundabouts etc .
  4. It's literally just I-Beams and cement, a few months won't do anything. What are they supposed to do, cover it in a giant tarp?
  5. Yes so the streets can look dead like Harrisburg and Fulton do now ..
  6. I was about to say the same thing, new views will open up elsewhere from it being moved.
  7. I feel a Trader Joe's in a concept like this would do extremely well.
  8. I think development has accelerated lately and think it's going to be a very interesting area in the near future. Super hoping for an HEB soon as well! I think it's only a mater of time. Eastwood Green is 40 homes btw and I know the empty lot nearby is also platted for at least 10 more homes.
  9. I just bought across the rail ., I liked the warehouse but excited to see more activity in the area.
  10. I really liked how these two old structures contrasted with the museum, I'm sure whatever replaces it will look off.
  11. You complain when developments don't connect to trails and then complain when they do as well .... They aren't just for bikes so I think legally it's no different then connecting to a sidewalk. It looks like there is an alley easement next to the trail so they are not really the same thing. Like the old rail like was separate etc.
  12. Why? The wine place is actually very affordable. I swear the owners just use it as a tax write off.
  13. I mean this was pretty far out from the center 77 years ago.
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