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  1. You sound ridiculous and assume people just have millions laying around to spread their eggs around. There are many small business on the road dude. It's not a subsidy either, the city needs to maintain our infrastructure that we pay taxes for.
  2. I don't know if these two cross streets could even support many more large structures without some sort of major reconstruction or public transportation improvements...
  3. iah77

    Alabama Row

    And then he'll explain to you that his centers are almost all full, while here with buff burger closing here that this one is 70% unoccupied lmao.
  4. Going from Houston Ave to Museum district using this is a "cut-through"? It's not shifting btw, it's ELIMINATING. How do you know the other lights/entrance can handle people turning during rush hour? Wait till all the highrises start getting occupied. Keep in mind they all have large garages and I can promise you 90% of those people don't plan on riding a bilke or bus to work lmao.
  5. What can we do to make them hear us? I'm most considered about Bagby. I don't mind them adding a light but removing that entrance all together will very negatively impact me on a daily basis.
  6. What is this "buffer" thing? Why not just a big sidewalk?
  7. This is ridiculous and the flow in those illustrations looks like a disaster. This area is so selfish, they should be obligated to take down their gates if this happens to open up "their" greenspace as well.
  8. Oh wow, that's crazy. They were supposed to be a tenant in a large downtown project but this is def a nice project if I was to pick where I wanted to work.
  9. It's not just the galleria though, its common here. Lots of people who live by 1960 just say "willow" as in willowbrook and then until recent citycenter area was all just Town and Country meaning they were referring to a mall that hasn't even existed for a decade.
  10. I think a lot of people from Houston call it the galleria area, when it first was built there was literally nothing around there. Uptown is a much more recent invention I feel. When Sakowitz was there it was just the post oak area.
  11. I believe they are relocating to a project in that's also going up in this area though if it's public I guess I cant say.
  12. The owner of the Cadillac dealership actually has been buying a lot of lots in the area over the least few years so doubt he's going anywhere. I think it's really cool though that such an old dealership building is used for its original purpose.
  13. I don't think anyone would deny that DT has a large problem with homeless people or panhandlers. Especially on that corner on the left side from the conservatory.
  14. Most of the residences on that street are less than 4 years old and many actually replaced a warehouse by the corner so it's funny now they are trying to block a process that allowed them to live there. Typical of people to try to exclude new people from an area they themselves just came to.
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