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  1. I'm sure they will plant trees there and it's laid out this way due to parking and the loading docks. I bet the houses towards Riveside did not want 18 wheelers constantly on their street etc.
  2. If they didn't "get it", they probably wouldn't be able to obtain financing. I think its a good location for condos (where the owners will most certainly use cars as their main form of transportation) and a lower end hotel where most of the guest would most likely prefer to go to the Gallaria than the opera or symphony... Luminair, notice that it isn't going in FiDi or the Midtown East/Park Ave, it's going in Times Sq where lower end tourist like to stay exactly like what they are targeting here.
  3. Just read in Houstonia that the "Athletic" looking place is going to be another outpost of Black Swan Yoga.
  4. I'm terrified of what this is going to do. My homes on Emancipation are two blocks away and already get so much trash on them from the bars. Do you know is we can make Emancipation parking permit only?
  5. Most of the project is office besides the first floor which is retail/food. They aren't separate as the article mentions but integrated into those large atriums since other way they would not get any natural light. I know two major tenants are both related to entertainment, one just opened in Dallas. Now that Eataly is opening at NorthPark I'm thinking this would be a great spot for them lol. The parking I know is reserved for future high rises. Rendering I saw has like at least 5
  6. It's mainly a security thing so you can't access other floors that you don't belong on. It also has an algorithm kinda like uber pool to group people in the fastest manner.
  7. This could be really nice if fixed up, it reminds me of National Commercial Bank--1983 designed by SOM in Jeddah which I love. Cleaned up it could look very elegant.
  8. There used to be apartments there, it's not like it was not paved at one point. I don't think there is a ravine, they raised McGregror when they built 288 to be able to go over it. Regardless I'm not passionate about the issue, just my 2 cents.
  9. I'm confused, so is this being renovated or demolished?
  10. This lot hasn't flooded in the past, funny people keep assuming this just because it's by the bayou. Not to mention these two story stores have weird layouts and are way more crammed in not a good way.
  11. LOL, the W in Habtoor City (your second pic) literally lasted only maybe a year opening early 2017 and closed down over a year ago early 2018 and was re-branded as a Hilton...
  12. Why are people here obsessed with W's? They haven't been in since since like 2010 and there are a ton of better brands that have popped up since then.
  13. Renovating? The demolished the whole strip center/old toys R us. They are demoing an old motel one lot over as well so something else might come up near it later.
  14. Great, more trash to pick up for me...
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