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  1. This complex is so pretty why would you sigh that it's not being torn down?
  2. Not being afraid of physical harm is a privilege these days? It's not "feel" safer, clearly there is an issue with actual safety and people getting killed or harmed.
  3. My property taxes jumped up a lot in the area and it's forcing me to consider whether I can even afford to maintain a property and rent it out.
  4. What's unique about multiple centers? Many large cities have them including most of our peers like Dallas and Atlanta and of course cities like LA, SF, DC, and NYC.
  5. Are you all sure that's a light? Looks like a sensor or something
  6. I know, felt it opened so quietly. They are betting on Texas with this and new opening in Dallas. Now with this and Tiffany, I wonder if Gucci will appear next since they tend to always have stores close to LV's.
  7. Reserved just means dedicated, there are still 575 other spots lol. The garage probably won't even be that busy during the hours the library is open anyways Plus isn't the whole point to encourage walkabilty anyways?
  8. That's absolutely not true because they don't seem to care about the thousands of low income families around the site who are going to be displaced by the incoming wave of gentrification. Do you really think people who live in the area now are going to go to the fancy cafes in the render or use "boat landings" lol? How about they figure out a a way to lock down property taxes to not displace families and industries already there? HR&A out of NYC btw was working on these plans way before 2002 when they were released to the public. A lot of large plots magically traded hands around then.
  9. Anyone with a brain can understand the "importance" of building next to someone else's billion dollar tax funded beautification project having retrieved information to buy land below what it's market value would be had the public known lol. It's cool to like what they are doing but don't say that it was a totally transparent deal, they had access to not yet public information.
  10. Working with? A better description would be that they knew about the Partnership's plans for the bayou before they were even released to the public over 5 years ago. To most this would be more akin to insider trading lol.
  11. It was already sold to a group from Houston.
  12. I'm sure they will plant trees there and it's laid out this way due to parking and the loading docks. I bet the houses towards Riveside did not want 18 wheelers constantly on their street etc.
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