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  1. This being open in a year seems a bit ambitious no?
  2. Sorry but what does planning a freeway/infrastructure far in advance have to do with building a skyscraper or a district like the Pudong? If anything your comment shows that countries with no citizen representation whatsoever get to build whatever they want very quickly so maybe autocracy is the way to go! If you thought TDOT was not nice about condemnations, you should see what they do in China.
  3. Tiffany is now owned by LVMH and most definitely relies on heavy foot traffic for a large portion of sales. I think ROD is going downhill retail wise and will end up just being a place mainly for restaurants. I really want them to succeed but I feel the project should have been a little bigger to achieve more of a critical mass. It's very hard to compete again Simon Malls because I'm sure they get a huge discount for having stores in large numbers in multiple malls of their portfolio. We will see what the future holds
  4. That area has an issue where for some reason none of the streets allow parking even though they are super wide and not that busy. I've always wondered why Just mentioning since I feel street parking would make the area feel much more alive etc.
  5. Yes, a hotelier should definitely get a criminology degree and research new and "out of the box" solutions to reduce crime as if this isn't one of societies most complex (and controversial) issues at the moment lol. Nice architecture and a garden are what a hotel owner should do, not be expected to police the areas outside the property. You should contact your local councilman and judges who unlike a hotel actually have the power (and mandate) to keep us all safe.
  6. I agree it looks like a potential issue but why do you feel this is the hotel's problem? Shouldn't the blame be on the city? It's getting very expensive to put these extra responsibilities on not so large businesses. I was surprised how suburban it feels for the land values in that area. They are tearing down a lot and seems like not replacing it with much.
  7. I doubt it, RO district has been losing top brands lately. Prada is present in other Simon owned properties so I doubt they would leave for an a small independent center that's trending downward.
  8. Prada closed and it looks like Dior is taking over the spot. Bummer Miu Miu (owned by Prada) also closed but I cannot tell how long ago it happened.
  9. I don't think this is a "retail" branch from the looks of it.
  10. If you think this looks like something in Europe, that's crazy. This looks like (a bad part) of Lagos or El Alto en La Paz. Even as temporary it looks horrible. I've seen many temporary markets where they at least make nice plywood fronts
  11. This is what's on his website? Affordable Housing it looks like Future Project Site and Rendering - The MOD The Site. 5.3 Acre church campus near downtown Houston will be converted to a 290 Unit Workforce Housing development in Partnership with the Houston Housing Authority. The original stone sanctuary was built in 1947.
  12. Airports are also noisy and ugly so we should just demolish them as well, and throw things on the list like sewage treatment plants etc. Did I-10 dived and ruin Katy? Is the Woodlands ruined by 45? People vote with their feet and this is what people wanted at the time highways were built in central cities. Demographics and priorities change so it's ok to re-evaluate but just saying highways are a flat out negative is useless.
  13. I'm confused, the article says chemicals that can be used in oil production or possibly chemical weapons but where does it actually say they were? It's crazy how this article refers to everywhere as Third World like 50 times lol.
  14. Ozark has become a pretty big player in major real estate deals in NYC so I think they wanted to sound more global than rural Arkansas. Interesting WSJ article. https://www.wsj.com/articles/this-small-arkansas-bank-is-fueling-americas-skyscraper-boom-11644238800
  15. His projects are super high quality now, I love this new complex he built in Coral Gables a few years ago. He's a big art collector and his projects usually include something so finges crossed!
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