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  1. LOL, the W in Habtoor City (your second pic) literally lasted only maybe a year opening early 2017 and closed down over a year ago early 2018 and was re-branded as a Hilton...
  2. Why are people here obsessed with W's? They haven't been in since since like 2010 and there are a ton of better brands that have popped up since then.
  3. Renovating? The demolished the whole strip center/old toys R us. They are demoing an old motel one lot over as well so something else might come up near it later.
  4. Great, more trash to pick up for me...
  5. This is literally just phase one and there's no engagement with the bayou because the city nor DT TIRZ were being cooperative in making it happen. For some reason Turner is putting all his eggs with Midway... and by for some reason I mean $.
  6. The Economist over the years had drifted leftwards and I think most people would agree there is no "shortage" of land in Texas. I would argue the opposite, that there is plenty of land and the problem here is improving it. The main cost of most project is the improvements and not the land. Here we have a labor shortage and now materials have gone up with Trumps tariff along with insurance. The government here subsidizes sprawl via cheap highways and FHA loans which highly favor new homes and almost never fund condos or older homes. Augostura who is the "we" in what we want? I promise you your ideal city looks very different from mine lol. Is the land truly valuable if the owner has decided to leave it as parking? Most of the city I can guaranty you does not want to work in downtown and I'm not even sure the roads can handle more cars into it at peak hours. Real estate is very cyclical and your idea mainly only functions in an up cycle. Your idea might actually encourage the demolition of historic areas as many times the land value is so high to you it might not justify having a nice historic home on the very valuable lot etc but anyways just playing devils advocate since I don't mind either much. People don't seem to get that taxes discourage everything period.
  7. Why should the government be able to force you to develop something? That's like taxing people who don't study for not "developing" the full potential of their mind lmao.
  8. I have two properties on Emancipation and am tired of all the trash from the bars littering the lawns. Going to put white picket fences soon to try and keep it off
  9. They'll probably extend some parking over it just like the parking at LA Fitness on Yale.
  10. That would never happen. You all realize TMC is an actual entity/protected trademark and that its largest source of revenue is parking fees lol?
  11. Yes, in Medellin there is a well known and successful project. Caracas also uses them but mainly to connect informal areas to existing metro stations.
  12. I would love for this to be built, would make reaching this part of town way easier (I live close by). Back part of OST is underdeveloped because the light rail and bayou make reaching it a little harder then other areas near by.
  13. All of near nothside, most of 5th ward, 3rd ward, and midtown are opportunity zones.
  14. Well a big delay in the project was getting the historic tax credits approved while allowing modifications such as skylights punched in the roof... There are a few tenants signed up already. The fingers furniture site (or can't remember if Macy's site) I don't believe isn't being developed but they are putting some pad sites in front (Fast Food/Commercial Tenants). They aren't in a rush and have recently acquired acquired some other big lots recently. They function in a long term land bank strategy. They own so many lots of Harrisburg for example, was there a rush to put in Baker Ripley or the CVS? It's not even 1/5th developed.
  15. I have a house nearby so would hope so as well but I heavily doubt it because they haven't done it at at other new location I've seen built lately. The oaks at the Montrose store were already there from the torn down apartment complex.
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