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  1. Everyone on this forum has such amazing ideas I don't know why they don't go get an investment loan with 20% down and make their visions a reality lol.
  2. This is literally supposed to be part of the Hardy tollway aka a freeway lol...
  3. Arquitectonica actually used to have an office here hence their many projects here. The founder is from one of the wealthiest families in Peru which I think might have helped a little.
  4. Since when do politicians care about what is actually needed* versus what they "think" should be needed?
  5. That was actually planned but the city/downtown authorities refused to chip in for any of it so got pushed back. Was going to be a nice staircase etc.
  6. Is there anything we can do to publicly support the project and counter this crap?
  7. Which I don't understand because in Dallas they are opening 4 Central Markets and they are not hybrids including one near downtown in Victory Park.
  8. That's not part of it, just the two small garden apartments and the abandoned street between them. I'm sure eventually that strip center will be bought by a developer and fixed up.
  9. That sounds correct, has nothing to do with capping value for property tax purposes.
  10. They were demolished this morning when I was going to Starbucks across the street.
  11. It's interesting they are saying "higher density" but will be single family homes?
  12. This is clearly a rare example of a large early 20th century commercial structure with a perfectly intact fa├žade. Comparing it to cardboard structure like Camden owned by a soulless REIT clearly shows everything that is wrong with this town. This area had dozens of acres of empty lots that could have houses this ugly apartment complex.
  13. Once they submerge the freeway it will feel like more of an extension of museum area than 3rd ward. Caroline St. is full of very historic mansions and the freeway sliced it in half. Third ward really stops at Almeda for most people living in the area. This is clearly just a shake down bc this group didn't seem to care at all about what happened there when it was a Sears and open air homeless center. This area clearly needs mental health assistance and not affordable housing as no one has been priced out of parking lots.
  14. We are all Houstonians and no group should have power to exclude anyone from "their" neighborhood. For some reason diversity doesn't seem positive with your connotations. Under Coleman the area has only gotten worse and can say that also as a long-term resident lmao...
  15. They don't take care of the lots they own at all and leave all the houses abandoned. I feel they are responsible for half the blight of the 3rd ward. Literally make the area look like crap and then say they are needed to "fix" it.
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