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  1. It's not just the galleria though, its common here. Lots of people who live by 1960 just say "willow" as in willowbrook and then until recent citycenter area was all just Town and Country meaning they were referring to a mall that hasn't even existed for a decade.
  2. I think a lot of people from Houston call it the galleria area, when it first was built there was literally nothing around there. Uptown is a much more recent invention I feel. When Sakowitz was there it was just the post oak area.
  3. I believe they are relocating to a project in that's also going up in this area though if it's public I guess I cant say.
  4. The owner of the Cadillac dealership actually has been buying a lot of lots in the area over the least few years so doubt he's going anywhere. I think it's really cool though that such an old dealership building is used for its original purpose.
  5. I don't think anyone would deny that DT has a large problem with homeless people or panhandlers. Especially on that corner on the left side from the conservatory.
  6. Most of the residences on that street are less than 4 years old and many actually replaced a warehouse by the corner so it's funny now they are trying to block a process that allowed them to live there. Typical of people to try to exclude new people from an area they themselves just came to.
  7. I think it looks amazing, this area has literally almost no traffic to the point where over the last few years that have been removing stop lights instead of adding them. The on street parking will actually reduce average speed on the street making it safer for pedestrians and activating the street. Many towns have this parking configuration on their main streets. Excited for this!
  8. This complex is so pretty why would you sigh that it's not being torn down?
  9. Not being afraid of physical harm is a privilege these days? It's not "feel" safer, clearly there is an issue with actual safety and people getting killed or harmed.
  10. My property taxes jumped up a lot in the area and it's forcing me to consider whether I can even afford to maintain a property and rent it out.
  11. What's unique about multiple centers? Many large cities have them including most of our peers like Dallas and Atlanta and of course cities like LA, SF, DC, and NYC.
  12. Are you all sure that's a light? Looks like a sensor or something
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