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  1. Finally started on metal work, the stairwell is up a couple of stories now
  2. Add amazing Pho to the list of heights restaurants!!! woooohooo http://houston.eater.com/2015/3/26/8296257/pho-binh-definitely-opening-in-the-heights
  3. I agree it's a crappy intersection, but I'm pretty sure this person just has an old utility right-of-way on their 'property' and they are trying to get the city to abandon it. There is no way they would just close off the street here. Compare the outline of the house on the south side of the intersection with the outline from the HCAD map and that person has fenced in that entire triangle that belongs to the city. Old satellite photos from google maps show it used to be a driveway/road of some sort. Key learning here, if you want the city to give up its land, just build a fence around it
  4. So everyone would just turn right/left out of the even worse Voight street exit instead? Doesn't make sense. I searched the city council notes but I couldn't find anything. My only clue is from the HCAD maps: http://www.hcad.org/iMaps/Tiles/Color/5358D1.pdf That corner actually has a homeowner's yard extending over where the 'street' should be if you compare it to google maps. I wonder if that owner is trying to officially buy that piece of land. Looks like they just built a fence around city property and declared it theirs. The sign is awkwardly placed and seems to 'pointing' to t
  5. I noticed a city sign that noted that they received a request to abandon a street at Usener and Studemont. Seems like a pretty major street with lots of homes on it, what's the deal with the sign?
  6. You can't type a name into a search box? You can't link to the search results on their website. I'm just raising the point that he probably brought the crime upon himself for hanging out with scumbags. They must have though he was still dealing if they busted in and demanded money. Why were he and his kids awake at 3am on a school night? I refuse to buy into the random crime act narrative here. And I refuse to support someone who attracts violent crime to our neighborhood.
  7. Just type Orlando Pagan into the Harris county district clerk search engine. 3 convictions all separate dates.
  8. Wonder if all those businesses were informed they were donating to the recovery of a 3 time convicted felon for possession and dealing. Why would they go after the most dilapidated shack on the street just for money?
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