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  1. Busch Gardens Houston was over along the east side of I10 adjacent to the refinery. Mid to late 70s, they had some mild rides like a river ride. Lots of plants and animals. I've got some footage of the park I dumped from 8mm, it's hosted over on SixFlagsHouston.Com. Scroll down to about the 5th video listed.
  2. Ya know, I think a golf course somewhere bought quite a few of the trees. But for the most part, its a shame the razed the place without any real plans.
  3. http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070111/nyth086.html?.v=72 Six Flags has sold 7 parks including Splashtown in Spring TX to PARC 7F. Fate of the property not clear, seems like it will remain in operation for the short term.
  4. Just in, name for the new rollercoaster: Boardwalk Bullet.
  5. There's really no point even discussing "Disney in Houston" or anywhere else in Texas. It isn't happening.
  6. http://www.coasterphotos.com/maingallery/v...ah/2006/123106/ Some photos taken yesterday of construction.
  7. Yup. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...?showtopic=8456
  8. There is a clause to this new ordinance; if the property owner feels burdened by the cost of cleaning the graffiti they can request the city do it for no charge. Naturally, the paint is unlikely to match going this route. But still, the property owner does not HAVE to pay to clean the graffiti or the fine upon receiving a citation. I think the city is giving out free paint as well if you want to do it yourself. To me this seems fair. If the paint is the wrong color it doesn't really look any worse than having the graffiti tag there. In an ideal world they would be able to catch the criminals responsible and have them take care of it, but its simply not practical. Our police can not catch the taggers in the act.
  9. Forested areas make for pretty amusement parks. I would rather see something on the north side than the west side as well. Sam Houstonland, build it!
  10. As far as AW goes, the last new rides the park got were SWAT and Diablo Falls which were installed around 2003. SWAT was even the prototype ride of its type and is now located at Six Flags New England. The last new rollercoaster in Houston was Serial Thriller, the Vekoma SLC that replaced Excalibur in 1999. Serial Thriller and Diablo Falls were both hugely popular rides, SWAT seemed a little more intimidating and never had much of a line.
  11. Wilma hit Fort Lauderdale in 2005 and the Dania Beach Hurricane is still standing.
  12. In areas that require it, rollercoasters are built to withstand minor earthquakes and other acts of nature. Of course if a tornado hits the thing or it sits in brackish water for a couple months like Megazeph all bets are off.
  13. It's not that Splashtown is doing bad business or that Houston can't support parks, it's a specific problem Six Flags has where the company is in massive debt and looking to offload many sites so they can concentrate on core properties. You'd think Splashtown is far enough away from Schlitterbahn that they can both thrive, I would not be suprised if a new operator for Splashtown keeps it as a waterpark.
  14. Not really, a big fuss was made about this topic being discussed in more than one thread, but if one's going to be that picky, seems like it should be one thread in the most fitting category. "Going Up"s description seems to be about new and proposed projects, of which this certainly qualifies. It's not a topic like whats-your-favorite-ride or a rumor thread. I don't see how this is something that couldn't fit anywhere else so it was thrown into the bottom bucket.
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