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  1. I think I saw my car in your video @phillip_white
  2. Did Midtown have any high rises before Randall's? I think EaDo would be better suited for midrises.
  3. At least they are someone close to midtown .... Ivy is 6 blocks from downtown.
  4. On facebook, they are advertising the development as being in downtown as opposed to "EaDo" .... seems a bit deceptive to me.
  5. Is this a project where they build the garage first and then the building at a later point?
  6. I agree with the sentiment of retail following rooftops. I think EaDo is better suited for townhomes and midrises. Having a highrise, full of microunits, just doesn't make the most sense right now. I was once supportive of this project, but now I believe it's the wrong kind of development. I just don't see this going very well for them after the first go round.
  7. Eado still doesn't have a real grocery store. What sense is there to put up a high rise??
  8. Saw dumpsters being either dropped off or picked up today. Possibly both.
  9. I drove by and there was activity going on. There was a rock path in place that I am assuming will be used for heavy equipment and trucks. Does anyone know if this land sold? It has been listed by Bejjani for quite some time.
  10. Mayor Turner wants a theme park for the city .... this could make for an interesting site.
  11. There are very few townhomes under 300k in the area. Most are going for $350k - $450k. Not sure why one would classify the east end of downtown sketchy ....
  12. I believe that property is going to be developed into mixed use with retail and creative/community work spaces. It may also incorporate part of the block south... next to the building being developed into the comedy club.
  13. The first stage of it has happened. There is now a dedicated path that spans several blocks. It passes right behind 8th Wonder and it's new beer garden.
  14. Eado, East Downtown, or as I like to call it O-Chi (Old Chinatown) as well as the Greater East End has far less crime than midtown. I'm with Samagon .... less traffic is better. People will feel safer walking and biking around the neighborhood. The odds of getting hit by a drunk bro in his leased entry level luxury ride is far too high in Midtown
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