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  1. The developer is trying to acquire the last piece of the block. It’s listed at $425,000 for 5k sq ft. Stalemate. Edit: Looks like the price is now $375k.
  2. Saw a variance sign across from East End Hardware. Subdivision name: Houston Ennis Multifamily.
  3. Been inside. It’s pretty cool. Will have vines growing all over.
  4. Work on this has grounded to a snails pace at best. I hear they weren’t pulling permits and other questionable things. Doubt this gets completed anytime soon.
  5. You make a good point about architecture. As a means of staying relevant, it was necessary for religions to seek architects that could design the latest and greatest. Do yall think that religions in this day and age will seek to innovate in the digital age as a means to stay relevant? Funny enough, online porn companies spear head quite a bit of innovation in contrast.
  6. Would be great to see some mixed use developments go on those two blocks. Parking, retail, and residential would be ideal IMO.
  7. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-Press-building-to-be-demolished-13226584.php
  8. It appears that the entire Houston Press building and parking lot is fenced off. Any ideas of what is going on?
  9. This is good news. Perhaps Rice can have more influence on moving the Greyhound station out of midtown/downtown.
  10. Multi family or strip mall is what I’m thinking. It’s a bit of an odd piece of land due to the diagonal slice that is Brother’s Tacos.
  11. The street enclaves with restaurants, etc. remind me of some of the developments in Singapore.
  12. Correct. This sits right next to Brother’s Tacos.
  13. Looks like the third tower will butt up behind leon’s Lounge, etc. This may be the most impressive development in Houston, overall.
  14. https://www.har.com/0-pease-avenue/sale_13376555 This is selling for a record sq ft price according to the broker. Buyer is involved in hospitality of some sort.
  15. Hines is about to build condos on Waugh, I believe.
  16. The landlord owns several of the buildings there. The tenants share parking lots.
  17. Another note about the parking situation with regards to Grafiti’s: From what I understand, the owners were such jerks to the other tenants during build out that the landlord decided to create separate lots. They would have had a ton more parking if they weren’t asshats
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