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  1. Looked into the company a little more and it’s associated w another company that is a GC. Hoping this is mixed use.
  2. This house was demolished: East Downtown Management District (EDMD) (929) 367-7902 https://maps.app.goo.gl/byHbqbjWB2M5pvve9?g_st=ic it was sold to Drudee LLC in the middle of last year. Can’t find much on the company. Looks like they own the other lots there too.
  3. This now has a for lease sign on the corner of the lot. Listed by www.shopcompanies.com but not on their site yet.
  4. I’ve seen people going inside the old mechanic shop. Guessing this becomes a beer garden.
  5. Saw a dumpster outside this warehouse and all the trucks that are usually there were gone. Haven’t seen a change in ownership per hcad though.
  6. There should be a small tunnel system here. The Ion already has an underground floor or two. Might as well continue the trend with future developments.
  7. I’m not a fan of putting a school here, but there are two scholar right near Minute Maid and Toyota Center. Incarnate and HSPVA. If this ends up being a Shipra Montessori, then it’s not all bad. Maybe they can contribute good architecture.
  8. El Expresso bus station - For Sale: https://www.har.com/homedetail/2201-main-st-houston-tx-77002/2947689
  9. Allied build multifamily. This will be a good addition.
  10. Literally said the same thing further up 😀😂
  11. This has got to be multifamily or a hotel I don't know what else would make sense right there.
  12. New housing development on Commonwealth: https://www.owaisdevelopments.com/commonwealth-park
  13. This may be old. I believe that project fell through a few years ago.
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