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  1. Very strange place for them to put this. Misuse of prime property 101.
  2. So there’s a parking lot going in next to the bike trail? Am I missing something?
  3. They are open. Patio area is definitely great especially is ally with the weather about to cooperate.
  4. Based on the square meters quoted, I’m guessing the MIPS lot and the partial block in which the Marlowe building sits. ... or maybe just all of what MIPS owns.
  5. Burton Construction signage is up at the site. Couldn’t find any project info on their website or fb page.
  6. It’s where guests can purchase the furniture and decor in the home. It’s a new age showroom for designers.
  7. This will be a great addition to this part of EaDo. Bridging the gap between north and south EaDo on hutchins and st E should help make the neighborhood more cohesive.
  8. who needs walkability when you can have 40k sq ft of parking? 😀
  9. Was told it sold for close to $1.5MM and will be used for storage. Guessing the new owner will eventually redevelop.
  10. Stated they were wary of the impending highway construction and that EaDo wasn’t developed enough yet. Informed them of the Pease Street beautification. My thought is they will probably flip the land.
  11. Spoke with the owner. This is a long term play for them so won’t be anytime soon.
  12. Bulldozers on site today. I think the last 5,000 sq ft lot was purchased by the developer. Waiting to hear back from the broker.
  13. This lot is being cleared. The entire block has not been acquired yet, though. Anyone have any info on what is going up here?
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