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  1. So looks like this will be an apartment complex .... ?
  2. I lived at the apartments across from the site for about a year. While it's close to a lot of things, access to the site is a little tricky coming from EaDo or Downtown. Navigation is a one lane underpass from Chartres and Runnels is often slow due to the train. I think this site would be best suited for another apartment complex. GFR would work here since there is a lot going on in the area. I think the best place for an HEB would be is off Leeland where Reece Supply (2606 Bell St, Houston, TX 77003) currently sits. It would be great for EaDo, Eastwood, and Third Ward. Thoughts?
  3. Always loved this building! It would make for a great whiskey bar.
  4. Looks like this site has been divided up. One is sold, one is pending, and one for sale: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/0-Ennis-St-Houston-TX/17291853/
  5. Looks like the entire block is for sale: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2710-McKinney-St-Houston-TX/17052230/
  6. I believe the lot is owned by South Texas law school. Apparently they didn't want to sell.
  7. This development will be good for the area and I don't believe the cross-street in which the parking will be on is going to be super busy, traffic wise. Most EaDo streets are relatively low traffic and also very wide. Obviously this will change as things grow, but I don't think we should get hung up on what will ultimately be a minor thing relative to the overall development.
  8. Looks like the warehouse across the street is also for sale.
  9. Looks like part of these apartments will be flanked by Leeland and Bell. Hopefully this means that this is the start of developing all those empty lots on Leeland. I believe the one further east is for sale by the catholic church. The empty part of the lot in which Brother's Taco's sits on is owned by a Best Western franchisor. I was told they don't have any immediate plans to develop, but maybe this will catalyze things. I don't think a hotel makes sense for that lot. What would y'all recommend go there?
  10. I’m guessing there’s going to be residential added to the existing scope. The site is so big.
  11. Saw two new variance signs requesting reduced setbacks for residential. This could be interesting!
  12. Concrete has been poured for a portion of the driveway.
  13. Quite a bit of activity at this site the last few days. Hopefully steady here on out.
  14. Very strange place for them to put this. Misuse of prime property 101.
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