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  1. Stated they were wary of the impending highway construction and that EaDo wasn’t developed enough yet. Informed them of the Pease Street beautification. My thought is they will probably flip the land.
  2. Spoke with the owner. This is a long term play for them so won’t be anytime soon.
  3. Bulldozers on site today. I think the last 5,000 sq ft lot was purchased by the developer. Waiting to hear back from the broker.
  4. This lot is being cleared. The entire block has not been acquired yet, though. Anyone have any info on what is going up here?
  5. The developer is trying to acquire the last piece of the block. It’s listed at $425,000 for 5k sq ft. Stalemate. Edit: Looks like the price is now $375k.
  6. Saw a variance sign across from East End Hardware. Subdivision name: Houston Ennis Multifamily.
  7. Been inside. It’s pretty cool. Will have vines growing all over.
  8. Work on this has grounded to a snails pace at best. I hear they weren’t pulling permits and other questionable things. Doubt this gets completed anytime soon.
  9. This is better than the weird hotel dev that was proposed IMO.
  10. Was at Finn hall last night for dinner. The place was pretty busy.
  11. You make a good point about architecture. As a means of staying relevant, it was necessary for religions to seek architects that could design the latest and greatest. Do yall think that religions in this day and age will seek to innovate in the digital age as a means to stay relevant? Funny enough, online porn companies spear head quite a bit of innovation in contrast.
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