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  1. Sorry to bump this really old thread, but I found it while searching for the history of the land that is now Treeline (The development - I live here). Instead of starting a new thread, I figure this was the best place to add a comment/question. Does anyone know what this land was before it was the golf course? Any tips for how I could search for it and its history?
  2. We used Atlantis pools. Have you checked out That Home Site? There is a pool building forum on there, and that's how I found him. He posts on their as Huskyrider (I believe) and built pools for several people on there. He's located off of FM 1488. The only issues we had, were while building, they hit my sewer line - which was NO fault of theirs, but that of our stupid builder who placed it diagonally across our backyard. The only thing that I think was the fault of his trades (and he doesn't sub anything out), was we ended up with a crack across part of our pool decking about a year later. I didn't know any better, and I was the only one home at the time (the builder wasn't there), and the concrete guys laid the rebar down and didn't prop it up, so it basically sank to the bottom of the concrete and provided no support. By the time we noticed it, the pool was out of warranty. He's not cheap, and he goes beyond cookie cutter, computer-driven designs and will design a custom pool at no extra charge. I pretty much told him what I wanted and they got the design right. I had my first pool built by Anthony & Sylvan. Notice I didn't use them again the second time around....
  3. I heard it's going to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Isn't there already a KFC on the corner of 2920 and Kuykendahl though? There isn't a Burger King anywhere in that area either.
  4. Good! My broker is in that same building. I'm excited! I'm about tired of Chuy's and I think I've finally gotten tired of Los Cucos. We need some more choices out here. I love Lupe Tortillas, but the one closest to us (I-45 S) stinks. Literally. Something is wrong with that place. It smells like mold. We end up having to drive to the Shenandoah location just to avoid the smell.
  5. I hope it's still the H.E.B, because right now our options are Kroger, Kroger, or if you really want to try something new, Kroger.
  6. Nice. They cut down a forest of trees on Louetta and Holzworth. I figured something was (not) happening, when the weeds started to get 5' tall and finally their sign collapsed to the ground. Wish we could get the trees back.
  7. Where in the website would we find the Spring/Klein info? I looked, but I can't find the link that contains the info you quoted, much less any additional info.
  8. We ate at that Sizzler once. I never remembered them as a child when they were in Houston, and after eating at the one in Spring, I understood why. The food was mediocre at best. I've eaten at the Denny's a couple of times, but to be honest, I forget about it. I suspect they get a lot of people from Windrose. The other one on Holzworth, is just as convenient for us, so I usually head that way. My husband is a firefighter, and the last he heard, they still suspected arson at the Sizzler. If you drove around to the front, right-hand side, you could see where it burned. As far as Shogun, I went there for the first time the other evening. I wasn't too impressed. Kobe's, or H.B. Steakhouse it wasn't - but the prices were just as high. I feel like we're in a black hole in Spring, as far as restaurants go. It's like the developers looked the other way as they were traveling down I-45 from 1960, and didn't pay attention until they got to the Woodlands.
  9. You have just made my day! A driveway on Spring-Cypress would be perfect. Does anyone know why they built on I-45 and then decided not to open up there? I don't know much about commercial real estate, but that seems like a more likely place for a store, and obviously at one time, someone else thought so too.
  10. Are you sure you're not thinking of the property at Holzworth and Louetta, across from the new Shipley's? They tore all of those trees down ages ago, but it's been sitting there untouched for over a year. At the same time, the other town home property at Louetta and Old Holzworth tanked. Living off of Louetta - the last thing we need is apartments. The traffic is getting bad as it is. I see a driveway further down Louetta; that's good. I'm not thrilled about Cheddar's, but I see a slightly smaller pad for a restaurant, so hope is still alive for something decent. And how many tire places does this area need? What I'd really, really love to see out this way, is a Los Cucos.
  11. I graduated from Scarborough, but went to Katherine Smith (the area was originally supposed to go to Waltrip). All of my friends went to Wainwright though. I guess I'm showing my age! I grew up off of Mangum and 43rd, and drove by there the other day. I was absolutely shocked to see the strip center in front of Oak Forest on Mangum. What an eyesore! My parents got out of there and moved to the Woodlands about 25 years ago, and I don't think they've been back to that area since. It's not looking so hot.
  12. I hated to see all of those trees go, and the last thing this area needs is another strip or shopping center, but it sure would be nice to have restaurant that doesn't serve its food in a drive-thru. Something is taking shape towards the front, that looks restaurant-ish. I'm also hoping for a grocery store on the southbound side, since the HEB at FM 2920 apparently was scrapped awhile back.
  13. I could have my builder wrong, but I believe Chesmar was started by some disgruntled Lennar higher-ups, who were either canned, or quit. If I'm remembering correctly, there was a shake-up and several people left, formed their own company, and pulled a lot of Lennar sales talent with them.
  14. My husband is a licensed inspector and I'm a real estate agent. There is no way on Earth I would ever be both the licensed realtor and the inspector. The liability for both licensees is too huge as it is. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen, IMO. I don't even allow my husband to inspect for my clients, due to the liability. He does however, get a HUGE amount of his business through me, by working for agents that I associate with. I believe the hours for inspectors has greatly increased in the past year and unfortunately, it seems to be one of those careers that everyone thinks they can do, and be successful at - ditto for selling real estate. Neither career is easy; both have liability concerns; both are extremely competitive and both are cyclical in income. Both my husband and I are self-employed. The one thing his career wins over mine, hand's down, is that his has low overhead. He has a large insurance bill and had to buy tools and software, but other than gas, he's good to go. Not so for me.
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