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  1. If you want your investment to grow you should be supportive of this plan. If the heights becomes another strip mall centric Katy then your 900sqft bungalow won't net you as much profit.
  2. Yes, lets put a walk-able style development in a place where you can barely even get to by car, let alone by foot. Good plan. I wouldn't mind if they tore down the Kroger and put a half way decent replacement in.
  3. Duh they have a few windows in the living room, but the bedrooms are on the interior hallway. They squeeze in an uncomfortable double front door alcove just so you don't have to enter your condo through your bedroom. $250k for a 750sqft condo that features 2 windows? Add in a $300 maint fee and you're in the 'you'd have to be crazy to buy this' range for such a tiny place in this area.
  4. Can't someone with a Quad Copter get a good shot?
  5. Have you guys seen the floorplans for these units? Interior bedrooms (adjacent to the hallways, always fun with noise!) with NO windows. All of those plentiful windows on the outside appear to be for the 'common rooms', dorm room style. Couldn't pay me to live here.
  6. Oh boo hoo. Emergency vehicle problems? Give me a break, 7th street is more than wide enough for cars parked on both sides and I never have a problem finding space along the street for parking at Revival and Gelazzi. Two great local businesses that add a lot to the community. Sorry that you don't own the parking in front of your house, people park in front of mine all the time, I don't get upset because that's their right and there is plenty of space. Coltivare is the single greatest restaurant addition to the Heights in years, I hope it stays in business for a long time. I'm glad it has ample space inside and out because it didn't need a 20 car parking lot. I personally walk there, but if I lived nearby I'd be happier about being so close to great food than bitching all the time about customers parking around the neighborhood. Houston needs more great places to eat along its walkable streets and I can't think of a better place for them.
  7. You are awesome thanks!!! There it is spelled out in the budget for 2015. Hope it happens sooner than later
  8. Yeah thanks for that.. the segment has disappeared off some maps, like the Bayou Bikeways maps.. just concerned it will never get done. They seem to consider the bikeways 'connected' now because if you take the Heights bike trail to the south side of I10 and continue it does eventually meet up with the trail that goes past Stude park. If they could just build this connector it would be much safer for all people using the trail to get to downtown from the heights, they wouldn't have to deal with crossing Taylor or any other streets at all.
  9. Only the biggest construction project in the area.. you could have googled it.
  10. Sorry to dig up an old topic, but as I live a block from where the Stude Park trail ends suddenly before reaching the Heights bike trail, I was wondering if anyone had an update on this linkage? Seems like they are spending money to redo an old section of the trail near the new Elan heights building which didn't need to be done, or are they removing that section of the trail? You can even see the trail that's been worn into the grass by people fording the creek to get to the park/downtown.
  11. Recent progress, I'll get a better one later, about two floors done of the parking garage still. The dilapidated Mango Beach and 'Little Buddy' still standing proud next to it.
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