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  1. I believe Pappas Steakhouse on Westheimer occupies the former Strawberry Patch.
  2. Expansion = more capacity = more revenue/profits even at the same ticket prices. If there is demand, yet the park is at capacity and lines become long and crowds are too large it will turn people off.
  3. Las Alamedas is coming to La Centerra which should be a little more upscale with less kids. Stating the obvious but in burbs where there is still a lot of new development a lot of things are going to be family friendly. If anyone ever asks me about living in the Katy area I always tell them if you have kids it doesn’t get any better IMO, but if you are single or don’t have kids I would think long and hard about moving away from the attractions of the city….but that’s just me.
  4. Looks to open in the spring of 2010 in La Centerra. Formerly at I-10 and Voss HBJ article Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 12:43pm CDT Las Alamedas set for spring opening at LaCenterraHouston Business Journal - by Allison Wollam Reporter Las Alamedas Restaurant & Cantina will open its doors at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch in spring 2010. Owner Jorge Sneider said he considered several locations when deciding to relocate the restaurant from its longtime home at 8165 Katy Freeway. He said the strong demographics in the area played a part in his decision to open the restaurant in the shopping center at 23501 Cinco Ranch Boulevard and Grand Parkway in Katy. Las Alamedas was one of the first upscale Mexican restaurants in Houston, and was the site of many elaborate weddings. Sneider closed the 28-year-old restaurant in February while he was attempting to negotiate a new lease with the landowners. The new 7,654-square-foot location will serve the same traditional Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner and will continue to cater private events.
  5. Westheimer Parkway and Greenbusch - it is attached to the new Timewise Shell station.
  6. I'm not sure about both left turn entrances but the one closest to 99 is definately too close to the intersection.
  7. I'm so glad I don't live in your daily misery. What is slowing you down from moving? Do you need a realtor referral?
  8. The major builder was also Royce which when belly up so they also have some vacant homes just sitting there probably caught up on bank limbo. I hope for the best for the current residents, but you have to wonder with the vacancies, foreclosures, etc that the HOA has to be running pretty lean as their they probably have A LOT of overdue HOA fees without a stable ownership base. Without a strong, functioning HOA things can really start to deteriorate quickly as their is no enforcement of deed restrictions or maintenance of common areas. I've lived that before with my previous neighborhood.
  9. It is unbelievable to me how fast some of these restaurants and bars go out. Some of them seem to put so much planning and work into getting the build out, grand opening, etc done and then to seem so vanish so quickly. Are they just undercapitalized? Do they not budget enough "start-up time" where you may show losses until you build up your clientele while you avertise like crazy to get the word out? I'm not trying to be over critical, just trying to understand. I would like someone with some restaurant/bar experience or even some business brokers or real estate folks that have worked with restaraunts/bars to chime in with some observations. Is something like the Angel and Ox just not going to work in such an "family centric" place right in the middle of Cinco Ranch? Too bad they didn't make it as I didn't have a chance to try it but some of my buddies were talking about hooking up there some time for a guys night out.
  10. Yes, same place that Las Rosas moved to before it quickly went out. Prior to that is was a Latin/Puerto Rican place but I can't remember the name. The center is littered with mis-matched signage on the building you can't even tell what is there. Add to that the lack of ordinances or regulation by the landlord to keep all the tacky banners and signs placed by his tenants from in front of the center gives the place a crappy, low-end feel. Definately not where I would picture a mid to high level steak-house.
  11. It looks as though over the past few month the Allie's Steakhouse sign in the field between I-10 and Times Square has been "vandalized" a few times with paint and another time may have just toppled over. It is the trashiest, redneck looking sign I have seen with rough 2 x4 frame and hand-strung lighting it looks like it should be the marking the entrance to a junk-yard. Not what you really think would be appropriate for a decent steak-house. I would think the ownership would be embarassed to put something up like this.
  12. Took the family there Sunday evening around 7pm. Pretty busy and was about 20 minute wait for a table. They really need to iron out the kinks on service as it took a LONG time until anyone took our order once seated. When the food did come out after a wait that seemed longer than normal, the wings were not cooked as much as they should have been. They were not undercooked in that I was worried about eating "raw" chicken, but not nearly as crispy as every other experience at BWW all over town. We told our waiter and he acknowledged they were aware of the problem and they were addressing and even offered to bring over a manager - I declined since they knew of the issue and the kids were restless by this point. We may give it month or so to iron our the "newness" before we return and hit Stadia Sport Grill or Hooters if we need a wing fix.
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