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  1. My opinion: Street-running light rail should be reserved for streets that have important destinations and/or urban, walkable areas. Commuter / light rail lines that extend into low-density suburban areas should run in dedicated ROWs instead of busy streets. And, transit should always be about moving people first, and economic development second. With that said, I'd cut the plan to build the northern Red Line and southern Purple Line extensions. The first Red Line extension is already under-utilized. This second Red Line extension would pretty much add a single park-and-ride. The Purple Line extension would serve a major destination (Hobby), but so would the Green Line extension. Two lines serving Hobby would be a bit redundant with limited funds, and the Purple Line extension would hardly add any new passengers (less than 3,000 a day). I'd rather METRO take that money, and put it towards making the University Line (west of Green Line only) or "Inner Katy" lines light rail.
  2. Union Pacific doesn't like commuter trains running on their freight lines. For commuter rail service to Galveston, you would probably have to build a new set of tracks parallel to the existing tracks, and build a new causeway bridge. You're looking at billions of dollars. It's worth noting that Galveston doesn't have a dedicated source of funding for transit, and is struggling to run three buses a day to Bay Area park and ride. There isn't even good bus service between the cities. Until recently, there was no bus service between the cities. It's unfortunate, because I think commuter rail between Houston and Galveston would be great. Not only would you be able to travel between the cities, those who live between the cities can travel to either city.
  3. That's great! I really enjoyed it.
  4. Update: KHOU is broadcasting from WFAA's newsroom at the moment. They were at KUHT (PBS) a few minutes ago, but they just had an outage.
  5. Where are KHOU and KPRC broadcasting from? KHOU is broadcasting with WFAA's logo, but I don't recognize the set.
  6. Apparently, when you create an account, it's only good for one city. If you want to purchase a membership in a different city, you have to create a new account with a different email address (though there's a little work-around to that). My previous 24-hour Fort Worth memberships have long since expired, so the above link doesn't apply to me. ------------------------------ Anyway, I rode B-Cycles around Buffalo Bayou Park this morning. It's a very nice park! I'll be sure to try it again this December when it's much cooler outside.
  7. I'm trying to purchase a one-month Houston membership online, but can't seem to do so. When I try to log into Houston's system, it tells me to log into Fort Worth's system instead (where I purchased a previous membership). The problem is, I can't purchase a Houston membership there. When I try to create a new account on Houston's site, it won't let me because I already have a B-cycle account. What gives?
  8. Congrats on getting XTO, Houston. This is a big loss for us in Fort Worth. http://www.star-telegram.com/news/business/article156670054.html
  9. I'll be on the lookout for live Super Bowl coverage from Discovery Green on my TV.
  10. Well, at least we can't see those hallways from outside of the building.
  11. Wait a minute- what is all of that green stuff on the lawn to the right? Is that grass?! What happened to all of the brown dirt that used to be there? On a more serious note, the convention center area is starting to look really good.
  12. Since I'm here in Houston for the holiday weekend, I decided to attend the Thanksgiving parade yesterday. Here's one of the few parade pictures I took:
  13. Last time I went to Discovery Green (several months ago), there was hardly anyone there. The time I visited before that, Discovery Green was full of people and seemed much more interesting.
  14. Apparently, someone really wanted a new window. In more seriousness, does anyone else notice the lighter concrete square immediately around the hole? It looks like there may have been a previous repair in that exact same spot. EDIT: I can't find the lighter square box in the picture before the hole appeared, so maybe not.
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