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  1. Source? I looked up Colony Ridge. and maybe I missed something, but I see no mention of it being controversial. Just a website.
  2. Was at an event there recently and was given a tour as well. The space is very-well laid out and reminds me of where my kids work in the Bay Area and NYC.
  3. From: https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/MoreSpace-MainStreet.html The City is extending the program until March 2023 and is expanding it to include more businesses. Not sure why it’s temporary, but it’s a good start. According to the link, four businesses on Main currently participate.
  4. It's been a while since these were posted...From Midway's project brochure: https://global-uploads.webflow.com/60fabed9899a525885269ae4/61bbd0ed437d6ee171337f76_210930-East-River-Retail-Brochure.pdf
  5. Thanks for sharing this article. I enjoyed the read as well and wish those who are transitioning to permanent housing all the best.
  6. Agree. It’s like when people say “the Third Ward, etc” lol. No one from Third Ward says that. It’s just Third Ward, Fifth Ward, etc.
  7. I am a long-time resident of Third Ward and disagree with your characterization of Garnet Coleman who I know and who is my state Rep. Vacant lots aren’t unique to TIRZ zones and holding them for extended periods of time until suitable development is reached isn’t either. Your definition of suitable development (e.g. gentrification) doesn’t override the development wishes of current Third Ward residents who also have agency and some power in the area, which seems to vex some non/recent residents. Additionally, wanting Coleman to just “go” doesn’t rest with you, but with the majority of voters who overwhelmingly support him.
  8. My daughter worked for Kimley Horn and I learned so much from her about the vast amount of behind the scenes and prep work involved in construction projects.
  9. I think Zara would do better. Whenever I travel and visit Zara, it’s busy and would probably fit the DT residents, workers and tourists.
  10. The primary pockets in DT that have established pedestrian activity are Discovery Green/Convention Center, Main Street (i.e., JW Marriott/Finn Hall), and Market Square Park (i.e., Niko-Nikos/Franks/Barnaby's). Where do you see the next DT "pedestrian pocket" evolving?
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