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  1. I guess older is relative, .. My husband and I are in our early 50’s and were by far some of the older ones in Frank’s around 8:30 pm last Saturday. The crowd was a mix of ages though. I do notice a lot of younger people riding the scooters around DT now.
  2. Mods can you please remove my post? I see it's being covered extensively elsewhere. According to Walking Houston, new 33 storey co-living space called X Houston is scheduled to deliver in the Museum District in 2024. Here are renderings from the developer on Walking Houston’s Instagram.
  3. The building feels uniquely 'Houston'...not pretentious or over the top, but comfortable in its form and unique palette.
  4. Really nice crowd Sunday. Great complement to Discovery Green and Tout Suite was actually a lot larger that I thought with walk-up, outdoor and indoor seating. IMG_3407.heic
  5. And? It was recent news to me and others who don’t frequent the site as much as you. Love your posts but leave the moderation to the mods.
  6. From Walking Houston's Instagram: "Oxberry Group is planning another mixed-use development in the heart of Houston. Their latest project known as the Canopy on Washington will include 27,000 SF of retail and office space. According to a site plan, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union has already signed on as a tenant. The project is spread across two buildings, each two levels tall and connected by a skybridge. A welcomed design for Houston, the project fronts Washington Avenue and includes parking in the rear. Located at 3800 Washington Avenue, the development is expected to deliver in Q3 2023 according to a marketing brochure."
  7. On a grand scale, yes. But Central Park is so large that once inside, the structures are not as "seen/felt". DG is a lot smaller and the buildings have a closer-in feel and are visible regardless of what area of the park you're in.
  8. Source? I looked up Colony Ridge. and maybe I missed something, but I see no mention of it being controversial. Just a website.
  9. Was at an event there recently and was given a tour as well. The space is very-well laid out and reminds me of where my kids work in the Bay Area and NYC.
  10. From: https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/MoreSpace-MainStreet.html The City is extending the program until March 2023 and is expanding it to include more businesses. Not sure why it’s temporary, but it’s a good start. According to the link, four businesses on Main currently participate.
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