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  1. Dallas would be ideal for pop-up retail like farmers markets, art fairs, etc. The wider sidewalks have the room for that. With so many buying online, even dry goods retail may not be sustainable long term. I think an H&M and Zara might work.
  2. Thursday evening...a good mix of convention goers and locals. There was a UHD sponsored concert Sunday Discovery Green as well. DT, in some pockets, has become a mini-destination
  3. From the article: I get Main, Fannin and Tuam, but MacGregor is further south of Tuam. Not sure if this is correct.
  4. The Shake Shack is a few feet from Finn Hall...This area is becoming more active and this addition will add to that.
  5. Love the scale of this project and its relationship to the surrounding buildings.
  6. quietstorm

    Skyline update

    Iconic Houston.
  7. Temperatures are heating up, but downtown pedestrian activity is holding steady. Here are a few updates from Friday around lunchtime. Main Street Corridor, Discovery Green and Market Square are the busiest. Dallas St, while aesthetically pleasing, is still a pedestrian dead zone.
  8. It was in the backpack of the guy standing there. No one seemed to notice or care. It’s stuff like this I love about urbanity. People from all walks life doing their own thing.
  9. Avenida de las Americas last evening.
  10. People in walkable cities aren’t walking these distances either, but have access to better public transportation. Most people. take the Red or Green lines in DC to travel a couple miles like we drive a couple miles in Houston. It’s about convenience more than anything else.
  11. The dress at Klyde Warren park is noticeably “fancier” than anything I’ve ever seen at Discovery Green. My husband’s family is there. Not much has changed.
  12. Possibly a combination of both. My husband is an avid runner. He works in the BoA building and when we meet for lunch and walk to Niko Niko’s, Franks or Finn Hall, we just walk slower. My son is in the Bay Area and when we visit SF, we all walk faster, same for New York. But when we’re in DT Houston, we typically walk a lot slower (including my son). It’s more cultural (South being “slower” more “laid back”), if you ask me.
  13. Actually, it was great seeing the tremendous diversity of people comfortable just walking around downtown Houston.
  14. Yep, I remember the Montrose of 40 years ago and there was more pedestrian activity then.
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