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  1. Yep, even for us older folks. Hubby and I particularly enjoy bars like One Armed Scissor on Travis and Bravery Chef Hall's "secret garden" patio area that faces Main. Downtown is now place we or our 20-something kids could hang out. There is starting to become something for everyone, even Avenida de las Americas and Discovery Green were packed with families last Friday night.
  2. You make a great point. Both my kids are 20-something engineers, and while their workplaces are considered among Forbes' "best companies to work for" with onsite amenities to combine work and play, the hours that they put in working leaves little time for play. So much so that burnout and turnover among the young engineers is very high. I almost wonder if the amenities are more of a ploy to just keep you at work longer. It reminds me of a modern take on company towns like Hershey, PA where the workers lived, worked and played in the town, which also kept their earnings going back to the company's bottom line.
  3. Owner and staff are really nice. Glad to see they are finding a new home.
  4. Also went Saturday, and again Monday. Good vibe. Nice wine and beer selection at the central bar. Seems to be working on ventilation issues, but overall great addition to downtown. Not to mention that Saturday, downtown, around Main St./Market Square was absolutely buzzing. The outdoor bar/"secret garden" patio area facing main is gorgeous.
  5. I get what you're saying. But imo, when heading south the lighting looks "classy" and understated--not trying too hard to be "edgy".
  6. Interesting article on the viability of GFR, which I think has relevance to the area around the Mid-Main area, including Camden. The trend to require GFR in cities like New York and San Francisco has resulted in vacant storefronts; largely due to developers holding out for tenants that can pay the higher rents. Unconventional uses for these spaces such as pop-up shops, and programming to engage pedestrians is mentioned.
  7. You're right, One Park Place is occupied by a restaurant. It seems we're referring to different things as GFR....as I've said, restaurants seem to be more viable. Not sure how posting that B&M retail is losing ground to Amazon is reminiscent of 2013, but ok lol.
  8. I believe it's the type of ground floor amenities (dental, restaurants, kickboxing?). I think certain amenities appeal to the demographic that would live in and around MidMain, but not necessarily traditional B&M retail. Strictly anecdotal, but my daughter lived in a Post property in Uptown Dallas, and most of the ground floor around there is restaurants/coffee shops. She later moved to the Bishop Arts area in Dallas (which has a Heights "feel"), where there are more eclectic, "funky" little shops in converted homes and refurbished buildings. My son, who lives in the Bay Area (CA), likes the look and feel Heights Mercantile here--so I think certain types of retail still have an appeal, but not sure if GFR is it.
  9. Unfortunately, the GFR ship has sailed. There are GFR spots sitting vacant in Skyhouse, One Park Place, etc. Perhaps ground floor "amenities" such as yoga studios, fitness clubs, bars and restaurants would work (perhaps not), but the idea of GFR sounds better than the reality. Young people moving into these developments are shopping online, either via Amazon or through Instagram "influencers" marketing products. What has promoted walkability in Houston has been public art, parks, water features, concerts, festivals, farmers markets, craft fairs and other "programming" that invites people to common spaces (i.e. Discovery Green, Market Square Park, Levy Park). Another is density, but we just aren't there yet.
  10. Hubby and I ate at Mendocino Farms last night and it was packed. Great location, especially outside with the nice weather. That being said, Local Foods and Dish Society have nothing to worry about, imo. I think concepts that are popular elsewhere, i.e. Mendocino Farms, Hopdoddy, Shake Shack etc. see Houston as a viable market because of the many transplants coming here who identify with those places. I honestly think our homegrown eateries are less likely to expand to other markets because there aren’t as many Houston transplants en masse in other cities to create a following. To me, it speaks to the fact that generally speaking, Houston is a place people relocate to, rather than from.
  11. Yeah, most of the folks on the Bcycle bike shares still stick to the sidewalks. For a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, pedestrian activity was pretty solid along Main and Market Square Park. Discovery Green, Avenida de las Americas and the restaurants in the area (Phonecia, Kulture, Xochi) were all packed.
  12. This cyclist was very comfortable riding along Main. There was a time when pedestrian/cyclist activity downtown was a lot more precarious.
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