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  1. My daughter worked for Kimley Horn and I learned so much from her about the vast amount of behind the scenes and prep work involved in construction projects.
  2. I think Zara would do better. Whenever I travel and visit Zara, it’s busy and would probably fit the DT residents, workers and tourists.
  3. The primary pockets in DT that have established pedestrian activity are Discovery Green/Convention Center, Main Street (i.e., JW Marriott/Finn Hall), and Market Square Park (i.e., Niko-Nikos/Franks/Barnaby's). Where do you see the next DT "pedestrian pocket" evolving?
  4. That’s fair, and part of the complex is already gone. I find it interesting that some decry “cookie cutter” suburbs, but are ok with “cookie cutter” density.
  5. Why? I live in the area and think it’s cool that student housing is next to an assisted living complex. Why would elderly residents need to be “replaced”?
  6. Yep, even for us older folks. Hubby and I particularly enjoy bars like One Armed Scissor on Travis and Bravery Chef Hall's "secret garden" patio area that faces Main. Downtown is now place we or our 20-something kids could hang out. There is starting to become something for everyone, even Avenida de las Americas and Discovery Green were packed with families last Friday night.
  7. You make a great point. Both my kids are 20-something engineers, and while their workplaces are considered among Forbes' "best companies to work for" with onsite amenities to combine work and play, the hours that they put in working leaves little time for play. So much so that burnout and turnover among the young engineers is very high. I almost wonder if the amenities are more of a ploy to just keep you at work longer. It reminds me of a modern take on company towns like Hershey, PA where the workers lived, worked and played in the town, which also kept their earnings going back to the co
  8. Owner and staff are really nice. Glad to see they are finding a new home.
  9. Also went Saturday, and again Monday. Good vibe. Nice wine and beer selection at the central bar. Seems to be working on ventilation issues, but overall great addition to downtown. Not to mention that Saturday, downtown, around Main St./Market Square was absolutely buzzing. The outdoor bar/"secret garden" patio area facing main is gorgeous.
  10. I get what you're saying. But imo, when heading south the lighting looks "classy" and understated--not trying too hard to be "edgy".
  11. Interesting article on the viability of GFR, which I think has relevance to the area around the Mid-Main area, including Camden. The trend to require GFR in cities like New York and San Francisco has resulted in vacant storefronts; largely due to developers holding out for tenants that can pay the higher rents. Unconventional uses for these spaces such as pop-up shops, and programming to engage pedestrians is mentioned.
  12. You're right, One Park Place is occupied by a restaurant. It seems we're referring to different things as GFR....as I've said, restaurants seem to be more viable. Not sure how posting that B&M retail is losing ground to Amazon is reminiscent of 2013, but ok lol.
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