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  1. It is my understanding that Toll Brothers Apartment Living is developing apartments at 4000 N. Shepherd (old Sears) and also at 3001 Canal. The N. Shepherd development might be with Seritage, who they recently partnered with on a project in Dallas. I don't know too much more at the moment and was wondering if anyone had heard about these. Mods- Feel free to separate into different threads or combine with existing.
  2. Project: Boulevard 61 Architect: HEDK Architects Developer: DMA Companies Information: 4-story apartment building consisting of 100 units for a total of approximately 114,000 SF. This is a H.H.A. project.
  3. I bring you all news of a beautiful building with tons of GRF. Happy Friday, everyone! Project: Farb Hyde Park Architect: Ziegler Cooper Information: 20-story residential tower comprised of 256 units for a total of 541,657 S.F. Level 1 is Leasing and a whopping 12,185 S.F. of GFR. Parking is at Levels 2-6 while Levels 7-20 are residential. A 19,000 S.F. outdoor terrace deck and 4,500 S.F. indoor amenity area are located at Level 7.
  4. The lighter shade of trees are existing, while the darker noted (with green dot in middle) are going to be new.
  5. PROJECT: Oxberry Midtown ARCHITECT: Element Architects INFORMATION: All wood-framed 5-story multi-family building consisting of 182 residential units for a total of 130,630 SF. No parking on site (and no indication if there will be off site). Only three units have a balcony. There is an outdoor community patio at Level 5 and a "splash pool" at the ground level. 90% of the exterior is cement board (Hardie type) siding. Really disappointing that this building is going such a cheap route in what could be considered a prime location. There are garden style apartments that are better, imo.
  6. "Morningstar Development Ventures specializes in the student housing space within Houston, TX. We are a vertically integrated team that serve as the owner/operators, general contractors, developers, and property management for our student housing portfolio." The same guy that is developing 1933 Dryden and 1724 Sunset is also doing this one, just under different company names.
  7. Personally, I share the same sentiment as Shasta, but lack the enthusiasm. I worked with the design team for a few years on Regent Square (minus the Sovereign). Everything about the development was top-notch. Incredible architecture and design permeated what I believed would have been one of the most complete mixed-use developments in Houston It was a done deal, Tellepsen even had the major subcontractors chosen and GMP pricing done. It was then redesigned with a heavy emphasis on cost savings. Then it got absolutely gutted. “Look how they massacred my boy.”
  8. Isn't Guillermo Mexican, or am I missing something? I would be willing to wager that if Guefen Dev. changes their name it's becuase they owe people and companies money, whether from non-payment or from lawsuits. Guefen is an absolutely atrocious company and treats it's business partners and employees very poorly.
  9. The Autry Park office building site is bound by Allen Parkway to the north, Buffalo Park Drive to the east, Autry Park Drive to the south and a high rise residential tower to the west. It is going to be a 6-story, 110,000 GSF building with basement garage parking (about 75 cars). Level 1 will have about 8,000 SF of retail and restaurant space with approximately 5,500 SF of outdoor patio area. Levels 2-6 will be future tenant space and each level (except 5) will have outdoor terrace area. Gensler is the architect.
  10. This is another Urban Genesis development deal.
  11. Project: The Daphne Hotel Developer/Owner: Wood Lane Partners, Ltd. Architect: blanchard A+D Project Designer: Darwin Architecture Interior Designer: Bunkhouse Group Construction to begin soon (within the next 3 months).
  12. Okay, thank you. I didn't know if something happen to make them take this stance or if it was genuine.
  13. You are correct, it does not reflect the garage. The garage and residential portions were designed separately for this project. Same core design team but separate design/construction documents (and also may have been permitted that way as well).
  14. Honest, serious question...why do they care bout renters? Is there more to this story??
  15. Project: MD Anderson South Campus Research Building 5 Architect: Elkus | Manfredi 7-story ( 8 including penthouse) and approx. 600,000 S.F.
  16. City Centre 7 Parking Garage and Retail. Will be located North of City Centre 7 office building and the AC Hotel. 7,155 SF of retail space.
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