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  1. I was just informed by someone who was bidding some construction scopes of work to Turner Construction for this that the project has suddenly been placed on hold. What an odd turn of events. "We have been informed by the Owner that the project has been put on hold until further notice."
  2. I spoke with a friend this morning who brought up this property. She said that some existing site utility issues at McAlpine St. were being finalized and that the multifamily development is now moving forward. The building design and total levels is not yet finalized but it will be a mid-rise with surface parking at Level 1 and a concrete podium above with residential levels stacked. This is a Padua property and there are rumblings about Hines, to what extent I am not sure. I asked about Marquette Cos. and received shoulder shrugs. Please consider all of the above the be "water cooler" talk. I do know that this development is moving forward, whether is goes beyond final design and pricing is uncertain. Or perhaps this is all posturing in an effort to push the land sale? This info should make things as clear as mud.
  3. Project: Memorial Park Running Complex - Cafe Architect: Schaum/Shieh Information: 3,100 S.F. cafe/concessions building. Approx. 2,000 S.F. interior and 1,000 S.F. exterior covered patio area.
  4. Project Name: Us Living W. Alabama Architect: Preston Partnership Information: 13-story residential building. 9 Levels of residential over 4 Levels of parking. 385 units totaling 372,211 S.F. A total building area (garage not included) of 387,801 S.F. Garage has a total of 518 parking spaces. There is a 2,838 S.F. makerspace/art room with a 894 S.F. outdoor terrace at Level 3. Outdoor amenity terrace including pool, yoga lawn, zen garden, fire pit and grilling area totaling 16,634 S.F. at Level 5. Fitness, solarium, kitchen and dinning, bar/pub, and meeting spaces also at Level 5.
  5. Project: Araj Taghi Custom Homes Office Building Address: 1514 Antoine Dr. Houston, TX 77055 Architect: Interfield Information: 3-story office building. Level 3 will be Araj Taghi offices and Level 2 will be lease space. Ground level entrances and parking. 8,940 S.F.
  6. Project: Hotel Saint Augustine Address: 4100 Loretto Drive Houston, TX 77006 Architect: Lake Flato Information: Building 1: 2-story, 15 rooms, total of 13,697 SF Building 2: 2-story, 8 units, total of 6,413 SF Building 3: 2-story, 24 units, total of 14,737 SF Building 4: 2-story, 16 units, total of 9,738 SF Building 5: 2-story, 8 units, event space, restaurant, and pool bar, total of 18,432 SF BUILDING 1 BUILDING 2 BUILDING 3 BUILDING 4 BUILDING 5 SITE
  7. That’s a fine idea and something I wouldn’t mind seeing as well. I would be willing to bet that the mechanical penthouse, along with the level below, get changed for the better. This is the first real round of budgeting and design review, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Information: 35-story residential tower with 3 Levels of parking below grade. Total of 60 residential units totaling approximately 339,297 SF, with a building area of 471,384 SF (garage not included). Indoor pool and outdoor terrace deck located at Level 34. Golf simulator, sauna, fitness center, and billiards room located at Level 33.
  9. Project: East River Warehouse Offices Architect: Schaum/Shieh Architects Information: Two 2-story buildings located at the North side of the development. Building A - 18,544 SF Building B - 9,272 SF
  10. Project: AC Hotel by Marriot Address: 10655 Katy Freeway Developer: Midway Architect: DLR Group Information: The project is a new 135,035 S.F. AC Hotel by Marriott hotel located in CITYCENTRE . The project will consist of 10 stories; 1 level of public amenities and service functions, and 9 levels of guestrooms, consisting of 243 guestrooms. Guest parking will be accommodated in an adjacent parking structure separate of this project and property. At the main entry on the ground level, the programmatic features include the registration desk, market, library, fitness, breakfast, AC lounge, and AC bar. Also at the ground level is the back of house service spaces, including front of house admin offices, kitchen, employee breakroom, housekeeping, and mechanical/electrical spaces. Each guestroom level will comprise of 27 guestrooms, elevator lobby, housekeeping room, electrical room, and the AC hydration station, Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin April 2023. Yes, the renders do only show it to be 9 levels, but at the moment the intent is 10 levels. Approximate building height is 125'.
  11. This is affordable housing (HHA). 50% of the 350 units will be market rate, the rest affordable units. Waiting on building information... Also, last I heard, Lovett was part of this deal as well.
  12. At 800 Commerce St. they are going to demo much of the first floor and convert it to a parking garage. It's going to be a tight fit with the existing twelve columns spaced between each parking spot.
  13. Yes, it is. This new addition to their building is theirs as well. It will connect to 800 Commerce at levels 2 and 3.
  14. Going Up... Project Name (take your pick): Dorrington Lodging House Dorrington Apartments Dorrington Holcomb Hotel Address: 2214 Dorrington Street Owner: New Horizons Hospitality Architect: Collaborate Architects Information: 5-story hotel/apartments/Airbnb with on-grade parking at Level 1. There are 54 residential units and the building is approximately 40,000 SF. The units have a small kitchen and a stacked washer/dryer within the small closet, much like an extended-stay. The written description of this project when I received it was "Construction of a 5-story Airbnb. Kinda like a hotel but not."
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