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  1. Until the liens are taken care of I wouldn't expect any work to continue. BTW, Google the owner of Highland Village...
  2. Project: Sully Architect: EDi Information: 5-story residential wrap around 6-level parking garage. 303 units for a total of 288,087 SF (excludes garage).
  3. Project: Residences on Westheimer Architect: Ziegler Cooper Information: 9 levels of residential over 4 levels of parking (1 level below grade). 209 units for a total of 359,551 SF of gross residential area. 2,800 SF of ground floor retail space. Construction will begin very soon.
  4. Project: The Langley Architect: EDi Information: 134 units with a total SF of approx. 388,000 (excluding garage). Construction to begin in February with a 32-month duration.
  5. Project: Alta Sunset Heights Architect: EDi Information: 5-story, 378 unit apartment building totaling 641,183 SF (excluding garage). Buildings wrap a 6-level parking garage.
  6. The above picture is of Alliance Residential's Broadstone EADO garage portion of the project.
  7. The next two buildings that will be starting construction soon should round out Phase I. Building D: A 5-story office/retail building about 80,1470 square feet. It is planned to be 4 stories of office over one story of at-grade retail. Building H: This was originally planned as a 10-story office/retail building of about 300,000 square feet (9 stories of office over one story of at-grade office/retail). It is now a 5 level parking garage with 17,773 square feet of ground level retail. It will connect to the other parking garage that is being finished currently (Building G).
  8. PROJECT: River Oaks Multifamily (assigned prelim name) ADDRESS: 1414 Waugh Houston, TX 77019 ARCHITECT: Page OWNER / DEVELOPER: Camden Securities Company INFORMATION: 34 floor residential high-rise tower containing 302 apartments with attached 6 level parking garage for 460 cars with amenity deck on roof. It will sit on the block bounded on the four sides by Waugh Drive, Bell Avenue, Rosine Street, and Pierce Avenue. The tower is approximately 594,826 gross square feet and the tower balconies are approximately 53,020 gross square feet. The parking garage is approximately 199,290 gross square feet. Residential floors will typically have private unit balconies on east and west elevations. Ground Floor areas will include the main lobby, building tenant services, office areas, fire command, security, mail room, maintenance, storage, loading dock, building fire and domestic water room, emergency generator, building electrical rooms, and drive through drop-off/delivery roadway. Tower level 6 is a tenant amenity floor containing fitness, recreation, socializing and workspaces for tenants. Contiguous with this floor level is the top of the parking garage where there will be 29,800 square feet of exterior tenant amenity spaces such as a lap pool, spa, lawn decks, paved decks, walking paths, fitness areas, and covered lounge areas. There is also a 2,063 square foot amenity deck at level 31 for social gatherings. The staggered picture frames on the exterior of the building will be translucent glass with internal LED lighting while the perimeter of the building elevations will be porcelain paneling. I have no information on the other phases except that a mid-rise / tower will be north of this one, between Bell and Clay.
  9. You're correct. IBC (International Building Code) limits the height of wood framed structures to 5-stories. Adding floors results in added mass and wind surface area, which increases lateral forces for seismic and wind loads. Stronger structure and shear walls are need to increase strength, not to mention (accessibility) adding elevators, (life safety/egress) enclosed exit stairways, and (fire suppression) sprinkler systems throughout. You ever notice the hundreds of tiny A/C units on the rooftops of some apartments? That's because the structural dead load limitations.
  10. ARCHITECT: Gensler INFORMATION: 4-story 104,491 SF building that will include 60 shelter units on levels 3 and 4. The project also includes commercial grade food preparation, dish washing and serving facilities. Don't let the renderings fool you, there is not an outdoor terrace. That's actually just going to be a roof with screened in mechanical equipment on top.
  11. ARCHITECT: Gensler INFORMATION: Total of three buildings. Residential Building A (2-story), Residential Building B (3-story), and Supportive Services Building (1-story). There are a total of 50 units and a combined 41,313 gross SF.
  12. PROJECT: Prose Hammerly ARCHITECT: EDI Architects INFORMATION: 4-story wood-framed apartments with a 5-level concrete garage. Total of 340 units and 338,574 gross SF (excluding garage). There are three ground level courtyards, one includes a pool.
  13. PROJECT: Prose Oliver St. ARCHITECT: EDI Architects INFORMATION: 5-story wood-framed apartment building with an 8-level concrete parking garage. There is a total of 346 units and 342,730 gross SF (excluding garage). There are three ground level courtyards, one includes a pool.
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