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  1. This one will start in November. No major design changes. 7 story, 33 unit condominium with 2 levels of parking. Amenity deck and pool at level 2.
  2. Updated renderings. "The University of Houston – Downtown (UHD) has boldly envisioned a new hub for student wellness and success in support for its diverse and growing student population. The university has chosen a dynamic property that proudly announces to the city of Houston the importance of this facility, the critical services within and the community that it will build for UHD students. This facility will drive health/wellness, greater student success and will serve as the heartbeat of the campus in the future."
  3. This hotel/condo will take up half the block. The Fannin side of the block is referenced as being for the "future tower" (based on what I have seen). I don't have any info on that or the other planed mid/hi-rises.
  4. All of the above. Restaurant/bar, co-working space, and small retail are on level 1.The only other notable space at level 1 is the hotel lounge (approx. 1,900 SF). No, I've heard nothing. If I had to guess then probably 4-8 months, assuming no issues. Foundation should be going out for permit soon, if it has not already. Something like this will usually take about (2) years to complete. Just my opinion. Also, please excuse me if I come across dry in my posts. I am just not able to articulate myself in written word the way I can when speaking to someone face-to-face.
  5. Per a VP at GT Leach... "Still early on 3723… The Paramount. It’s currently still in the marketing phase. It currently has zero (0) sales, so it might be a while."
  6. Project: Tower A (Hotel and Condos) Address: 2701 Main Street Houston, TX 77002 Architect: Preston Partnership Information: A 32-story hotel/condo with exterior amenities at levels 9 and 32. Hotel restaurant/bar (3,200 SF), co-working area with conference room (1,200 SF), and 1,165 SF of retail at level 1 Parking at levels 2 - 6 Ballrooms at level 7 Fitness at level 8 Outdoor dining, dog run, and yoga at level 9 along with two swimming pools Outdoor garden area and pool at level 32 183 hotel units (level 10 - level 18) 191 condo units (level 9 and level 19 thru level 32) 558,000 total square foot Future tower at Fannin side.
  7. Project: U of H Partnership Building Architect: HarrisonKornberg Architects Address: 3002 Leek St. Houston, TX. 77004 Information: A one-story 5,700 SF building for university outreach to the community that includes a multipurpose room, seminar room, and office spaces.
  8. Updated renderings. Construction is now set to begin mid-November.
  9. Project: Sunnyside Health and Multi-Service Center Location: 4410 Reed Road Houston, TX 77051 Architect: Kirksey Information: The Sunnyside Multi-Service & Health Center is a single 2-story building, approximately 56,000 SF. The new facility will combine the community service oriented Multi-Service Center programs and the Health Center programs into one facility. The building will be located on a 6.5 acre site and construction is set to begin the 2nd quarter of 2021 with a duration of approximately 16 months.
  10. Per Matt Brendel (Senior Managing Director of Legacy's Texas office): "Sorry to announce this is a dead deal."
  11. NAME: Asian City Plaza ADDRESS: 6865 West Sam Houston Parkway South Houston, TX 77072 OWNER/DEVELOPER: Asian City Development, Inc. 6833 W. Sam Houston Parkway South # 202 Houston, Texas 77072 ARCHITECT: WCA Architect (Sole-Practitioner Architect) INFORMATION: 6-story free standing 157,437 sq ft building. The project includes 1 level of Retail Space, 3 levels of Parking Garage, and 2 levels of Office Space. Level 1 Retail: 21,210 SF Levels 2-4 Parking: 80,690 SF Levels 5 & 6 Office: 56,535 SF https://www.emporis.com/complex/143480/asia-city-plaza-houston-tx-usa No information on the listed 33-story from the above link.
  12. There will be a level 3 connection through Hess garage by the pedestrian sky bridge that connects to Hess tower. The building itself won't have direct connection to the tunnel system.
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