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  1. the sears store on the corner of Harrisburg and wayside had a large mechanical santa during the Christmas season. he was automated and would rock and cry out ho ho ho. you could hear it all over the neighborhood. it was about 1949 or so when I would press my face up against the corner window looking at all the toys in that window. I think the talking santa didn't last long because the neighbors didn't like the ho ho ho. I grew up and later retired from the telephone co. across the street from sears. the corner was a very classic 40-50s area of Houston. I miss those days as a kid and the classi
  2. that watermelon stand at laundale and evergreen had big wooden boxes full of big ice blocks and cold water, full of big black diamond melons. tables on sawdust floor with salt shakers .you could buy a slice of very cold melon that tasted great in the hot summer nights of the 50s.
  3. come on people, I grew up in the navigation and wayside area , am white anglo as snow, learned my Spanish in the streets and in jr. high and I know what the sign means, forget the proper stuff and critical talk. living 200 miles north of Houston now doesn't keep the old neighborhood out of my memory or the Mexican americans that were my best friends.
  4. these two photos are the most fantastic style ive seen . wished more could be seen of historical areas in east end. like burnet elementary or old Edison jr. high, milby and Austin high, mason park swimming pool. kellys skatting rink, I could go on forever. I have a good pic of the navaway theather but don't know how to post pics?
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