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  1. Lol @ myself. 7 years later, I've moved and my house is (now) worth 300k, and people are now buying 1mm houses 3 miles away from me and we're outside the loop... And I still wouldn't to want to spend 300k. I am cheap, indeed.
  2. It appears Northwest Mall will be replaced by highway interchanges for 610/290/10
  3. wow. old thre is alive . the golf course had been purchased by the city and county. allegedly they plan to make a park and trails. i still own a house there and i rent it out i lice nearby, but in inwood. not much had changed. you can get a bargain on a hous,and the people in thehouses s are great. the apartments are still there, and the schools are not good (if that matters to you. )
  4. They tend to hold a steady temperature (cooler in the summer, warmer in the real winter) basements don't have to painted on the outside and don't blow away during hurricanes and tornadoes... FWIW, there's a large, sprawling basement downtown....
  5. Apparently, you haven't been in nice, finished basements. I've not seen any leaking basements (but don't doubt they exist). Most of the smells come from the stuff that people tend to throw into the basement and leave forever. I've been in custom basements that were nicer than most houses and I've been in cinder block basements that just held junk. It all depends on what you do with it. Finished basements make awesome 'man caves' or gamerooms whatever they're being called these days.
  6. not enough employment density... makes sense. but wouldn't that also apply to the east end and northline? who works between DT and Northline? who works on the East End? there is some population density on the east end, but not as much as near-northwest... and i don't think there is as much employment there (if the east end line went further out, yes.) i dunno... i guess i'm spoiled by all the trips to DC. i know houston is bigger than the DC/MD/VA area, but I can't see how the plan we have in place makes any sense... Main St to Northline makes sense. University makes sense. Neither Southeast or East end, in the current config makes sense. Having NO option north in the NW quadrant between i-10 & i-45 makes even less sense... i guess that hempstead hwy toll needs to be paid for first or whatever.
  7. I'd like to bump this thread, but get it back on track. NORTHWEST RAIL (not sugar land. not politics.) I look at the Metro map now and I see a big void in one of the most densely populate portions of Houston... 290 is about to be torn apart for expansion for the exurbs to get to work faster. I'd like to see a rail line through Near NW. I'm not talking about a commuter rail to Hempstead, but a regular Metro line inside the Beltway. And if 'they' don't want it in the Heights or Garden Oaks, that's fine, as I'm sure the Greater Inwood Area would be happy to see it... (realistically, it would be on Shepherd, but that would take it too close to Northline, so the next best is probably TC Jester... (up to Pinemont or Tidwell.) I'll hang up and listen.
  8. i just bought a house in the 100-year flood plain within walking distance of white oak... it didn't flood during allison... so, i'm paying extra in insurance to leave in the only area in houston where you can get 5 bedrooms / 3,000+ sf / 3 car garage for under $200k... and only 3 miles from the loop.
  9. I second Lee Fasbinder. He's not 'cheap' but he's thorough and if you don't buy the home he inspects, he'll do your next inspection for free (ie, not letting the price of an inspection prohibit you from buying a home.) I used him on my recent purchase and he answered a lot of questions/concerns I had about a foreclosure I bought.
  10. i was told by my insurance agent's assistant (ie, the person who does the work) that my company will no longer write new policies on homes that are in flood plains and have had a flood claim. basically, the hassle of buying a home in a floodplain would have to be outweighed by the opportunity the house presents. if it's a great home on a great lot at a great price, sure, i'm in... otherwise, i'm not so sure. however, the flood WAY is out of the question.
  11. TheNiche is mostly correct and used "cellulite-ridden stretch-marked ass" which i found amusing. If you were the owner of a whole area of 'slummy' apartments, you'd be collecting a lot of rent, and that's all you'd care about from a business standpoint. What value would there be in tearing it all down to build something new? How much could you actually raise rent to cover for the lost rent and the cost of knocking down and rebuilding? How saturated is that area with units? blah blah blippity... poor people need housing, too. and with the prevalence of NIMBY, and a boom/bust economy, you'll be hard pressed to make much change. i have the same thing in my 'hood... inwood forest is surrounded by apartments... some were once considered nice THs... but now, they're all just 'slummy apartments' that someone is making a killing on. The homeowners wish 90% of the apartments were greenspace...
  12. Also consider Candlelight Plaza and Shepard Park Plaza / Shepard Park Terrace, which are adjacent to Oak Forest.
  13. Candlelight Oaks Ella Lee Forest Mangum Manor The western part of Oak Forest Inwood Forest There's plenty in the area... this all assumes you'll be there a while AND are talking neighborhoods, not schools... all which kinda suck.
  14. PLEASE let (make?) this happen... Please, please, please... http://www.savethegreenspace.info/ I'd love something like Gene Green park in my back yard. I think.
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