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  1. My thing is; While the new restaurants are cool and all, what ever happened to the supposed retail district they were talking about a few years back. Are those plans DOA now?
  2. Last time i checked , Dallas and Houston downtown resident population was about the same. Just because Dallas has more cranes doesn't mean more residents. Alot of what they're doing is overbuilding their office space in the Uptown/Victory areas at the cost of the CBD.
  3. The only land that i see available for a project of this magnitude is where the AD theater player thing is supposed to go. Sorry to get slightly off topic but is that still a go? We haven't heard any update on that in the last year!
  4. i hope the b!tch rotts in hell and the furniture goes there with her. > Teachers aren't really supposed to speak of the issue to students but on Friday, my teacher livened up the room said Screw it, shouldn't she go to jail? He had our class rollin'. Tellin' jokes on how she's trying to retalitate by using her mandatory hearing before dismissal BS !! PUULEASE. The sad part about it is, she knows she wrong. And she's still trying to justify her case. She should be eaten up with guilt knowing that with the money that she's indulging in was taking away from scholarship money that could be given to the students. Anyone that greedy and selfish is going st8 2 hell. To bachannon and ssulivan, i agree with alot of points you made about TSU's reputation. But me, as a student there finds it a little harsh saying its embarassing to the city of houston and the black community. It's a school that does have charachter and events that that are very well known to the hip-hop community. Plus, its a big part of Houston's black History and Third Ward. Betcha didn't know that TSU was the only college blacks could attend at first because they were prohibited from grounds at Uof H? I'd hate to see TSU get taken over by another university. It would take away from the identity and History of it all. grey
  5. When i sent my letter to the Mayor back in May, he forwarded it to Robert Eury who is president of Central Houston. If anyone wants to send a letter, try sending a copy to both the Mayor's Office and a copy to Robert Eury of Central Houston. Here are the addresses, hope this helps! For Central Houston: Phone #(713)223-2003 Robert Eury 909 Fannin Suite 1650 Houston, TX 77010 For Mayor's Office: Phone # (713)247-2200 Bill White PO Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251-1562 grey
  6. I don't necessarily think it's an issue with race, myself but I will admit, the idea that C2H posted did cross my mind, but i was just never that bold enough to say it on this forum. But let's not make this an issue of black or white, let's just pray that the government is doing everything possible to help the victims of Katrina to safety. And Mr. Footbal, i see what you're saying, but, i don't think it will make that much of an impact on Houston. It might do you good to be just a tad bit more compassionate for the people who lost their homes and some whoe've lost their lives. Remember, they didn't choose this to happen to them, it could've easily happened to one of us in Houston. That's my 2 cent. grey
  7. Yes, i lived in Denver for a while and noticed the big influx of retail and urban activity that the Denver Pavilions initiated. Now there are people walking up and down 16th Street Mall almost every day and it's like an Outdoor Mall basically. I have to say, if the city denies these developers the opportunity, i'm just going to hang up all my hopes for Houston. I might even cry!!! grey
  8. hey large, where you find those pics? grey
  9. Interesting. I was wondering when we would start to see the American Apparell stores opening that have been talked about all year. I hope the Houston Pavilions project will actually happen to help aide the success of these businesses. grey
  10. Hey everyone, as some of you know, i had written two letters to Mayor White in May, one in regard to improving the Houston Night Skyline and the other one in regard to litter and trash in road medians. I actually got a response back from the Houston night skyline letter. The letter basically was requesting Mayor White to encourage the building owners of the various buildings to better light themselves at night and to move away from the outdated, dull white christmas light scheme that currently surrounds the rooftops on many of Houston's buildings. I also mentioned that downtown is what most visitors see and the lighting downtown should give a better overall impression of the city than what it does. I used alot of what i have heard visitors say and also suggestions from a few of you members on this board. With the letter, i included a copy of Large TX's petition he had started. The Mayor had written me saying that he forwarded my letter to the president of Central Houston. I received this letter back from Central Houston yesterday: Dear Gray, Mayor White forwarded a copy of your letter to him concerning the decorative lighting atop the downtown buildings. We are appreciative of your interest in our city and the significance of the downtown skyline. We discussed your concerns at a meeting of downtown building managers a couple of days ago. There was a consensus among those present, that the white perimeter lighting should remain illuminated throughout the year with special festive colors added during the holidays or other special occasions. All were in agreement that there has been some uncertainty about the informal lighting policy; i.e. lights on or off. With this discussion prompted by your letter, we think that you will see more uniformity. With respect to the more sophisticated architectural lighting, the decision to add such a feature belongs to the individual building owners and management. Obviously, installation and operating costs are a concern. Thanks again for your interest. As you can see, it does make a difference. Sincerely, Bob Eury/ President of Central Houston I was hoping someone could help me understand what exactly was meant by uniformity? I'm trying to understand what the overall agreement was leaning to. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, grey
  11. not to mention the ugly orange/brownish brick of the Four Seasons hotel across from the Houston Center. It frustrates me that none of these buildings feel they need to update themselves into the look of the 21st century.
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