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  1. Their website indicates a Winter 2022 opening
  2. Don't forget the HD near Bingle and 10. I prefer that one over 610 North.
  3. I hope they keep the building, love the architecture.
  4. For anyone interested I was told that this property was bought for redevelopment, however, it's new use is yet to be determined. For the next 12-18 months it will be used as a warehouse.
  5. Seems like it is sold? A lot of new activity there over the last week. Anyone know who purchased it and if there are any plans/renderings of the proposed use?
  6. https://www.click2houston.com/traffic/2021/10/27/here-is-an-update-on-the-progress-of-the-shepherddurham-project/ Shepherd / Durham project The entire project is called the Shepherd/Durham project, which is a major investment project. Work kicked off earlier this summer. When all the work is done, folks will see improvements stretching, all the way north of I-10 into the Heights. Project one: work on Shepherd and Durham, south of I-10, from Dickson to Washington. This work will be completed at different points in time, with the goal of having Shepherd done first then Durham by fall of 2022. Project two: Shepherd/Durham from 610 to I-10 (crews have not broken ground on this section just yet) Done in two phases: Phase one: 610 to 15th street (crews are ready to break ground on the first phase of project two by the end of 2021.) Phase two: 15th to I-10. Improvements Work on Shepherd and Durham will include reducing lanes from four to three to make way for: Better bike lanes--with added buffer zone to protect cyclists from car traffic. Wider sidewalks Better drainage Drivers can expect better timing for traffic signals too.
  7. I'm not a government contractor or a city planner, however I have been privy to the cost estimate for a brand new 4 way traffic signal install without crosswalk signals and that was about $250k. I have no perspective on crosswalk signal costs for municipalities, but when we looked into them for a private neighborhood, they were available for <$10k each (push button with lighted signal, not the countdown type you commonly see on city streets). So from my perspective, $1M seems excessive for what they have outlined.
  8. Close to a million dollars for a new traffic light posts/arms, paint on the ground, and walk signals? Government bloat at it's best.
  9. I love the fact they are thinking about walkability, but this only applies to Shepherd/Durham from 10-610 in the heights. I can't seem to find anything with any plans for 10-Memorial Dr
  10. Seems like this link isn't related to this portion of Shepherd Dr, but the other link addresses the area in question. I haven't been down this portion of Shepherd/Durham in 3 months, but construction definitely didn't start last spring...
  11. I don't want to think about how a Chick-fil-A and the lines they create would work there. That restaurant across the street already backs up Shepherd some nights.
  12. Which construction are you referring to here? Shepherd Dr reconstruction? Will this corner be modified in a way that necessitated the demo? Btw I'm happy to see it go, just more curious on how exactly it's related to Shepherd Dr construction.
  13. Good to know, round 3 of anticipation for the new owners plans...
  14. It has been on the market for almost a year now. No price listed last I looked.
  15. You know, I didnt zoom in enough to see the detail of all the spaces. I did see Salon Lofts, however I assumed that was a description vs an actual tenant. Sorry @ahkelly
  16. So, that's a no then? :) I know there is space, curious to see if there is any information on who, if any, had leased.
  17. I'll just chalk this one up as another inner loop missed oppty. There are so many I think im numb to it. Access to this center really impacts how often I go/will go. I'll be curious if the Home Depot ends up a sh%thole like the one on 610 or nice like the one on Katy Fwy.
  18. just a general comment, but this kind of sums up why Houston is so frustrating for me. How is Washington Ave not a designated walkable space?
  19. Happy to see this is still going in as planned. Been looking forward to it.
  20. Fair points and I too myself am curious in general. You are correct that the crowd whom Washington typically attracts is not for me, and I often find that these "elevated" social experience places like "Punch Bowl" don't offer great value relative to their cost. The Optimist, maybe one day? But their concept isn't something I typically seek out. Also, I am of the opinion that any outside concept that comes to Houston is almost assuredly going to be a downgrade from the original. Case in point: Gus's across the street. I love Gus's and have eaten at locations in 5+ cities, and EVERY bad experience I have had has come from this Houston location. It is unspeakably disappointing that my favorite fried chicken joint finally comes to Houston, sets up <5min from me, and I can't even bring myself to try again. Maybe I'm just jaded, who knows...
  21. Are you questioning if I would visit the projected tenants? I didn't say they were bad, I just said I likely wouldn't visit any of them. I can still like the building right? There are many places on Washington I have not visited and likely never will (lived in the area for 6+ yrs), doesn't make them all bad, just not for me.
  22. This looks really nice. I'll likely never visit the projected tenants but this building is a clear upgrade to the corridor.
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