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  1. I believe the entire line will end up with a dedicated lane just for the BRT line, so almost all of it will need to be rebuilt. If you watch this video it will show you what the configuration is currently planned as:
  2. I have a friend that works at HCC and had them ask and it is a park/plaza/basketball court. I believe this is not designed to be an HCC-only facility, but for public use.
  3. Last weekend I was riding along Buffalo Bayou and there were a bunch of pleasure craft tied up along Allen's Landing. Evidently privately owned leisure boats are not allowed along the ship channel, but this group has been able to get a waiver once a year. I do think East River had talked about doing a ferry to downtown at one point but they more recently mentioned adding some kind of street car I believe.
  4. They are building a structurally sound bank. On the smallest barge are big pieces of metal that they drive into the ground (you can see that happening along the bank). I'm guessing they are driving in fill dart to fill behind using that ramp.
  5. They did not record their plat from last August, but they did submit an extension of approval giving them another year to do so. They received a parking variance, but that is specifically tied to the originally proposed use (restaurants). I believe that they are free to record the plat, which was proposed as an unrestricted reserve and build multi-family if they want. It is kind of sad that restaurants may not happen here, but I'm totally ok with more (and dense) residential.
  6. Here is the breakdown for the new districts: C is the highest at 5.27% above the mean and J is the lowest at -4.22%
  7. I don't have an update YET, but I listed to the EaDo TIRZ meeting this week, and they said that they didn't know either, but had a meeting with the developer in the next week or two and were going to find out.
  8. They all appear to be empty lots according to google maps.
  9. Yeah, it is really either way. You can either check in or check out a bike at a station for it to count. I would mostly just do the same one. I think I'm going to try to hit all of them 👀
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