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  1. And FlixBus, who know owns Greyhound, does the same. Although I thought I read Megabus was moving?
  2. That would make sense because I doubt that they are planning on allowing too many streets to cross over the BRT line. With no rail set in the ground, easy/safe for peds and cyclists to cross.
  3. It is in the Houston Heights South Historic District. Probably makes the difference!
  4. From what I've heard, third party contractors in Houston are a bit above the $12/price, but it is somewhat in line with what developers pay before concrete prices spiked before COVID. They do still have to get approval and meet criteria to pay the $12/sf fee, so it isn't completely discretionary on their part. Currently the city is approving a few hundred sidewalk modifications per year that haven't been paying anything more than the $1000ish application fee. Exactly, they can modify it. Time will tell home much they'll be able to do, though.
  5. https://7371071c.flowpaper.com/FW230102DIGITAL/#page=12
  6. Nosh Gosh B'Gosh! I think I realized why I'm extra excited about this project. Some food delivery options that can be delivered in 20 minutes or less. I'm not normally bullish on food halls, but existing unused warehouse space in a gentrifying area is good.
  7. Was trying to wrap my head around where that largest structure is going to be, and it is on the site of this property: Just an incredibly exciting project :)
  8. Yep, really disappointed that there is no real update. I'm considering trying to message the franchise owner on LinkedIn. He's local and like 30 years old (father owns/has owned several franchises in town).
  9. Of course, the city doesn't have anywhere near enough money to develop the cap parks or the elevated park. You have to wonder where the city's priorities lay if there is only $XX millions. My gut absolutely no inside info says that the elevated park would be last on the list. This is years-old memory, but it was my remembrance that the city would be swapping some of the land that they own in the East End for land under the Pierce Elevated, so there is an opportunity for the city to lease/sell some of that land to fund an elevated park. Of course, the Highline is the parallel, which has direct connections to the trail from adjacent buildings.
  10. I was tweeting about the Greyhound/McDonald's closings the other day and one of the HBJ writers liked my tweet, so I'm hoping for some proper reporting! Still have a gut feeling that the McD property is getting rebuilt.
  11. Was reading a twitter discussion and evidently when Greyhound was sold to Flixbus, the sale did not include the terminals. FirstGroup PLC have sold off all but two of the stations in the US and is using the cash for stock buybacks. https://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/news/AN_1671206718863524900/firstgroup-to-launch-share-buyback-amid-greyhound-us-property-sale.aspx
  12. Heard some movement is starting to happen. We'll probably get some public info in a month or so. Height comparable to Hanover Montrose/La Colombe d'Or
  13. At least now the food truck that always blocks the sidewalk won't be there anymore.
  14. This is the benefit of market-based parking area, it could literally be anything. I do think some type of commercial space makes sense. Too small for a nightclub .
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