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  1. Market-based parking ordinance has passed!
  2. Market-Based parking headed before City Council next week: The map that is being presented:
  3. Maybe... but probably not considering they've decided against building a bike lane on the rest of Patterson that is wide enough to currently support it.
  4. Awesome maps, was really considering doing that myself. I really want to think that they'll at least run some service on the weekend, but maybe not. At least some multi-stop service like they run during the day instead of non-stop P&R level of service.
  5. Nowhere else to really post this, but the city has added a four-way stop to Bagby @ Pierce street. This is a big improvement as there were many pedestrians trying to cross who were not heeded the right of way and some cars traveling down Pierce St were having difficulties getting across.
  6. wilcal

    Reve At Montrose

    Snapped a pic while grabbing some totally healthy breakfast next door:
  7. Or even painted crosswalks at the intersections without lights. There is so much pedestrian activity here that there should be HAWK signals as well.
  8. I was told by CoH planners that bike lane was set to be two-way on Austin specifically because the construction on Caroline would be taking so long. They would be interested in splitting in between the two roads in the future. Would be relatively easy to convert a two-way bike lane into a single-way with a strong buffer. With that being said, a 5' bike lane sucks. No buffer (typically 3') is not great, but it looks like the restriction is mostly the southernmost part. Also dumb to do the bike lane between on-street parking and driving lanes
  9. The traffic counts are pretty high at almost 4,500 for a neighborhood bikeway imho. I talked with one of the planners and the hope is that the traffic counts will drop with the blocked median in place. Time will tell. It just sucks that we have no imminent plans for a north/south connection that is continuously protected. Really? I feel the opposite way, but most of the Rice Military streets are too narrow to have a two-way bike lane and I believe the traffic counts are much lower. I don't ride here too often though (I usually just ride to Buffalo Bayou to UHD and then back around). I'm thinking of doing a photo series on desire paths in Houston, and I'll add this to my list! CoH planner felt pretty strongly that they would move forward on a bike lane in this section, although with their plan, it would remove street parking on both sides. Quick aside: Back when I was just friends with my wife, about 6 years ago, she had been playing softball at the field right there, and had locked her keys in her trunk. She didn't know many people in town, and was living in Tomball actually, and called me to see if I could help. My main toolkit was at my office, but I went to Walmart and bought a cheap set of ratcheting wrenches to disassemble part of her back seat to break into her trunk. We were dating a month or so later and got married last summer.
  10. Got a copy of the presentation. Here it is. TLDR: Closed median at Washington @ Patterson. No bike lanes planned at the moment, just share the road signage. Possibly doing them just for the four of five blocks closest to Cleveland Park. Disappointing
  11. He was actually parked there, but I believe they were part of the crew putting the finishing touches on construction. It's a Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (TIRZ) project. A recent update PDF from Jones Carter They have some coverage on their site here And they actually link to my blog post about it here
  12. They had what I think was their final public meeting on the bikeway last night. Did anyone go? I was planning on it, but couldn't go at the last minute.
  13. BCycle has still not launched their pilot program. They told me that they are putting a more rigorous GPS tracking system on the bikes. More and more I think that the actual end solution will be the sit-down styled electric bikes. They look like this: They're much more stable/better for older folks/etc. Would love to have them here.
  14. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Pearl-Marketplace-opens-in-Midtown-Whole-Foods-13968634.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral It appears it did open today.
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