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  1. Saw this the other day. District C (and G) are well over the average population for a city council district. I wonder how it might get shaved down.
  2. I have almost no knowledge about how these things work, but I know that there are specific state permits for underground petroleum storage tanks. Maybe some type of issue there? Edit: also, I bought an electric car and an ebike so I care less about the gas station now 😆 bring on those 3 tiny retail spots, though
  3. Ownership changed in 2015. Mailing address for owner is listed as 501 Crawford St, which is Minute Maid Park. Joystix showing an allowed obscurable owner name of "Current Owner" and a mailing address of their building, so I'm guessing Crane does not own it.
  4. wilcal

    Nikos Nikos

    They were replatting to remove the alley that runs through the middle of the property. They might be doing this to close off the somewhat dangerous "exit" in their parking lot right by the front door. This is an alley: It is visible on Google Maps and looks like a road here:
  5. Oh HELL yeah! That looks great. Montrose Blvd is going crazy. Honestly I'm kind of glad that lot is still empty at Fairview. Who knows what we might get there now.
  6. Shit, so it is officially gone? So sad and stupid.
  7. Chronicle article. So exciting! https://www.houstonchronicle.com/lifestyle/article/Lauded-Meow-Wolf-immersive-art-experience-to-add-17165602.php
  8. If they are doing body work then it can require a lot of car storage. Still, pretty disappointing.
  9. I think we are conflating two different pieces of property. Purple are the townhomes and green is the one that I was talking about that is going to be the highish-rise. The light rail stop IS directly in front of the green arrow lot FWIW 😜
  10. It's actually entirely out of the flood plain. East End in general and along the bayou has a very small amount of land inside. The lead place however is a different story. Then again, not much non-industrial land in the East End. Also, sounds like 800 Middle next door is definitely happening.
  11. #131 It is available for download on this page if you aren't familiar. Click "Current Agenda". Public comment info: It appears that they are wanting to keep at least part of the structure:
  12. This is on the planning commission agenda this week. Asking for a variance to create one lot and one reserve. Evidently the plan is to open another restaurant in the former space and add in one lot between it and the neighbor.
  13. It was platted as a reserve, so won't be townhomes. If you go on Houston Map Viewer, you can turn on the PlatTracker layer under Planning & Development department. It should show all applications from 2013 forward. https://mycity.houstontx.gov/houstonmapviewer/
  14. I'm getting a tour of this building in a few weeks and I'm pumped. I hope that I'm going to be allowed to take photos.
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