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  1. Stopped in for lunch today. Got there around 25 minutes before open and the line really only started to ramp up about 5-10 minutes before open. Nice waitress said she drives down from Cleveland to work there. She said that they did $39k yesterday and that they haven't opened the upstairs seating area yet because they are still adjusting to the opening. She said her manager $39k is one of the best days any location has ever done in the history of the restaurant. Food was good and came out fast. Probably one of the smoother restaurant openings I've ever seen for such a large place.
  2. SOLD. Love it! I think it looks great and will match the Montrose Collective well imho.
  3. I lived in Westmoreland for years, and I agree with what you are saying, BUT I think that there are a good number of people that don't know that the lane ends and it causes a safety hazard. Seems like the pedestrian signal at the forced turn gets knocked down every few months. I have never in years can ever remember a time where I have had to wait on the light for more than 1 cycle. Basically, minor inconvenience for Westhmoreland residents < safety concerns. Those cycle crossing lights are basically as valuable as gold for some reason. The ones that they needed to complete Gray
  4. That is honestly the way it should be. There is a 0% chance that right turns will be eliminated. It is just the slip lane that is being removed.
  5. Structure not crazy, but I kind of like it! And the gardens are great. Interesting that the structure will be in the middle.
  6. Can you tell me more about the railroad plans? Or is there another thread?
  7. It is right where Elgin transitions to Westheimer and the curb will align with that transition.
  8. There were some renderings released at some point, but someone at the city told me that it was a 9 figure project that would be way in the future. I'm guessing that they are trying to come up with a bandaid.
  9. Yes, they did say the recording would be posted here, but it isn't up yet: https://eastendbikeplan.com/events The next public meeting will be in May.
  10. They would love to hear your feedback on the plan. Link to full network plan PDF Link to program and policy descriptions Current projects are funded/in progress. They said Phase 1 would be hopefully be in the 3-5 year time frame. Phase 2 after. All depends on funding of course. Interesting to see this all put together with the METRO BRT line running up Lockwood and the LRT extension (although I thought that wasn't going to be the routing on LRT, but whatever). Harris County rep talked about focusing on safe connections to schools. Also a focus on interconnecting existi
  11. Agreed. Time to do away with all street parking along Fairview. I mean, what the hell is up with the section in front of Barnaby's? I don't understand how parking is allowed there. People also regularly just park on the sidewalk in parts: I like that, but would probably be a mess in practice. All of the opposite direction traffic would be pushed to surrounding streets, and none are particularly well suited for that. Houston Bike Plan does call for dedicated protected lanes on Fairview, though, so you may be right.
  12. It honestly feels not fair that the lot is cleared and we still don't know what they are going to do!
  13. Someone posted the construction permit above and the address is listed as being inside the Ion. A drive thru common bond would have definitely made sense at this lot, but I would imagine that it needs a demo because of the derelict gas station.
  14. Rice didn't renew the Shipley's lease. Closes April 11 Owner told Craig that she thought it was being demo'd this year.
  15. No, but it took them a long time to even get the application out. The city can still initiate the process themselves but they haven't done that either. Also, I know where your mind is going with this, and yes Montrose and Westheimer should be in the WP program :)
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