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  1. RT @DanPatrick: #SB6 – Ending Forced Annexation by @DonnaCampbellTX has passed in the Senate. RT if you support. #txlege https://t.co/fuXbA…

  2. @MarvelMaster616 Marvels quality is sad! Love your fanfic series. It is far superior to the current books.

  3. RT @reallyo1: @PrisonPlanet @alta247 These Libtards want Trump to be a Monster so bad they Lie when they see that he's not. The Left is Pat…

  4. RT @roglemof46: @OrwellNGoode @18dixiedean78 Wecare just going to have to extend the planned Walls https://t.co/wMEXxqLxR8

  5. RT @exigentFacts: @HarmlessYardDog That darned War on Drugs is making blacks so violent! @occdissent https://t.co/hxSqJGh6ky

  6. RT @GregAbbott_TX: My heart is broken. Matt Patrick passed away. A great Texan has been lost. Long live the spirit of @Radiomattrick. https…

  7. Why I Don't Worry about Income Inequality | Isaac M. Morehouse https://t.co/3yMXQhe8n7 via @feeonline

  8. The Politicization of Everything https://t.co/P8vXA7y09a

  9. RT @ampaveli: Sammy Sosa played at Wrigley Field so many years he turned into some wrigley gum

  10. RT @dansch2002: MT @davehudspeth: Please sign E-Petition. Takes less than 20 seconds! https://t.co/WbYNZLxiPI #COSProject #PJNET https://t.…

  11. President Camacho Addresses White People https://t.co/b0vwnaH9gS via @YouTube

  12. More Guns Less Gun Crime https://t.co/rLoJjKU6zc

  13. https://t.co/DYESrZZbFG SJW at their finest. https://t.co/4woHecEngy

  14. RT @CharlieDaniels: If congress were farmers the crop would fail, the livestock would die and the weeds would be over the top of the barn.

  15. RT @elliesallee: @Lrihendry @Babbsgirl2 why do we try so hard to be like other nations when being different is what made us great?

  16. RT @FiveRights: #WednesdayWisdom exists! Special Counsel to probe Obama admin for obstructing justice. (Unlike Trump/Rus, O did it.) https:…

  17. RT @AltCapRight: @ComradeStump1 how can a society be multi ethnic? all ethnic groups mix together, if they don't it means they hate each ot…

  18. https://t.co/QJKbhPxOXF

  19. According to @ingoodco's personality test, these are my personal strengths! https://t.co/3chQdL97OF

  20. RT @Lauren_Southern: https://t.co/hrnfzEbg4O

  21. RT @brit_cynical: @RealMJGriggs @MissyJo79 @PrisonPlanet Exactly I don't see the Japanese or Sikhs and Hindus going around stabbing people.…

  22. @YoungDems4Trump @Warx2TheMovie @CNN @BeckyCNN #WagTheDog

  23. The Cardinals have hacked the voting process for the MLB ASG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!

  24. RT @JewhadiTM: Democrats Should Fear the 2018 Midterms https://t.co/bzFtHIjNW2 via @LifeZette

  25. Conservative News Personality Erick Erickson Talks Secession! - https://t.co/KhuIxxQLs9

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