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  1. RT @West_Nile22: In-N-Out is a glorified Burger King

  2. RT @EricDJuly: Just want to pin this... Thanks family. https://t.co/vZ6UtYq0K9

  3. RT @romantic_gamer: @jeffreyatucker R U MAD??? Go cry about us not wanting to let socialists and islamists freely cross our borders. https…

  4. RT @NHLHouston: According to this the NHL isn't a fan of arena renovation. Houston has an NHL ready arena #BringNHLtoHouston https://t.co/s…

  5. RT @NHLHouston: When we get an NHL team in Houston, we should call our supporter group the 5th Line

  6. RT @true_pundit: Trump preparing executive order to let Americans purchase health insurance across state lines https://t.co/wDZcOoaXLs

  7. @bocavista2016 No dumbass he is exactly supportive of the presidents agenda, but if Trump does something stupid he will tell him whats up!

  8. When They Go Low We Go High https://t.co/WCvhjMYwxl via @YouTube

  9. RT @POTUSThump: Just listened to 10 minutes of @ScottAdamsSays laughing. Can't blame him, #RocketMan was the headline of the week.

  10. RT @BillMBecker: @DailyCaller So boobs gave @CNN the vapors but anal sex is totes cool?

  11. RT @NewRightMemes: My friend sent me this pic and it's true! @Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes fund White Supremacy. #TheMoreYouKnow https:…

  12. RT @mikandynothem: Hollywood did a telethon yesterday begging for our money. Made 14 million. If they each gave 1 million, it would have be…

  13. https://t.co/iz39uo53Oe

  14. Jair Messaias Bolsimito presidente! https://t.co/corss4a4xx

  15. RT @OppUrbanism: The United States used to lead the world in infrastructure, but has fallen behind some of its key competitors. https://t.c…

  16. RT @curtandnan: https://t.co/2avtegdJn3

  17. RT @TracyAChambers: Report: FBI Labeled Antifa Domestic Terrorism Long Before Ryan, Rubio, Romney Declared 'No Sides' - Breitbart https://t…

  18. RT @bakedalaska: Couldn't be more proud to have a strong President & First Lady in Houston who have taken more heat than any couple in Amer…

  19. https://t.co/R9Xn9EvMwy https://t.co/haHvBKkJPA

  20. RT @evcon: I found the best eclipse pic via https://t.co/xzH858ZpCO https://t.co/DuRLaqApJ8

  21. And he was right! https://t.co/soMjbKcCbo

  22. RT @mlbduck: @JoseAltuve27 My son, David (seen here in navy) He idolizes you because of your height & play. We'll see you tonight against t…

  23. RT @WendyDamron: Ted Cruz explains his tweets: That ‘numbskull’ ‘ticked me off’ https://t.co/yAfk2C5RLw

  24. RT @cyka__blyat_: Top 10 Dutertes https://t.co/zt4GRNAeLv

  25. Chicago Police - Listen to the mayhem https://t.co/YI9Er04ty3

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