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  1. According to the son, his mother and the architect came up with the designed wood blocks. It was meant to be an artistic piece no other meanings as far as he knows. I've already sent the design to my cabinet maker buddy to reproduce. I love it!
  2. The nonstone exterior was stained Redwood and the roof was white limestone pebbles...this is going to be one hell of a project
  3. Had lunch with Vic Shainock (original owner's son) today and he brought a book of original pictures taken just after the house was build...I am still in shock. I just took some quick cell pics and will get these properly scanned and re-post. They are amazing!!! Thanks again for all your help!!!
  4. Just recived an email from Victor Shainock, Morris Shainock's son: "Peter. Morris Shainock was my Father and my parents built the 3602 Parkwood home after WW II. I will be happy to try and answer questions you might have about the home. I also have a book of pictures that were taken after the home was built. Victor Shainock" This is getting exciting!
  5. I drove to see it yesterday before it was gone, what a beautiful road you have to drive down to get there. Does not feel like Houston but more like a country road, absolutely beautiful. The home already had a mesh fence around it so I couldn't get the best look at it but WOW such a shame.
  6. SpaceAge's pictures he sent me along with the Bolton & Barnstone home pre remodel. SpaceAge, I have a question the room next to the master suite on the second floor, how what that set up. When I bought the home they had closed in a walkway with dry wall to make it a 5th bedroom. Was the master a master suite? Thanks!
  7. SpaceAge, that’s fantastic!! Could you email them to me if you have time? peter.w.osborne@gmail.com I have looked all over the house and the only thing I did find was a large roll of xmas wrapping. I'll look again when I get home. I know which closet you are talking about. That closet always struck me as kinda weird; it's a closet, within a closet, within a tinny closet that drops down to the first floor. The second door has a lock (that’s been painted over several times) on it so I'm sure it was used to store important things that you didn't want people running off with. Any info on the original colors, flooring, etc. will be helpful. The large bedroom and bath is an add on for sure, you can see the curtain recesses in the main living room for a window that has turned into a wall.
  8. found this little gem today.... http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=37211133
  9. What I found out from Mr. Fox: "The address is first listed in the 1949 Houston City Directory. Morris Shainock was the original owner. Tiny Wisdom told me in 1989 that her husband, the architect W. Jackson Wisdom, designed the house at 3602. In 1949, Mr. Wisdom was the partner of Lenard Gabert in the firm of Lenard Gabert & W. Jackson Wisdom. Here is a link to some basic biographical information on Jack Wisdom: http://www.geni.com/people/William-Jackson-Wisdom/6000000014159287619 I also note that his son of the same name is a lawyer in Houston. To my surprise, I find a site for Lenard Gabert & Associates that claims descent from Gabert's architectural practice. Who knows whether they retain his architectural records or not? I hope so. http://www.greendomeservices.com/about-us/ " Reached out the the son, made contact but unfortunatly did not have any old plans or drawings but he did say, "Peter—first, thank you for reaching out. My dad was very proud of the work he did designing houses in the early days after he got back from WW II, and it warms my heart to know that you appreciate what you have. Sadly, I do not have any of his plans or drawings from that time period. I wish I did." So that was nice...anyway, I'll keep digging.
  10. Thanks Ben, side note...found out from speaking to my neighbor that the lady I purchased the home from did the window swap to two other mods in the neighborhood...sad.
  11. Thanks Ben, if I hear anything from the son I will share. The process has begun; I've pulled up all the terracotta tile in the entryway and will be laying white marble. Some of the original tile was left under the new as a clue. I wish I could get my hands on the original blue prints. Oh, and that Bolton & Barnstone house you spoke about is on google street view (2007) You ain't kidding gezz unrecognizable. I had no idea....
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