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  1. It is a bummer that TX Tower had to go up so close to 609 Main. It was more of a distinctive addition to the downtown Houston skyline when it wasn't being overshadowed by the Texas Tower. Now it just looks like another hump AKA Penzoil Place Part II.
  2. Sorry guys. I'm super late and had been out of town not realizing this topic has been discussed. My bad.
  3. Nooo!!! Please tell me this isn't happening!!! Everything architecturally inspiring and sound in Houston ends up ceasing. The spires in the Medical Center (Texas Children's Hospital) made an architectural statement, especially on the nightscape of Texas Medical Center skyline. It made a statement at night. Why is it when it comes to Houston's case, cost becomes a big issue and it doesn't seem to affect other big cities? For example, Dallas's BOA and Reunion tower continue to iconically light their buildings, but when it comes to building owners in Houston, they all decide to go
  4. I noticed a few years ago that the Heritage Plaza lighting went back to the old looking beige Christmas lights on the shoulders of the building. I always thought the building could stand to do more on the top of the building than just light the shoulders, but that's a different topic. But Whatever happened to the new "white" neon lights they had installed back in 2012 as shown in the picture below? Photo courtesy of Triton:
  5. That's what the lady was trying to tell me in our discussion the other day. I was confused because Simplicity tells me to just call it all main st from N. 610, downtown, museum district, TMC, Astrodome all the way down to about Murphy road in stafford. It's all the same road and didn't quite understand her adamant need to make Main Street (STAFFORD) so distinctly different from Main Street (HOUSTON)
  6. Now the city just needs to work on some mass transit plan to connect Chinatown (westside) to downtown. And transit, I'm talking about LRT or BRT. (Preferably LRT)
  7. Thanks for that response. My confusion is, The lady I got in the discussion with was trying to tell me that section of the US90A stretch where its called " MAIN STREET "in Stafford (south of Present Street until Murphy rd/1092) is different from the "MAIN STREET " just north of Beltway 8 into Houston where it runs along the same US Hwy 90 stretch.
  8. Hello, It's been a long time since I posted on HAIF, but i have what might seem like a silly question, so i apologize in advance. I was involved in a discussion with a lady about Main Street and if the entire stretch of Main, all the way until where it becomes a freeway, all the way past the beltway is all the same (MAIN). Her claim was that the Main st in Stafford is a different Main that runs through the downtown core of Houston, even though it is technically the same roadway. My question is: Is it still Main St south past 610? Because I noticed that once
  9. Okay then how about a giant blue one that changes colors to pink and green? I don't see what the point of having a W hotel if it can't be known that we have one. Besides, W signage is tasteful and elegant, not gaudy. Now the Central market below residential in your statement, I agree with.
  10. Who do you report it to? Because it looks as if they've already started slacking no more than 1 month into the relighting. I;ve notice that one of the arches (the 1st one you pass under traveling southwest on 59) is completely out, and the 2nd one already has a bulb out. I thought they were going to do it different this time around. Didn't they spend 4 million on installation of these lights which were supposed to be LED? Would they do all of this if it were just going to go neglected again? Was this just a temporary effort? Extremely disappointed.
  11. I agree. I was bummed when they decided to put it in the northwest mall area, but it seems like Uptown/Galleria area is getting more and more massive every other month. It is starting to feel like a city center of its own with its skyline. Perhaps that will spill over to the Northwest Mall area in the not too distant future. Plus, they can possibly think about a split track at the station that will allow you to take a route to downtown or straight in to Uptown. I personally think there's a way to make this work. Plus, they have cleared a lot of land over off Dacoma (north of 290) a
  12. Sorry to rain on the parade. This is a gorgeous park and all but does anyone feel as if this park takes away from the uniqueness of discovery green and creates a redundancy in Houston's urban fabric? Or do i have alot to learn? LOL
  13. WOW!!! Greystone08! I haven't seen you on here in a loonng time. It's been like a decade!!! Can I say "Welcome back"?
  14. Why? I want my dream of a nice observation tower in a architecturally designed rocket to symbolize space city shooting into the air.
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