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  1. So no one else is noticing that this is appearing to be another B.S. suburban style development for Midttown🤢? Please tell me I'm missing something.
  2. Being semi-envious and semi- dirty, I keep checking this thread with some hopes of an announcement that there have been some kind of changes to the proposed height of this building that finds it unattainable.😁 But oh well. Wishful thinking. I just have to accept that Houston's days of being the Texas's tallest city are numbered. ..
  3. Whats the plan for the willy Wonka chocolate river? I don't see the ugly brown bayou being in any postcards or views that aren't strictly photoshopped.
  4. Any chance that this might get scaled down? 😄 Or does that only happen in Houston's projects? ( Hello Embassy Suites Downtown, Memorial Herman Tower memorial city, Dallas street,, Regent Square). J/K. Congratulations to Austin. Austin will take the crown from Houston on this one, just like they did when the State capitol moved there.
  5. The return of the popular show College Hill is being filmed at TSU this season which is now out for streaming. This season it features popular artists like Ray J, Stacy Dash, Lamar Odom, Slim Thug, and more. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt18747980/
  6. Any tricks on how to read these articles??? Houston chron figured out how all angles on how to block unsubscribed readers
  7. It's not even about the niceness of the hotel that I was speaking of. It was the fact that they messed up the urban continuity of Discovery Green by having the butt end of that blank back wall facing the park. That was bad planning to have the back of the structure facing an urban park. This Skanska development seems to be minimizing the whole E/S development and all of the design flaws that came with it.
  8. I hate to sound like the downer here, but is Houston ever going to get any developments near downtown that are more centered and catered to entertainment for the masses? Not saying that a golf course is not entertainment, but it serves a certain demographic. From what I see, It just seems like the main tenants are a dentistry and a lickem' ice cream parlor. It's just hard to get too excited about that. The golf course will be a good addition, but I guess I just want to see a little bit more. It would be great to see more on plans on how they can better utilize the Bayou. Like some talks of some boat tours or water taxi connections between ER and downtown. Maybe throw in a comedy club in there somewhere somewhere. On a positive note, Midway usually has a good reputation. This place was being advertised as being Houston's version of a Riverwalk but right now, It still feels so.... business oriented!
  9. This is probably one of the projects that is really set to really transform downtown. And most of all, the best part of it, we finally get a chance to hand the Embassy Suites hotel's ass back to them. Literally! 😁
  10. I know. Knowing how things operate in Houston, the 59 arches are going to be said to be too expensive and they will eventually cease lighting them. Look at the iconic spires in the Texas Medical Center! I hope I'm wrong, but that was pretty discouraging and disappointing.
  11. I noticed that. Around 2017-2020, the lighting and downtown action seemed like it had really gotten it together. The old continential building had started doing a lightshow, then january 2021, here comes the Allen buildings all with the same beige rooftop lining. 600 jefferson joined them with the same scheme bringing us back to circa 2005. Wells Fargo stopped lighting its white rooftop at night completely sometime after May. I knew they were all participating in that nocturnal bird and natural lighting of the stars thing until May 19, 2021. Wells Fargo went completely black after that, but all the Allen Towers, Heritage plaza, and Jefferson stayed on. I got a chance to visit San Antonio last weekend, and while they may not have the best skyline out of the big 4, i was quite impressed with their downtown at night.
  12. I see what you're saying. But look at Dallas? That's about as business as it gets. But there's no denying that a little bit of flash helps that city stand out. Look at Austin? It doesn't even have the skyline Houston has, yet it doesn't use bland lighting. TMC and Uptown/ Galleria Houston even do well, but when it comes to our largest skyline, it looks a dim when you compare it to other major cities (except maybe Ft. Worth) Specwriter, i'm glad you see my point. It just seems like Houston is plagued with business owners that don't even try or take time. 609 Main was a huge disappointment and missed oppprtunity. But i guess that doesn't matter now anyway since it's now overlapped by Texas Tower coming from North.
  13. Then why even bother replying? This forum is dedicated to topics involving buildings, architecture, and projects. I would say the issue of lighting would classify. Whether you care or not, if one can't address the question on here, where can they? I would just suggest that if you don't have anything noteworthy to contribute, then just stay out the thread. Your problems are solved.
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