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  1. So what exactly is this building? Im not familiar with these centers.
  2. I went once, never had the desire to go back. Wasnt a bad place, just didnt do anything for me.
  3. Going to have to disagree with you on almost everything you said.
  4. Its illegal to ride them on the sidewalk, and they max out at 17 mph. Shouldnt be much different than a bike.
  5. We tried Lime and Bird scooters this past week in San Diego and loved them! It was a great way to get around. I really wish they would come to Houston!
  6. There is quite a lot of residential nearby.
  7. Take a drive through that neighborhood at night and you will know why they put up a fence.
  8. Thats too bad! I liked going there. I wonder what will take its place.
  9. Maybe if the city did more to clear the area, mcdonalds wouldnt have to do that. Its an absolute mess over there.
  10. I live close by, its run down and very unsafe. Its not worth driving through there because the gangs can be so bad. Ive had guys on the corners trying to stand in front of my car to stop me, asking what drugs i was looking for.
  11. terra002

    615 W Gray

    Interesting, both sites? Skinny Rita's has been closed for a while now.
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