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  1. RT @_MTAnderson: I post this old Christmas photo because I just noticed my pocket square is my sister’s hamster. https://t.co/3ME8UMuvoH

  2. RT @Variety: Jason Momoa performs a haka dance at the #Aquaman premiere https://t.co/a7Og507hlT https://t.co/enoEApGhq4

  3. @JJWatt A friend of mine really wants to support what you're doing and get a pair, but he's a size 15. ☹️

  4. RT @alisonkent: Here's the entire post with all the links: https://t.co/ufxurTrg4j https://t.co/kdlpf2UCGP

  5. RT @ForgottenDogs5W: (Houston, TX) Purple Circle, we need your help. This handsome dog is named Roscoe. One of our fab fosters took him and…

  6. RT @alisonkent: The next Hope Springs installment is HERE, woot! It's a Christmas novella, so shorter than the original five books, but it'…

  7. RT @alisonkent: If you're missing Hope Springs, it's back for the holidays! https://t.co/Ty4Dadblzu https://t.co/Ty4Dadblzu

  8. RT @h0rchataqueen: If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call https://t.co/HFAMwVSXga

  9. Well now ain't that some sh't! https://t.co/fwic8fQjNB

  10. RT @CollierForTexas: The root causes of our property tax and school funding crisis are three consequential decisions that blew huge holes i…

  11. @alisonkent Health, wealth, popularity

  12. RT @TMobile: Take a swing at the chance to win a trip to the @MLB #WorldSeries from #TMobileTuesdays. Retweet now to be entered.

  13. @alisonkent Angel Trinidad. Or could be Angel Childress.

  14. @holly_taggart @DrShepherd2013 Hurricane season doesn't end until Nov 30th. Never forget that!

  15. @TMobile @Predator #TMobileTuesdays + #Contest

  16. RT @ForgottenDogs5W: Adopt Hudson! Hudson is likely a cattle dog/heeler type mix, but we jokingly like to say he's a dingo! :) He is approx…

  17. RT @ForgottenDogs5W: Stevie and Delaney give four paws up to @tmrarf's Delightful Daisy treats. Today is the LAST DAY to support us through…

  18. RT @ForgottenDogs5W: Meet adoptable Wayne! He is very playful, sweet, learns well, and obeys commands. He's 3-4 years old and 35-40 lbs, ne…

  19. RT @ForgottenDogs5W: In addition to DelightfulDaisies, @tmrarf added this "Sorry You Feel Like Poo!" bag of their grain-free Brownie Bites…

  20. RT @alisonkent: Sing it, Suzanne! #OITNB https://t.co/Q0XjISWl8Q

  21. @AshleysMillion @SindywithanS If she hadn't taken 10 seconds to feel sorry for herself and cry in the middle, she would've made it.

  22. RT @alisonkent: Psst. You can now get THE BANE AFFAIR FREE for iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon. https://t.co/greCvdDxIO h…

  23. Miriam only needs $85 more for her classroom! | Check out Building The Foundation: Startup Classroom Supplies on Pl… https://t.co/z03HwBBChz

  24. @alisonkent I got semi hung up on quite/quiet

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