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  1. Ethiopian 546 should have arrived today. I am surprised nobody talk about it here!
  2. People in Shanghai don't need to evacuate in typhoon season. not only skyscrapers, we also need Shanghai subway, highway, maglev, high speed train, airport......
  3. I don't expect Asiana... Asiana is much smaller comparing with Korean Air, there wide body fleet size is only one third of KE. for airlines in China, Korea and Japan, the Aisa-Australia, Aisa-Europe lines are much more profitable. UA cancelled 2-weekly PVG-GUM, but i don't see they intend to move those to IAH-PVG though. China Eastern want to start this route, but they run out of slots. Air China flies 747-8 to JFK or IAD, if market proves, i think they can move the queen to IAH
  4. No for China Eastern, unless the new round of protocol negotiation kick off soon... doubt this is one of the topic Trump and Xi will discuss today in Beijing. But this route is possible if United like to drop their 3 weekly PVG-GUM route (approved for 3 weekly, but currently operates 2 weekly). This route is a total loss so far, with less than 20%, but United has to keep it. When market proves, and if UA want to add a line to Asia from IAH, I believe PVG-IAH is the best choice. The new ATL-PVG route from Delta is under a similar situation, they have to drop the NRT-PVG route to exc
  5. US-China civil air transportation protocol limited 180 pairs of flights per week for Chinese carriers and 160 per week for US carriers for flights to/from PEK, PVG and CAN (China zone 1). Currently all slots on Chinese side had been taken by CA (63), MU (49), CZ (35) and HU (33). all 49 MU flights are departing from PVG, and it has 14 SFO, 14 JFK, 7 LAX, 7 ORD, and 7 HNL. China Eastern need to reallocate its flight if they want to land in another US destination. The most likely option is to reduce PVG-HNL from 7 to 3/4, and reallocate to IAH. On the US side, there is a couple of th
  6. I am not an expert in airport design, but it looks natural to me that C South (may need some expansion) and E could be merged, and the new C North and future B North could be merged too... Is it still necessary to keep the "Terminal C"?
  7. What I was saying is Terminal D project is pushed ahead fast due to high demand from United and foreign airlines... Same for Terminal A. Demand drives everything.
  8. "Planning Stage" means another 10 years before seeing a dozer on site. Same as Terminal D, IAH needs to attract more domestic airlines and routes to push Terminal A rebuilding ahead…
  9. Consultants may refuse to work for Amegy if they arrange them to stay in La Quinta.
  10. Drove by today. Very astonishing. Now it's time to replace the La Quinta
  11. To compare with the HSPVA site. If you don't have a ready to go plan yet, at least make it clean and neat.
  12. Any carrier could have delay issues. More flights they have, more delays and complaints there will be.
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