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  1. While researching some things in Houston, I stumbled upon this awesome website called "Houston Time Portal." I'm sure every one in this forum has seen and admired (and maybe even collect) those beautiful hand drawn postcards depicting various parts of Houston in the old days. Well, this site is not only filled with them, but each one has a present-day view of the same area in the post card. As if that weren't amazing enough, the creator of the website has a great collection of mailed historic postcards, and he or she went through the trouble to translate the message and give a backstory of the sender and recipient. I'm not sure who created this site, since I couldn't find a name on it, but if you're on this forum, you've done an amazing job with this collection of postcards and I truly appreciate you taking the time out to do this. I've been looking at this site for about 30 minutes now, and just had to share it. I figured if anyone were a sucker for then and now shots and just great historic content in general (like i am), they'd probably be on this forum. I'm sure someone may already have this saved in their bookmarks, but for those of you who don't, I figured I'd share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! 😃
  2. Thank you guys so much for the information. Subdude and tomv, I really appreciate the awesome photos and articles too. 😀
  3. I took a late-night stroll along Buffalo Bayou, and noticed what looked like the foundations from a bridge underneath 45. I took a photo of it from both sides of the bayou. It doesn't look too old, but I'm curious about it. The bridge(?) is directly behind the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Does anyone here have any info on this? I figured if anyone knew, it'd be you guys. 😉
  4. ^^ You were close, the Flying Saucer/St. Germain used to be the known as the Kress Building. It is directly across Capitol from where Woolworth's Darling's used to be. It still adds a layer of history to it for you because it was there when Woolworth's/Darling's were standing.
  5. Yes! We're sure this is Houston. The little mystery has been solved thanks to a fellow redditor's slick sleuthing. This photo was taken from the intersection of Main and Capitol, facing east on capitol street. the building in the photo no longer exists. Here is the exact location and angle today. If anyone's interested in the history nerd part... This Darling's used to be Woolworth's. A redditor found a Bayou History article with a photo of the Grant's/Burt's strip on Main st and Darling's in the background . This earlier photo of the same strip shows Woolworth's in place of the Darling's. I then used this map, to pinpoint the exact location.
  6. ^^ i've been going up and down several possible streets on Google Map, and googling, but to no avail. I've Street Viewed countless streets in the downtown area trying to find a similar building...assuming it still exists, of course. Also, that looks to be a Poll Parrot shoe store in the background. I still can't seem to narrow down a location though...
  7. Does anyone know where this store was located? It looks to be somewhere in downtown. This photo was taken in Houston in 1956, but that's all the solid info i've been able to find so far.
  8. No, i'm already aware of that one, where pershing middle school is now. i'm just an idiot and legitimately thought that drainage ditch was a race track. it was the aerial view that fooled me. :/
  9. ....aaaaaand now that i the street view from right in front of it, i can now see it's definitely just a ditch. Oh man, what a first post fail. @de la rosa, yep! i post on r/houston quite a bit. but don't worry, what i say on r/houston will stay on r/houston. this is not reddit. thanks for the welcome. i've already bookmarked so many historical places to check out around town.
  10. Does anyone know what this used to be? By the way, hi everyone! This is my first post, so i hope i'm doing everything by the rules. I'm a history nut (Anthropology major with a focus in classical archaeology) and have spent the past day lurking through the entire Historical Houston section of the forums. I'm about halfway through all of the posts, and while checking out the Old Main Loop, noticed this racetrack looking formation off of Buffalo Speedway. I figured i'd ask you guys and pick your brains about it. I look forward to learning as much as i can about this awesome city from y'all!!
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