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  1. As others have said, it’s not very big, but it has always seemed big enough for these activities due to the very limited # of boats on the lake at any given time. It’s also one of the best viewing locations in all of Houston for fireworks on 7/4 & 12/31. I’ve said it elsewhere as my family has a dock on TL, it will never compared to Lake Conroe Or Travis, but my mother works in the energy corridor and really can’t accommodate the commute from Lake Conroe. Now do we haul our boat to bigger lakes on occasions? Of course we do take it, but TL affords us the ability to actually utilize and enjoy our boat outside of those few occasions a year; the way I see it, it’s a million times more appealing than just having it in storage for most the year. There’s not really anywhere within the grand parkway loop where you can enjoy a family boat in this way and that’s I think the niche of it. TL also offers more custom high end hone options than Bridgeland, so I think a lot of people are choosing TL cause they’ve already decided on their location being Cypress south of 290, and TL is really the only neighborhood offering custom new builds over 7-8k sq ft or acre lots in this part of Cypress.
  2. Well Dunham Pointe is already slated for development just west of Fry Rd on that open patch of land in between Cypress Creek and 290. The residential will between Mueschke & Mason with accompanying commercial outside the perimeter. I wonder how Archie Dunham feels about this new rail line going right through his land that he planned on putting nice upper middle class homes on.
  3. Okay well I suppose that could suffice, but if I'm not mistake another poster just stated the renderings show the viaduct returns to ground level shortly after Fry Rd.
  4. What about all of the north/south thoroughfaes across 290 in Cypress west of Fry rd like Mueschke, Mason, Bauer, etc that have yet to be built? If the train goes at grade at that point, then it'll be a lot more cost prohibitive to get those done. What about that new neighborhood that was supposed to be going in south of 290 across from Fairfield between Mueschke@290 & Mason&290?
  5. Sounds like the comfortplex was bad for Houston and good for track home developers in and west of Cypress.
  6. I personally don't see it as this stretch of 99 & 290 do not rival that stretch of I-45 in terms of being a population or employment center. Perhaps it could one day way way in the future, but I think even at best it would still be 30-40 years down the line on a redevelopment of existing commercial land in Bridgeland rather than anew build. Howard Hughes has dedicated a lot of land in their plans to commercial so I could be wrong.. perhaps they keep land undeveloped like the Woodlands did until the time is right. My guess would be something similar to Vintage Park, maybe a bigger version of it.
  7. I'll take a mattress firm, a nail salon, a cheap donut and kolache place, a second mattress firm, and a starbucks, adjacent to a public storage and a poorly maintained convenience store with taco trucks out front. Home sweet home.
  8. Excuse the potato quality photo; I think this is really gonna help infill the greenway/upper kirby skyline from a lot of angles when complete.
  9. I'd imagine a lot of people that like the nightlife at Pacific St. would opt to live here.
  10. Perhaps it will be all the people downstream Cypress Creek coming back to make these new subdivisions pay for changing the floodplains.
  11. Whoever fixed this issue, thanks! I like to catch up on my phone without logging in sometimes.
  12. To be fair this was never really in Cypress. It's about as close to Cypress as it is to Jersey Village; certainly lackluster but probably the right choice given the demographics of the immediate area.
  13. As much as that would be cool and potentially necessary for the coming decades, that would actually service less people than this does.
  14. Those rental rates are going to come down to reality pretty soon for the next few years, but no doubt they'll be able to justify $2250/month for a 815 sq ft 1 bedroom once oil rebounds.
  15. Does anyone know where I can find the toll amounts for traveling on say Segment D to the end of F2? Surely something that is set to open within a week would have posted toll amounts somewhere online, but I haven't found any yet.
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