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  1. Independence Heights is Booming. Whereโ€™s all my doubters at๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Fifth Ward is next with the Hardy Yards now under Developement and the East River Project construction getting underway at the old KBR facility.
  3. Independence Heights is really BOOMING!!! With the new Whole Foods 365, The renovations coming to the Canino Farmers Market and new construction everywhere I'm seeing my property values skyrocket.
  4. You guys kill me. This is the same talk that I heard about Brooksmith when I invested there. There was money to be made there, there's money to be made in Independence Heights and S3mh you're right Near Northside and Fifth Ward is currently being gentrified also that's why I'm investing there also. It only takes a little vision.
  5. Prices too high in the Heights? Check out this Newly renovated bungalow in the up and coming Independence Heights, Join the crowd that's relocating to this hot area just north of loop 610 from Heights Proper. New Construction all around. 2bdr,1bath, large kitchen, deck in rear and fenced in back yard. Within walking distance to all Heights restuarants and popular hangouts. Contact at email: allius98@ogmail.com listed on Zillow @ http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/320-E-31st-St-Houston-TX-77018/27763044_zpid/?view=public
  6. Independence Heights is really starting to move. Lots of new construction going up. Sullivan Brothers putting up more units starting at $350k and up.
  7. Independence Heights is starting to pick up steam with several builders now with new projects throughout. Lots have more than doubled in the last year and in some cases tripled. I've purchased multiple properties and have new construction now around all of them.
  8. I agree with you SilverJK, south of the track will gentrify first and it will continue to spread from there. However if you are thinking of buying you may want to start looking and you have to move fast because my experience is there are multiple contracts coming in as these properties come on the market. Especially the ones south of the track. They are getting contracts on them within days.
  9. Stevenallendesigns.com also building and remodeling in IH. They are building behind the Barber shop Purple devil.
  10. Crosstimbers appears to be the northern border for redevelopment right now.
  11. S3mh you've gotta be kidding me. You have the Proper Heights to the south, GOOF to the west, the new Fulton Rail and Lindale to the east and Crosstimbers borders the north. You can't ask for better borders.
  12. Purpledevil drive up Yale and look at all the homes just north of Booker T Washington. You will notice that they are all vacant and boarded up as far as 43rd Street and that's because HISD has purchased them to be torn down to build the new school. Where Booker T stands now is where the new stadium will be. Again don't take my word for it do your own research. Google Neighborhood Livable Centers and see the plans for Crosstimbers. Sweetheart you have to do your research.
  13. Chech HCAD and see if the Sullivan Brothers are buying in IH you don't have to take my word. It's a natural progression. When people can't afford the Proper Heights or GOOF, IH is your only option in that immediate area. Especially with the redevelopment of Crosstimber that's about to get started just to the north and Booker T Washington High School is going to be torn down and rebuilt with the addition of a new stadium. IH is changing right before our eyes. The lots that you posted that are for sale look to see what they were selling for a year ago. How many properties are for sale in IH? The last time i checked maybe a handful. If you wait to see the big beautiful homes goin up. Thats a sign that you waited too long.
  14. I've been watching this area for some time now and have noticed that lots are not staying on the market very long at all they are being snatched up within days of being listed. HCAD indicate that the majority of the property in IH is owned by investment companies.
  15. The corner of Europa and 35th, 3500 block of Cornel and Omega St. With more to come. I've also noticed other new construction in the area. Once the building gets underway lots will go fast as the area is not that big and IH is not in as bad a shape as the Proper Heights was before its transformation started. I'm buying now.
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