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  1. UH has it's new Medical School and has future plans for having research facilities at the new Med Center Expansion.
  2. Thanks for the info. I am aware of the real need for the new law school and the new specs and amenities that are coming with it. I was just wondering what UH is going to do with the old law building once the new one is done. Are they just simply going to demolish the old law school?
  3. Parking in Galveston can be a nightmare, yet alone the traffic. Recently got tboned by a lady making an illegal u-turn from the direction against the seawall. She just put the pedal down and turned right into opposite coming traffic which was me. I could see people taking a commuter rail to Galveston so not to have to deal with all that. There are plenty of restaurants and convenient stores along the seawall to buy beach essentials like beverages one you are on Galveston. Plus going to the restaurant and bars on the Strand and Post Office is not a major walk because Galveston has the wheeled trolleys and is working on getting the rail trolleys working again.
  4. I just dont see how a commuter rail between Houston and Galveston would have low demand. Now that Houston is going to have a decent transportation system it would not be hard to connect a BRT or light rail line to the commuter rail. Ideally if could extend the new Hobby extention to a commuter rail station it be perfect. People flying into Hobby would not have to worry about cabs and transportation and parkind down on the island for a cruise when can take the rail. Plus I find it hard to beleive that many Houstonians would not take advantage of the line to get down to the beaches on Galveston or the Strand, especially if the commuter rail station on the island is the old Rail Station currently a museum. That station would be right across from the island transit center. We are getting to a place with the mass transportation being built and available in the two cities make a commuter rail between Galveston and Houston a no brainer. Also stops at locations like in League City and Clear Lake are perfect places. Not only would that allow for access to the commuter rail for entertainment and pleasure use, but it would also be beneficial with Houston's new transportation lines being built that the rail could be used for work commutes as well especially in Downtown Houston.
  5. If it was not for Houston's flooding this development would be perfect to build up the river front on one side be built up like the San Antonio River Walk.
  6. I am a passionate UH Alumni and try to keep track of all things UH from my die hard sports following to building developments on campus, but I have seen nothing on what UH plans to do with the old law building once the new one is completed. While they did give them a nice addition with a radio and television studio for projects and experience, the Media and broadcasting program could use a lot more room and consolidated classroom space. Maybe that be a good use for the old law building.
  7. Please light up, please light up, The Houston skyline desperately could use this tower having an impressive light feature on the crown and fins 🤞🤞
  8. I have been spending time in Galveston recently and it amazes me that Metro, Houston, Galveston, and the smaller municipalities have not prioritized commuter rail from Houston Hobby area to Galveston. The cruise terminal in Galveston is such a big business on the island and brings thousands to the island. Then there are the beaches and restaurants that locals like to go to in the Houston and Galveston area. There should be a commuter rail going from close to where Hobby is to Galveston most noticeaby at the old train station that is across from the cruise terminal and the Island Trasit hub parking garage. Thousands of people fly into Hobby who are going to go on one of the cruise ships that in the Galveston port, yet passengers once at Hobby have to take a cab or rent a car to get to the cruise terminal. There is so much built in ridership right there of cruise passengers that would be profitable for the commuter rail. Then you have all the local Houstonians that drive down to Galveston and have to pay for parking when they could be using a commuter rail that is much more convenient then taking a car down especially since the station in Galveston would be right next to the island transportation hub. Houston would just need to connect one of the new planned transportation lines to a commuter rail station in Houston. During the summer months especially a commuter rail would get good ridership and be very profitable. If Dallas can build a light rail that goes from Dallas to Denton, then surely Houston and Galveston should be able to find a way to get a commuter rail going between the two cities, especially with all the rail lines that exist in the area. It would just take some planning with the rail lines to coordinate commuter trains with the freight trains going and comming from Galveston. This is such a no brainer and should be a priority project. Get this thing going!
  9. That is a biggie that people dont understand when they think of this project. At the Houston Station you will have rental space for business, plus hotels and restaurants most certainly will want to build around the station. It not just jobs for the rail itself but in a much braoder view the jobs and commerce that will be created around each station. That station out by Bryan will most certainly see a positive impact when it comes to new business and increase in commerce.
  10. So basically with all the comments in the above thread would it be more cost effective to just implode the building and start from scratch to build something more to spec of what a client wants? I so wish that the City of Houston would just order that the Holiday Inn building is not up to code enough for purchase and remodel and have the thing imploded. This is city government and when they want something done they usually can find loops holes and ways to get it done. At least get one of the empty buildings that is an eyesore out of the way. As far as the old Exon building, there are options it just needs someone to take action.
  11. Are there any updates on this building being renovated? It is a historic building and it is sitting empty. I hope it does not become the next vacant Holiday Inn that is near by. I know there was some ideas of revamping the first floor by digging down and making a lower entrance as well as making a tunnel connection. The City of Houston was floating around the idea of taking it over for their city courts which I thought was a clever idea, but also would of meant major redoing of the ground floors for a jury entrance. Something needs to be done with this iconic building and new tenants being brought in.
  12. What baffles me is that HEB says that they will no longer be building HEB Central Markets. There are multiple of these stores in San Antonio and Austin area yet Houston has one. HEB just spent a lot of money expanding the one in Houston, yet they now say the stores are not profitable. Then why expand the one in Houston? Plus go into that store and see how busy it is and HEB is saying it is not profitable? They should build an HEB Central Market in the Hardy Yards. Two other locations for HEB Central Markets are the Clear Lake and Woodlands areas. An HEB in Hardy Yards or the Midway development would be nice but be even better if it was a Central Market.
  13. If not mistaken the old Forum was a couple blocks away that was also torn down around the same time period. It was in the vicinity of what is now Hobby Center and the Bayou Place. What historical buildings Houston has torn down over the years.
  14. Too bad they did not have that land when they built the place because the ridiculous Crawford Boxes that are more beer league than MLB would not be a reality. The Minute Maid outfield could of been built without such crazy outfield dimensions which would of also allowed for more seating in the outfield. They could of shifted the whole basbeball park over and put more seating in front of the tracks while not having such short home plate-to -wall dimensions in the corners of the outfield.
  15. Also the land needed for the rail line is not that massive with a good chunk of the rail going through a power line corridor. The rail line also is raised so if this has to do do with cattle than I'm sure a cow can go underneath the raised rail like cars would at an intersection. Would these landowners rather TEXDOT build a massive freeway through their property to help ease congestion between Houston and Dallas?
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