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  1. If not mistaken the old Forum was a couple blocks away that was also torn down around the same time period. It was in the vicinity of what is now Hobby Center and the Bayou Place. What historical buildings Houston has torn down over the years.
  2. Too bad they did not have that land when they built the place because the ridiculous Crawford Boxes that are more beer league than MLB would not be a reality. The Minute Maid outfield could of been built without such crazy outfield dimensions which would of also allowed for more seating in the outfield. They could of shifted the whole basbeball park over and put more seating in front of the tracks while not having such short home plate-to -wall dimensions in the corners of the outfield.
  3. Also the land needed for the rail line is not that massive with a good chunk of the rail going through a power line corridor. The rail line also is raised so if this has to do do with cattle than I'm sure a cow can go underneath the raised rail like cars would at an intersection. Would these landowners rather TEXDOT build a massive freeway through their property to help ease congestion between Houston and Dallas?
  4. They really should try to incorporate a little blue in the building paint scheme since it is the team colors. I also think it be neat if they made the outfield seats blue or at least some portion of the seating blue.
  5. Does anybody have access to the top pool deck at the Market Square tower? I'm curious how this new building will block the view of the skyline from that pool deck especially the glass infinity pool. That is such a unique feature of the building and it would suck if the view was completely blocked by this new tower. I am sure that pool deck is also a selling point as well and tenants in that building probably will be dissapointed if the pool deck view is gone.
  6. It still doesn't take away from the fact that capitalism was involved in the construction of the railroads. It was just not government building by itself. When investors are involved it means that the projects will be built as efficiently as possible so that there is profit. You can look to California as an example for a true boondoggle when a government tries to build on their own using tax dollars with no financial restraints on blowing budgets. Just as in the past with railroads being built with capitalism, it is going to take the same approach if we are going to see highspeed rail in the U
  7. Please stay away from the politics and bashing voters. I support the current president and also support high speed rail. It should also be noted that Trump is all for using tax dollars on infrastructure. He has also mentioned rail in the past with private public partnerships. It short sighted and very ignorant to label all people a certain certain way just because you dislike a political figure. I am all for Highspeed rail and believe this the best way to do it through capitalism. The 1800s railroads were not built by the government but instead capitalist who saw a good investment.
  8. Even just putting the top and spire on the building as in the original plans would of made a difference in making the building look more complete.
  9. Any updates on the construction and reconstruction of the Farmers Market?
  10. Perfect place for a grocery store. HEB shoud be all over that vacant Forever 21 space.
  11. I am a conservative and I never can understand why Republicans act like mass transit is the boogie man. The inner core of Houston does not have anymore room for more roads. Mass transit is needed as an alternative to gridlock, and also not everybody has a car. To all those who where trying to shut down the Post Oak line, I would like them to show me where else they can build a road in that area to help in lessening the congestion? The money they always are ready so spent on projects like the Grand Parkway is no different then spending money for a BRT line, both are used in the movement of peop
  12. A big chunk of the land is in a utility corridor on people's property that already is owned by a power company. Also how is it a vanity project? All these investors are not putting money on the line if they did not think the ridership was there. The line is no where near as big of a footprint as TXDOT is taking out of properties across the Texas to build highways. The company is paying the property owners for the land as well. It is not like they are just walking up and taking the property without compensation.
  13. You do realize that the partner Japanese company behind this has other lines built and running around the world? It is not like this is some start up company building their first rail. The builders have plenty of financial backing.
  14. Based on rendering it looks like they are going to carve out room in the trees for the building and parking lot. I just hope they do this with any future expansions on the land. The campus they are building in Pearland is being built with maintaining foliage in mind. Also, I believe there is a chunk of the land in the flood plain so they can not build on some of it anyway.
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