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  1. North side of The Travis at night. Better than the daytime view. It’s oddly fitting, though, that there are a couple of lights that are out-of-sync with the rest. Maddening — just like the unpainted parking garage. LOL!
  2. Ugh! I’m shocked at the number of self storage places in this city.
  3. We’ve seen the accent lighting on the south face, but the north face of The Travis now has its own lighting scheme. Looks like it’s got some missing elements and needs a little work.
  4. I understand that this is a Holl building and that glowing boxes are sort of his thing. It’s a fine building, and I’m sure the interior will be nice and functional. Safe with a little twist, in my opinion. I’m just waiting for Houston to commission a “take your breath away” piece of architecture that makes people worldwide go, “Whoa!” I think we missed an opportunity to really advertise Houston’s impressive cultural establishment to the world. I’d submit places like Bilbao, Denver, Mexico City, Antwerp, Valencia, Hanoi, Paris, Alberta, Minneapolis have seized their opportunity more effec
  5. Looks to me like the crane is being used to do some exterior work on Drewery Place. Can’t imagine they’d need a crane, much less one extended that far, for work done on on an empty lot.
  6. The model/rendering looks cool. I’m still bummed that the most interesting aspect of the exterior design (imho) — the roof — will go largely unseen. Although, it should translate to a spectacular ceiling on the inside.
  7. I think they are the same design, but the perspectives are different and one is a daytime render while the other is night.
  8. This conversation has gone completely off the rails. Focus, people. . .
  9. Not much happening construction-wise, but I ran by there yesterday and they were removing the parking signs from the entrances. It’s not much. . . but it’s something.
  10. Wouldn’t it be kind of a good thing to be under construction during a downturn? If you anticipate that the market is recovering when this project delivers (in two years or so), their timing may be perfect. Or am I missing something?
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