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  1. Nice looking rendering. What are the odds it gets value-engineered into a Randal Davis monstrosity?
  2. I think you’re spot on here. Midtown needs to pivot from the bar scene that caters to the young party crowd to a more all-encompassing live/work/shop model that takes advantage of the street grid to create a very pedestrian lifestyle. Everything you need within walking distance. A much more stable, affluent population would migrate to the neighborhood. Hopefully the Ion will be a catalyst for such a transformation!
  3. I LOOOOOVE that this is brick and not stucco! The small part that’s visible looks really good. I’m excited to see more!
  4. Skanska does good work — I’m looking forward to seeing this one rise. And it marks the final development immediately adjacent to Discovery Green! No more surface parking lots flanking the park. 😊
  5. I’d say the Greyhound Station plus the inordinate number of homeless/poor outreach organizations plus the high crime rate associated with the nightclub scene all induce a little fear in people when it comes to investing in Midtown. It’s also not a good look when you’ve regularly got drug pushers setting up shop a block away from Drewery Place. It dulls the shine of a nice, new development. All combined, this stunts the growth of the area. Oh, one more thing: Midtown has been in the process of upgrading Caroline Street to bolster the east-of-Main part of the neighborhood —for the past FIVE YEARS! The street is torn up and looks awful. Time and again this neighborhood has proven it is horrible at executing development/upgrade projects!
  6. Shouldn’t the cost of holding a building vacant spur SOME kind of action by the owner? Either sell or renovate/repurpose? Seems crazy to pay taxes and maintenance costs on an asset that generates no income. With the glut of vacant office space in the city, flipping to residential seems logical.
  7. Quick question: Are these mock-ups required to be displayed? If so, why?
  8. Drewery Place and The Travis are obviously struggling relative to comparable properties in other neighborhoods. Do you think it’s a marketing failure or is Midtown just less desirable? I can’t help but think it’s a Midtown problem. I wonder if the recent surge in crime/shootings, the Greyhound Depot dilemma and the sheer volume of homeless people have many steering clear of Midtown altogether.
  9. I’m completely confused. Seems as though Caydon is dumping and running, but the Realty News Report article says they’re about to start the Fitzroy? Really? After foreclosure? All of the on-site promotional banners for Fitzroy/Kimpton came down last weekend (replaced by graffiti - yay!) and everything online indicates the development is defunct. Unless I’m missing something, whoever researched this article did a horrible job fact-checking.
  10. I have to agree that the color scheme isn’t cohesive. The finished product is quite different from the rendering.
  11. Great news!!! Anyone know how condo sales are going for this? It seems like Houston is slow to embrace high-rise condo living.
  12. Ugh. Another self storage facility. The vast number of these, Mattress Firms and ER centers in this town will forever baffle me.
  13. Heard from a friend who works for Midtown Management District that the Fitzroy/Kimpton tower will be delayed again. . . until 2022. Anyone else hear anything to that effect?
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