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  1. Why wouldn’t they have shifted the apartment building all the way up to McGowan, thus allowing for a larger Midtown Park? Just a thought.
  2. Too bad. . . I like Dolce Vita.
  3. I keep seeing comments about the McNair development and how the two together will transform this area. Question #1: Will the McNair development really have enough presence to make a Hard Rock Hotel not seem out-of-place? Question #2: Are they really in close enough proximity to complement each other?
  4. This is THE most random place for a “destination” hotel. The obvious place to put a Hard Rock Hotel would be near Discovery Green/Toyota Center/Minute Maid/GRB.
  5. One- or two-story storefronts wouldn’t have much of a foundation. Likely they were completely removed during construction of the parking garage.
  6. I bet it’s a clean dig. The foundation for the parking garage can’t be too substantial. And I doubt there was much of anything on the site before the garage. Whatever IS there, Hines definitely won’t have the same epic task they had with the Texas Tower prep!!!
  7. The interior design here is STUNNING! I wouldn’t normally go to The Galleria for a meal — too much of a hassle with traffic and parking — but for this space and my love for Indian cuisine, I’d make an exception!
  8. On downtownhouston.org the timeline for this project is removed. It’s anyone’s guess when it breaks ground.
  9. That would arguably be the best possible thing that could happen to Midtown right now.
  10. IMHO — Downtown wins the decade. Hands down!
  11. I believe the McNair project starts after Post Oak is complete on the south end. What’s there now is staging for the Post Oak project.
  12. I think it’s hilarious how Hanover is showing GID how it’s done! Seems like GID has been caught completely flat-footed.
  13. Looks nice, but it’s downsized from the previous renderings, yes?
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