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  1. Not much happening construction-wise, but I ran by there yesterday and they were removing the parking signs from the entrances. It’s not much. . . but it’s something.
  2. Wouldn’t it be kind of a good thing to be under construction during a downturn? If you anticipate that the market is recovering when this project delivers (in two years or so), their timing may be perfect. Or am I missing something?
  3. The parking podium was never covered in any previous renderings. It’s definitely not the crown jewel of Midtown, but it’s adequate infill. I just hope they change the stucco from its current cement gray tone. White would be nice. It’s interesting to see The Travis in close proximity to Drewery Place. It makes me appreciate the quality Cayden puts into its product!
  4. Now that the podium is complete, this will rise quickly. It’ll be fun to watch! 😁
  5. Or, conversely, an iconic mixed-use project driven by one person who is not an expert in real estate development could wind up with unforeseen pitfalls that threaten the dream. Time will tell. I hope @Luminareis right!
  6. Fencing is up! One lane of Jefferson is closed for construction. I bet they start digging in January.
  7. I think the building going up first is the 4-ish story mini-building on the NW corner of the plot, yes? At the same time, it looks like their Excavating in the location of the residential tower on the NE corner. Maybe they’ll start foundation work on that one soon. I can’t imagine they’d excavate the area and then just leave an open pit for later development.
  8. This looks beautiful! Not what I would expect to see as an “affordable” housing project.
  9. They relocated to Eado a while ago. They’re at the block bounded by St. Emanuel/Franklin/Chartres/Congress. Interesting choice of relocation, since I think that’s one of the blocks that gets blown out with the I-45 relocation project, should it actually happen.
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