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  1. I had not been paying enough attention to realize that work actually stopped for a while. One thing I did notice is that they had all their rebar and even prefabricated rebar cage assemblies for piers delivered a long time ago. Looks like they were planning on pouring the foundation a while ago but ran into problems.
  2. For those of you who have crossed Buffalo Bayou at the Beltway lately, you have probably noticed two giant spoils (dirt) piles on the east side north of the bayou. Has anyone heard any details about what is going on here. From what I have gathered so far the plan is for a six-story residential development named Ascension on the Bayou. The builder is Rampart Construction. Here is where it gets interesting. I am pretty sure most of the lot is directly in the flood plain especially now given how much they have cut into the side of the embankment. On top of that it looks like the location was onc
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