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  1. Not great picture quality, but was walking by this morning and noticed that the sign was up. Of course would have preferred a retail component, but the ground level really turned out great imo. The sidewalks, lighting at night, the lobby (looks great from street), the signage, etc.
  2. Eater article today on Oche. The IG account for their Oslo location looks pretty sweet. I'm hopeful Midtown's boom as neighborhood is right around the corner... https://houston.eater.com/2022/7/11/23203600/international-norway-darts-hall-oche-houston-midtown-openings
  3. Separate project. This will have a glass facade located along Allen Parkway. Timber construction is still planned for the corner of W Dallas and Buffalo Park, as of now.
  4. Glad to see this is public, a PR should be coming soon. My understanding is the office component (~100k SF) is going on the former proposed 'RH' site across Buffalo Park Drive from Hanover AP. This and the new MF going up will be quite the construction site... The fencing around the central retail pods are coming down and the 'urban chic village' feel is really starting to take shape. Incredibly impressive destination for Houston and can't wait for restaurant/retail tenants to get underway.
  5. My understanding is there is a similar vision of more density for Highland Village, as are being currently planned for at River Oaks Shopping Center. I incorrectly mentioned Kimco as the owner of HV, which is the confusion.
  6. I tend to agree. I think an RH similar to the one they built in Dallas would do really well in Highland Village. Along with the Lululemon destination store, it can really elevate Highland Village... especially with Kimco's vision to build multiple high rises there (assuming that is still the plan post-Weingarten acquisition). Autry Park needs to land another Equinox or even better Equinox hotel flag since it appears the River Oaks District plans for one are dead. Aside from a few on West Gray, there is not a high-end fitness club to service the growing population in this general area. The access to the park and lifestyle this development is hoping to imbue, makes Autry Park an EXCELLENT location for another Equinox-branded project, in my opinion.
  7. I walked by there and spoke with them on Sunday. Sunday evening was friends and family, soft opening is this week, grand opening next week. Correction: Grand opening is this Friday! https://www.chron.com/food/article/georgia-james-chris-shepherd-reopens-houston-17272233.php
  8. For those that were concerned about the sidewalk next to Hanover Parkview along W Dallas, need not be. They did a nice job.
  9. This replat seems very positive... I recall hearing that if Hines leased ~50% of Building 1, that they'd kick off Buildings 2 & 3. I wonder if we'll see a major tenant announcement in the next several weeks... Fingers crossed!
  10. My guess is it's just similar fencing they've placed on their other owned lots for branding the district. This site is slated for a much later phase with other blocks planned to be developed much sooner ie the lot across the outdoor plaza and the existing tenant parking lot.
  11. I was at a breakfast last week where Crane was the keynote. He briefly mentioned their plans and stated a hotel, a lot of entertainment/retail, and possibly high-rise apartments were a part of the plan. I'm excited about the fact he owns several other lots all around the ball park for future phases. This will be a very active part of downtown in the next couple years. Hopefully they release the official plans soon.
  12. Oh I'd feel pretty good about this. I have no knowledge of the development, but it is Hines and they're kicking this off at beginning of a multi-year development cycle with a lead tenant for the first building. Guarantee they secure a great hotel flag, especially now with the Thompson a few blocks away.
  13. These might be my favorite in-fill projects. We need more Reveres, Westmores, Giorgettis, and Lexingtons throughout River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Greenway, etc. Hats off to Pelican for leading this charge.
  14. Fortunately, this will not be the case for site. Skanska is going to build something amazing here, but with that, comes proper master planning and understanding the best overall use/market size for what will be a transformative project for Montrose. Then factor in the Kroger site next door and its a lot to consider, all while engaging numerous community stakeholders.
  15. wow wow wow. This along with AH will be a huge change for the area. The density continues...
  16. I did not enjoy this article nor think it was that great of writing. My lord was the author negative, mainly towards Houston haha
  17. Can you say 30 floors with ground floor retail.... Hopefully they can get this financed soon with all the economic activity starting to occur in Houston and the high demand for living in this area. Hope the design fits the neighborhood obviously, but wow does Montrose continue to blow up with great height, density and quality of businesses, restaurants. https://verosade.com/projects/
  18. This stretch of Tuam and Fairview is really picking up pedestrian traffic and nearby residents. Will be great to see this being a solid connector between Midtown and Montrose, creating a nice little corridor. Tuam is set up well for this.
  19. Separate from this thread, I'm excited to see how TMC3, Levit Green, etc. directly impacts nearby housing with all of these high-paying jobs being created in the area. The clear beneficiary imo is the Museum District with it's immediate access to Hermann Park, adjacent to one of the nations best cluster of art/cultural institutions, and a growing number of great restaurants. It seems more land has been trading in the area as of late, so perhaps developers are positioning for an influx in demand. I could see this becoming a much more dense and affluent area in the next several years. Feed me more Boone Manors.
  20. Looks like the new buyer also owns 500 Jefferson next door. Would be awesome if there was a plan to convert both towers to residential. Imagine what that does to this area of downtown after they decommission the Pierce elevated and downtown seamlessly connects to this active corner of midtown.
  21. I'm not too familiar with Pegasus Park, but after quick research I couldn't help but chuckle that it was in the same conversation as TMC3. I'm all for collaboration if it helps bring more capital to Houston, but I genuinely don't think Austin and Dallas are remotely close to the potential that exists here. Although I'm happy to admit my ignorance when it comes to their medical and biotech scenes.
  22. Looked like they were doing a partial mat pour this morning. A few pump trucks are on-site.
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