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  1. If the final design is similar to what I saw 6 months ago, this will be very well received. Lots of retail with a very creative office design - it was a great fit for the neighborhood. Fingers crossed.
  2. This isn't a huge update, but thought it was worth posting. I recently heard from a source that TC fully intends to break ground on Block 98 and is getting close. I also heard that, while in the early stages, TC is working on another highrise MF in downtown Houston. The location is unknown. Does anyone else have any comment on this?
  3. I guarantee the plaza is completely redeveloped into an activated, inviting public space. Especially with the surrounding buildings' ground floors being active (many of which are Hines), the adjacency to Jones Hall, and most of downtown's recently constructed/redeveloped buildings. While highly unlikely, I think this would be an incredible location for a destination retail store - considering its proximity to high-earning downtown workers, luxury residences, and the Theater District. Imagine if this became a flagship Apple store similar to the one on 5th avenue in New York. There would be access from the adjacent tunnels at Pennzoil, BofA Tower, Chase Tower with the ability for pedestrians to access from street level. Very pie in the sky, but I think it would be extremely successful. One can dream right?
  4. I CAN'T WAIT for this to open, but completely understand the disappointment from some, due to the lack of high-rise development for this size of tract right in downtown. I live in North Downtown and I will 100% be coming here on the weekends and certain evenings throughout the week. I know its discussed in other threads, but there really is a high-level of pedestrian activity near Market Square, but IMO it is somewhat closed-in because there is nothing to the North of MSP - this totally changes that. This should really rev up interest for quality development on the recently listed Chase Bank site, half-block next to Houston Balet, and several other quarter/half-blocks on the south side of the Bayou. It will be extremely fun to watch the surrounding area develop over the next 10 years. Another fun thought is whether the Bayou and its trails serve as a connection for Post Houston and East River.
  5. I was just heading north on Post Oak Blvd. and hit the red light right in front of this site/Hilton. I think this is going to have a great and elegant street presence on Post Oak. Even though its scale is less than what most had hoped for, I think this truly elevates the area just like the GFR at the Dinerstein project will. It will be exciting to check back in 2-3 years when both of these have delivered and see how the surrounding site owners have responded and the level of interest from developers. On a side note, it was a very graceful drive down the Boulevard. They really did a great job.
  6. There has been a lot of dirt moved from here in the past two weeks, the hill is pretty much gone. I'm really looking forward to this one, Memorial Drive will have a tunnel feel around that curve.
  7. I was at BB Lemon several months ago and talked to Berg for a little while and asked about the Benjamin. He didn't go into great detail, but basically saidthe owner was being very unreasonable and was making the process way more difficult than it should have been. Really too bad. The Benjamin would have been awesome in that unique of a location.
  8. At one point (not sure if this is still the case), this owner planned to re-purpose this as a boutique hotel.
  9. New Microsoft accelerator program for the Ion. From HBJ: Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is launching an accelerator aimed at growing the use of smart city technology in Houston. The computing giant is partnering with local nonprofit accelerator Station Houston and nonprofit makerspace TX/RX Labs to create the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator program. The program will eventually be based in The Ion — the 270,000-square-foot former Sears building in Midtown that's being converted into Houston's innovation hub — when renovations are completed in late 2020. For the time being, the accelerator will be housed in Station Houston. The accelerator will feature six months of pilot programs for companies developing smart city technology. It's a broad tech sector aimed at using data to solve problems that plague cities, like reducing traffic and congestion or improving flood mitigation. Station Houston CEO Gabriella Rowe said that the program will launch in May with the first cohort of smart city tech firms to launch in August, and will include companies with products ready for pilot testing. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the partnership on April 16 at the Microsoft IoT in Action Solution Builder Conference, but told the audience that the relationship with the tech giant formed over a year ago. Turner has become a champion of using technology to improve the city's resiliency — he formed a Smart City Advisory Council in early March to bring together community members, local government, industry leaders and academic institutions to speed up the adoption of smart city technology. Last year, Houston joined the 2018 Smart Cities Collaborative, a program with 22 cities that will meet to discuss transportation problems and solutions. The Microsoft Ion Smart Cities Accelerator is the latest such program to become affiliated with Station Houston. In February, BBL Ventures launched its oil-and-gas-focused accelerator, dubbed BBL Labs, which is based in Station Houston. Outside of Station Houston, accelerator programs are growing in number throughout the Bayou City. In January, another new venture capital group with an accelerator program for oil and gas startups launched in Houston. Eunike Ventures formed an alliance with major energy firms to identify promising startups in the oil and gas industry. Later in January, Boston-based nonprofit MassChallenge, a network of zero-equity startup accelerators, announced its expansion to Houston. MassChallenge will run its accelerator out of GreenStreet, the downtown complex owned by Houston-based Midway.
  10. They are going to be extremely careful in taking this down, so zero chance for an implosion. I believe it is separated from Hogg Place by a few inches.
  11. Crane may be going up this weekend. Drove by and saw all the crane sections on-site.
  12. Crane went up in the past few days. This apartment complex will have quite the presence in the area.
  13. Definitely some activity here. There is now construction equipment on-site. Also, looks like several trees have been taken out in the past few days. I guess we'll know more if the existing building comes down soon... really looking forward to this project.
  14. Hopefully this is real and not old and expired. I can't imagine the transformation of the Texas Medical Center if this project, TMC3 and just one of mixed use projects were all U/C at the same time. The TMC is truly becoming more of an international marvel, what an exciting time to be in Houston.
  15. I hate to sound like a downer, but I am not looking forward to the new design... I imagine it will be seriously value-engineered, similar to the way they reduced the glass exterior at Arabella. Especially with all the recent bad news surrounding the EB-5 program, which is how DC finances its projects. I hope I'm wrong, but I really have a hard time thinking this design will be equal to or better than the original.
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