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  1. Can anyone speak to the hold up on the Ion garage? Is it still moving forward as planned and is just delayed, or has something happened that's made Rice re-assess the full use of this block? Greentown Labs has a massive parking lot to utilize, but can this garage be finished by early spring of 2021 when both Greentown and Ion open their doors?
  2. I'll be curious to see what is going on. I've always thought this lot plus a tear down of the Novel coworking building would be a perfect site for a high end hotel that could service this growing part of downtown, market square, theatre district, etc.
  3. $1.4m in federal funds to launch aerospace tech accelerator? In partnership with NASA's Johnson Space Center? SIGN ME UP. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/techburger/article/The-Ion-gets-1-4M-in-federal-funds-for-space-15630626.php
  4. I'm not sure if it's this site or the adjacent lot, but one of them is currently under contract.
  5. Does anyone know if this will return as Main Street Market? I walked by this morning and it's completely gutted with construction workers in there. Wasn't sure if this is still post-fire remediation or something new?
  6. A few pages back, it was mentioned that the leases were all expiring by 2020. This is incredible news and exciting to think about the gravitational pull this area is going to have. There was already so much momentum prior to this announcement.
  7. It appears we may have our first retail tenants at Montrose Collective. On the marketing brochure it lists La La Land Kind Cafe (second HOU location) and Van LeeuWen Ice Cream. It looks like VL is only in NYC and LA, but has a location opening soon in NJ.. Judging by their website it looks like a great fit for this project and Montrose, in general. Anybody ever been?
  8. Originally thought Halal Guys was going next to Mendocino Farms, but it appears it's going on the Fannin st. side adjacent to Prelude. Abu Omar Halal recently opened on Main just a block away.. love having halal options for lunch during the week. Great news!
  9. Yes, homelessness has definitely picked up on this stretch of Main street and along both Texas/Prairie street. I agree that people have certainly gotten more aggressive in their pandhandling. On a more positive note, the progress of Texas Tower and now the Preston picking up steam, it is really starting to help visualize what this area will be like in the coming years. I'm pretty convinced closing down Main street to vehicular traffic on this strectch will happen, because it fits the vision Central Houston, Hines, and others have for the North District to create an urban downtown neighborhoo
  10. Breaking ground a year early in this economic climate? The demand must really be building... terrific news!
  11. I'm fine with a nice coffee shop, considering the next phase will likely have much more retail and this only occupies a portion of the block. I'm also betting on Kimpton having a pretty sweet hotel bar which should be a solid landing spot in the area. This should add to the ground floor activity and will most certainly have a nice patio designed to engage the adjacent laneways buildings.
  12. Someone should probably tell JLL that Exxon is no longer downtown.
  13. Costar Article: New 43-Story Apartment Tower to Rise in Downtown Houston Trammell Crow's High Street Residential Breaks Ground Near Discovery Green A street view of High Street Residential's planned new apartment skyscraper in downtown Houston. (High Street Residential/Trammell Crow Co.) By Marissa Luck CoStar News July 20, 2020 | 06:33 P.M. A Trammell Crow subsidiary is transforming a former parking lot into a 43-story luxury apartment tower in downtown Houston. High Street R
  14. To follow up here, 1111 Fannin was put on the market 5 days ago.
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