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  1. For me it was - I accidentally posted it in the wrong thread. Hopefully @HNathoo knows something we don't!
  2. Yep! Or at least I hope this was big news... no idea what is on tap for the remaining blocks, but looks like they may reveal more information later this year. Having BIG involved is absolutely huge and gives us a lot to look forward to.
  3. HBJ Article: Skanska plans demolition of Montrose retail plaza By Jeff Jeffrey – Reporter, Houston Business Journal Jan 12, 2021, 1:37pm CST Skanska USA Commercial Development expects to begin demolishing a key retail plaza in Houston’s growing Montrose area to make way for a mixed-use development within the next six wee
  4. Happy to see this. The announcement of the lead tenant will be in the next week or so from what I'm told and I think this group will appreciate the renderings. This project does a nice job of closing out Discovery Green (along with Block 98) and completely hiding/wrapping around the Embassy Suites when standing at the park.
  5. I can corroborate. If it's something different, even better.
  6. Interesting. Hopefully Levcor is planning for this to be mixed-use and not strictly retail. High-rise hotel, residential or both is perfect for this location.
  7. Not seeing any mention of Skanska, makes me hesitate to believe this is current. Perkins Eastman and Madison Marquette partnered on District Wharf in DC, so unclear if this was drawn up for the previous owner. This would be significant for the area so hoping this is accurate!
  8. This seems very positive - it was only a matter of time. I wonder how much interest this project created following the pandemic. I would bet several companies in the Bay Area/West Coast and Boston/East Coast are looking at this and Hines/Levit's project even more seriously than they were 9 months ago.
  9. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/12-09-20-post-houston-mixed-use-development-food-hall-downtown-vendors-salt-time-lea-janes-hot-chicken-taco-fuego/#slide=0 First 6 food hall concepts announced. Can't wait to see announcements continue to flood in. Really excited about Post Houston and the destination it will be for visitors/residents downtown.
  10. Figured this deserved a bump following this past weekend's sources of Elon telling friends he's moving to Texas. I'm still holding out hope Houston receives SpaceX HQ and/or Tesla, Elon himself is almost certainly Austin bound. I won't repeat myself after my prior statement above, but taking out some of the allure for Austin, Houston to me makes so much more sense for Tesla/SpaceX to operate and succeeds as businesses. A major factory commitment is not indicative of an HQ move nor the guys primary residence - he did have like 7-9 houses across NoCal and SoCal. I happily admit I'
  11. Chevron is really doubling down on the local innovation ecosystem. Can't wait to watch Shell, BP and other majors/larger companies join the fold. A lot to be excited about.
  12. They have updated their marketing flyer and it appears the Maritime Museum is no longer part of Phase 1... they are now showing that site as a smaller boutique office/retail building. Hopefully the Museum is planned for a later phase and didn't fall through. That would be a real bummer.
  13. It's listed as 50,000 SF above, but the existing structure is 40,000 SF, so I wonder if they're adding on to this building? $670/SF is extraordinarily high and far exceeds Greentown's original budget they mentioned publicly so I'm thinking something has changed... hopefully demand has been so strong it's made them rethink their original expansion plans.
  14. Full Costar article: Timber Office Project Planned Near Houston's Buffalo Bayou Local Partners to Develop Mid-Rise Project at Autry Park A boutique office project is tentatively set to break ground next year in what could be Houston's first office building constructed of cross-laminated timber. (Local Partners) By Marissa Luck CoStar News November 20, 2020 | 5:09 P.M. Developers behind a 14-acre mixed-use project overlooking Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park are betting on a boutique, sustainable office design to gain a competi
  15. To be fair, Trammell Crow was not involved during that time period. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if this project and/or Skanska's downtown project break ground sooner than many think.
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