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  1. HBJ announced that Mendocino Farms will be opening its second downtown location in the redeveloped Two Allen Center. That's great news.
  2. As a downtown resident, I would lose my mind over this. Honestly a smaller, more urban HEB could work as it would service Downtown, Midtown, Eado, East End, and some Near Northside residents. It's unlikely, but there are a lot of multi-family projects proposed and under construction in these neighborhoods, so the density in the next several years may make sense.
  3. What's interesting to me is they are projecting 8.9m SF of office space at full build-out. The 26-acre first phase has ~360,000 SF of Office. By there numbers the remaining 124 acres will have 8.5m+ SF of Office. If this is remotely close, the residential demand for developers in Eado, East End, and surrounding areas will be pretty robust.
  4. What was proposed would have been awesome, but I'm hesitant to judge this as a missed opportunity until we've seen this fully play out. TMC3 and TMC in general did not have the same level of hype 3 years ago, as it does now. From the article: "Potential users for the site include life science companies, Big Pharma and biotech labs, as well as advanced medical manufacturing, public or private institutions of learning" If the eventual buyer, pursues these types of use that would be a major win and would further propel the growth in the areas between TMC3 and this Plot. I'm crossing my fingers for this type of bold vision, and I do think the demand will be there. Also, UT could still pursue a presence here along with other institutions. Fingers crossed.
  5. That reflection of the Intercontinental and Latitude is pretty awesome.
  6. At one point, Crane's plan was to turn these blocks into a park that would act as a grand entrance to MMP. Perhaps the Astros success having changed his thinking on these sites... Look forward to learning of his plans.
  7. Not exactly. They would close Rosalie similar to the Morgan Whole Foods project.
  8. In this situation I would lean more towards the project scope having grown and now of higher value. If Jon Pickard is involved, I'd be shocked if it came below expectations.
  9. CREguy13

    Hogg Building

    Completely agree on residences over hotel guests. We don't know the sales price, but the amount of luxury residences going up in the neighborhood with more amenities, higher floor levels, etc make you wonder what the demand for living is for an older mid-rise building that doesn't have the same historical significance of a Rice Lofts or Texaco building. If true about residents being given 60-day notice, it'll likely get coverage quickly and hopefully the developer discloses their plans. I'd love any great renovation of a historical building that improves and expands the neighborhood. I really enjoyed my stay at the Hewing and wish Houston had a similar hotel downtown. I admit that after the thought of a conversion, my bias took over... https://www.cntraveler.com/readers-choice-awards/united-states/midwest-top-hotels
  10. CREguy13

    Hogg Building

    That's too bad the tenants are having to vacate so quickly, but this would be an awesome boutique hotel that pays homage to Houston's history. If they put a lot of money into this, guests would pay a high nightly rate. Downtown needs more hotel rooms in Market Square. This size building reminds me of a boutique hotel I recently stayed at in Minneapolis called The Hewing Hotel. It was awesome and I was told it was the most popular hotel for younger clientele in the city, I can't wait to stay there again. Something similar to the Hewing Hotel would be ideal for this block and be great for this area of downtown.
  11. Walk by here almost every night and first time I've seen this...
  12. They are currently having their soft opening and I walked in here tonight to take a look at the menus and interior - did not eat. This place looks awesome and should have a really great atmosphere. Very excited to eat here for dinner and grab drinks at the bar - huge addition to the neighborhood.
  13. If the final design is similar to what I saw 6 months ago, this will be very well received. Lots of retail with a very creative office design - it was a great fit for the neighborhood. Fingers crossed.
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