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  1. This location should do very well. The original McIntyre's is a destination in that part of the Heights/Shady Acres and is packed every weekend.
  2. Harris County bought 1111 Fannin from Triten recently. They want to consolidate several properties to this building. This would be huge for downtown. The County own a lot of buildings/land that would present great development opportunities for more urban infill on northside of CBD. Looking forward to more details. https://therealdeal.com/2021/06/09/harris-county-set-to-buy-downtown-houston-office-building-for-close-to-29m/
  3. I'll withhold judgement until it's complete, but does anyone else feel the glass on the Pavilion building seems really cheap and does not look that great? I run BBP a few times a week and always notice it. I hope I'm wrong, but have never seen it mentioned on this thread and am curious if I'm the not the only one in this camp.
  4. Didn't get a picture but the entire Jones Plaza block has been barricaded up. So excited for this one to start.
  5. It's projects like this that have me very excited about the future of Uptown. This building, both Hanovers, all the new highrise condos/MF on Westcreek, Post Oak Blvd's future retail, the Rosewood development + other high end hotels looking in the area, the growing emphasis on walkability, and even the new high-rise luxury senior living project on Garretson. I have to assume this area will have very few rivals nationally, for areas outside a CBD. A lot to be excited about for sure.
  6. Any idea as to why the garage has not started? Where are all the employees of Microsoft, Chevron, Common desk, new retail tenants, etc. going to park in the next several months? Has something changed beyond a garage for this site? I scratch my head every time I drive by here. There's been no movement, yet we they keep announcing more and more tenants.
  7. New Chris Shepherd restaurant coming to Regent Square. From Houstonia magazine: Chris Shepherd to Heat Up Buffalo Bayou Area with New Restaurant The James Beard award-winning chef will take on a global concept. By Timothy Malcolm 3/22/2021 at 10:18am Chris Shepherd. IMAGE: JOHN DAVIDSON GET READY FOR YET ANOTHER Chris Shepherd restaurant in Houston. According to an announcement Monday, Shepherd’s Underbelly Ho
  8. Understand they have an office in Clear Lake, but to my knowledge it is very small. Certainly not large enough to accommodate the number of jobs they are now hiring for. I could be wrong which is often the case!
  9. This is not an update, but a quick observation. I've long felt that if SpaceX moved its headquarters to Houston (which I honestly believe may happen) that outside of the new Houston spaceport, East River presents the most attractive location. SpaceX posted 30-35 new job postings a few days ago in Houston, largely engineering positions. I'm genuinely curious on what this news means and where they are looking for offices - I'd be shocked if all these positions work from home... Totally separate, but I find it funny Austin received so much press a few weeks ago on just a few job posti
  10. Innovation Map yesterday: "We are excited to see Google expand its presence in Texas and here in Houston," Bob Harvey, president and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership, says in a Google release. "Google is working closely with Houston companies in energy and healthcare to ensure successful digital transformation in these core industries. At the same time, the company is collaborating with emerging energy 2.0 companies to help usher in the energy transition to a low-carbon future. We believe the future holds more partnership opportunities for Google and the Houston region." Housto
  11. It would also look better with retail/restaurant tenants + signgage.
  12. That would truly be one of the best start-to-finish development stories of all time. The developer needs to be notified immediately.
  13. The good thing is East River is broken out into 4-5 phases, so there will be more opportunity. My only thought on the central focus to the water is that this Buffalo Bayou East extension is meant to be largely recreational. In the above render, it appears they'll have 4 retail sites that face the bayou, but are set back and not right on the water. Maybe this is party due to the fact they want the trails to cater more to runners, walkers, and bikers? It's also very possible there are engineering considerations that we are not aware of, similar to the initial outcry many of us had on Barbara
  14. I could have sworn this was a topic, but can't seem to find anything... this is the former BoA branch at corner of Milam and Franklin. Walked by today and there was heavy equipment on-site. I talked to a construction worker who confirmed they are tearing it down. Likely more paved parking, he didn't seem to know, but certainly positive news and heading in the right direction.
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