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  1. I remember that. The same happened with "Fiddler On The Roof" and Dr. "Zhivago" at the Tower Theater.
  2. Hey Filio, I'm afraid my career in radio was short-lived. Beginning in 1982, I started my radio career at Alvin Community College. I was both production and music director at KACC. You may remember Brian Hill, Kathy Forsythe and a few other folks who came from that station. I ended up working at KSRR (97 Rock) and KLOL. I ran the board, screened calls and interned for Moby. I finally ended up at a small station in Bay City, KMKS. Even though I LOVED radio, I just couldn't make enough money. I wanted something more secure. You know the story. Great times. I really miss radio.
  3. Yeah, the McClendon Triple may be gone but we've got the Showboat! I go all the time. I even had a chat with the owner about one night or two during summer, showing old 1950's cheesy monster movie and inviting the local vintage car company to bring their hot rods. I think it would be a hit.
  4. I hope you did what I did and got the hell out of radio! I got sick of working 2 jobs and getting fired on a yearly basis.
  5. Do any of you explore the Internet for old Houston photos and save the images to your hard drive creating a photo database? It's a hobby of mine resulting in a HUGE collection. It's one thing I love about the Internet. I spend hours Googling images. One thing I have discovered is finding a major city's public libtarry web page, which usually features a digital database of the city's image collection, and downloading everything possible. Especially old movie theatrrs.
  6. That's it, thanks. I finally pasted it using my Kindle. Don't know why it wouldn't copy and past on my Dell desktop.
  7. Here we go! I can copy and paste on my $200.00 Kindle Fire but not on my $900.00 Dell desktop computer. So here we go; from 1988, a few old Houston theaters vefore they vanished.
  8. The link won't paste...and I'm no computer dummy.
  9. I've got some old video footage of Houston movie theaters but I don't how to post the Youtube link. Help?
  10. In the 80's, The Record Rack and The Record Exchange (later Sound Exchange) was where I bought all my music because Sound Warehouse didn't stock groups like Cocteau Twins and David Sylvian. Bruce was a great friend and I hated to see his store close. But then again, it was inevitable due to the wonderful option of buying CD's from Amazon. Would I be able to walk into Best Buy and buy the latest album by The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, The Tangent or other progressive rock albums? I think not.
  11. I used to work there. What I remember most were the snakes. You'd be walking down the sidewalk and there on the sidewalk in front of you was a snake escaping a heavy rain.
  12. By the way, I'm a newbie on this site and find it very interesting. I will be spending the time that I used spend on Facebook on this site (that's an entirely different issue).
  13. Isn't that house on Oakmont the old Weingarten House? I love that Tudor house. I have a friend who is a home builder and he told me that it would cost a fortune to build houses like that featuring the craftsmanship involved that one finds in a house like the Katherine Mott Tudor.
  14. In 1988, I was at the height of my Houston movie theater fanaticism. I discovered Bailey Studios and purchased about a dozen b&w 8x10's of various old theaters. I kept them to myself until the mid 90's and the internet craze hit. So I created a little web page that featured my Bailey photos. Shortly thereafter, I heard some chatter from Al Zarzana (owner of the old Garden Oaks Theater) that the Bailey's were a bit angry over "somebody" putting their pics up on the internet. I never understood this because I did credit Bailey for the photos, I wasn't charging any money to view them (free website) and the Bailey Collection was on it's way to Austin to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Shortly after hearing this, I took the website down (it was more of a webpage learning endeavor). Now that I'm older and wiser, I understand the sensitivity of copyrights and ownership. But I'm glad the collection is available for all to enjoy. My apologies to the Bailey Family for being a bit misguided in my enthusiasm for the old movie theaters of Houston.
  15. Back when I was single and broke, I would spend my days and nights driving around the old neighborhoods of Houston (the only entertainment I could afford at the time). Riverside Terrace was my favorite Houston neighborhood. Does anyone have a favorite house or houses that they fell in love with? Here are a few of mine on North and South Parkwood Drive in Riverside Terrace:
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