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  1. Colorful and ideologically loaded language as always, @Blue Dogs. Maybe we should discuss that? What kind of question is that?!
  2. Can anyone provide any clarification on how the enabling legislation works on these things? In other words, do the institutions have de facto legal "home territories"? SHSU has expanded into Montgomery County, for example, so I wonder if this precludes any UH institution there. How did the respective UT (Edinburg, El Paso, Tyler, etc) and A&M branches (Commerce, Corpus Christi, etc.) get established around the state? How do these territories overlap with the "Tier 2" (my definition, although there must be an official one) schools like SHSU, SFA, Sul Ross, etc.?
  3. Well I went to my second favorite Texas city San Antonio this weekend (I’m a sucker for the holiday lighting of the Riverwalk), took I-37 exit from I-10 and the first exit sign (on the official overhead interstate signage) was for whatever comes before Commerce but it also said University of Houston. Not University of Houston-San Antonio but University of Houston, at the same prominence as the exit off of I-45. So I looked it up, and it made total sense. There is a UH-SA that is only an extension of the Hilton School. How great! https://www.uh.edu/news-events/stories/2016/April/52HRMsa.php
  4. Are their other developments faring better? As I recall they had projects in Seattle and this in Houston. Is it more about the company or the market? I suspect the latter, which is a real shame.
  5. He mentioned OKC converting its tunnel system to art spaces--this is not something I had ever heard about--does OKC really have that big of a tunnel system? Other big takeaway for me is that they are evaluating reviving the Downtown Living Initiative to counterbalance the high cost of land. It's unfortunate that downtown is just at 60% recovery, but I'm sure the trend is similar nationwide, if not worse.
  6. With your absolutely great track record and "fingers on the pulse," I'm not too concerned! (Tell me @Blue Dogs, are you a big Nick Fuentes fan, too? Classy!)
  7. Wow! Thanks for all the detail! This I definitely did not know and I find fascinating--there are some office suites to the east of the AA bag service office down the corridor with restrooms, maybe that was where they are?
  8. (1) I'd have to think a lot hinged on this past election and people were in "wait-and-see" mode. I think @Triton is right that we may see some movement either one way or the other soon (although I have nothing to base that on). (2) As a longtime State pol, I think Mayor Turner sees his role as an intermediary between the County and the State and the business community, so he has been pretty deliberate and not being the loudest voice in the room (although I have nothing to base that on, either). Regardless the mantra of these anti-NHHIP groups appears to be, "Well we complained, so they're supposed to cancel everything," again, based on what happened in like 1950s Baltimore when whole neighborhoods nowhere near any existing freeway were being demolished for the first time. At no point have they offered any alternative other than to not build, it is absolutely performative and juvenile and not in the best interest of the city or the region as it's not like the problem goes away. I mean, sheesh, at least put something up that says, "Spend the $7 billion on commuter rail, and here's an alignment that would work." If they tried, I'd definitely have more empathy.
  9. Well, the letters to the editor aren't particularly positive. The sentiment appears to be, as Laura Ingraham once encapsulated, "Shut up and dribble sell furniture." I mean, the guy is good and has done a great deal for the community, but I can't say after going to his showrooms I ever felt any desire to buy his wares--(1) way too expensive (at least for me); (2) not the most stylish or "leading edge"; (3) creepy salespeople ready to pounce (it's like a car dealership); (4) all the damned quotes that border on "Arbeit Macht Frei" and "Accept Jesus Christ now!" I get it, he's thankful that he arose from nothing and credits God, but as with any evangelical, seems to have an overwhelming desire to jam it down your throat, which to me just doesn't seem Christian. He has now transferred it to politics. Or, rather, evangelical Christianity is nakedly just purely politics now--thanks to Trump, these "good Christians" have aligned themselves with performative a*sholery. (See Young, Rev. Ed for a great example.) Anyway, again, when it comes to "sanctimony," the inability to realize at the very least that a good portion of the population disagrees with it and really doesn't see a need to be "saved" says it all. Mack, we don't need you to save us, and maybe make an effort at preserving your legacy by toning down the Messiah Complex just a tad. Wake up and realize you can't possibly speak for God, and probably want to err on the side of not pretending that you do given what the Bible actually does teach or you might find yourself in a real crime-ridden h*llhole, buddy. Hopefully this brand of religio-politics continues its slow death (it's gotten to the point at which it is not appealing to anyone except proto-Fascists)--I just hope the pace picks up exponentially. Mattress Mack and Lina Hidalgo: Houston Chronicle readers react
  10. NetJets | World's Leading Private Jet Company | Fractional Aircraft Companies
  11. Yes, that's correct . . . the bag claim area is not original to the terminal. In fact, weren't the bag belts and the ticket counters on the same level when the terminal originally opened? This old terminal map from 1968 isn't much help in clarifying, but there is only one level. Maybe a second level was added at some point, as was the case at many airports. (Note from map KLM served HOU before IAH opened . . . KL's first service to Houston was in 1957, AMS-YUL-HOU-MEX DC-7.) HOU68 (departedflights.com) This photo does show a dual-level roadway in 1976. I don't think the airport had a garage until the 1980s.
  12. Funny, considering most of "these people" are saying now that they didn't have a say to begin with. So which one is it?
  13. Well, no surprise there, but Mattress Mack has really thin skin. Like most MAGA types out there, he can dish it out but sure as hell can't take it. This letter sounds like something Trump would write, albeit with better grammar, no misspellings (except for Mack ironically?!), and, er, no weird sexual innuendos. The level of self-awareness calling someone else "sanctimonious," when he personally appointed himself as the savior of Harris County and went around telling everyone that Lina was essentially pro-people getting murdered, is just non-existent. The above said, Lina should lead by example--a mature and professional politician would not have made such a needless dig and instead have been more gracious. A true "humanitarian," one full of "goodwill and unwavering support for communities," would not write this letter, which has not only insults, but ends with a not-so-veiled threat. Why don't you run yourself next time, Mack? Mattress Mack claps back at Lina Hidalgo for election dig (chron.com)
  14. Classic cutting off one's nose to spite one's face as I am sure no one has a full appreciation of the real (i.e., feasible) alternatives. Not to mention where were all of these people, what, 10 years ago, when the planning process started? At the very least they should have the burden of presenting an actual, preferred alternative to advance start a meaningful dialogue. However, Turner is by all appearances for it, the GHP is for it, I am confident Turner will be able to "herd the cats" when it comes to a City Council vote, if any. Hidalgo is the wild card. It remains amazing to me that Mealer didn't make this a centerpiece campaign issue instead of going on and on about crime--it would've diluted some of the crazy for the moderate voting block.
  15. You are indeed correct, not sure where I got that idea in my head. Regardless, it is likely to happen in 2022--if it doesn't, for all intents and purposes they will be at the same level. A far cry from IAH historically being a good 25% busier internationally than DFW. HOU is to blame for some of it. AA not having a true hub on the West Coast or East Coast probably proportionally more responsible, but UA has lost a lot of ground to Mexico in particular. If you have a theory as to how this will revert in the future, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, the substantive point remains the same.
  16. Don't be so 2014, Augie. I thought the new term was "fake news." The data are either objectively true or not. If the data are false, well, then the statement is false, it is not "biased." If the data are true, well, then two possibilities--(1) crime did drop by 50% almost overnight; or (2) crime did not and it is evidence of a media organization trying to influence the political agenda. If (2), well, then the real bias ain't with Media Matters. Just because an organization is oriented towards compiling such data (and transparently so) doesn't mean the facts presented are false. That's like saying oncologists are biased against cancer or the EPA against dirty drinking water and cholera so we can't trust either. When I was growing up, we used to label people arguing such things as ignorant rubes or conspiracy theorists. (Of course, it was typically orchestrated by a wealthy political class with a very unpopular political agenda.) I know a whole demographic of people have been conditioned otherwise, which is a real tragedy for one of the world's most advanced democratic societies. There's a hell of lot of people who seem happy to risk throwing that away--for what, I still don't understand--owning the libs? Hopefully people will wake up and realize that they lose in this scenario as well.
  17. On the domestic side, it all depends on United deepening existing banks and restoring old ones, which is dependent on the MAX deliveries, which is dependent on the FAA certification of the MAX 10. They just lost 60 50-seat jet frames to AA with Air Wisconsin, which makes any rapid schedule build up all but impossible. Their existing regional partners can't fully staff their fleet--Mesa has (I think) low double digits E175s parked, and that is who primarily flies E175s from IAH. SFO is still not fully restored either and that will be a priority once they "have to" to retain gates as they did at DEN, EWR, and ORD. UA has long-term locks on all but their A and D gates at IAH so it is not an issue here. If the MAX deliveries get slowed (all but certain at this point) and that corresponds to an economic downturn, I fear UA will inevitably default to the lower end of its fleet plan and retire older aircraft so the new aircraft coming in will be more pure replacements rather than additional frames, which means UA will never catch up with AA or DL--both CO and UA retired so many narrowbodies after the 2008 GFC to rely on regional jets and have never recovered. I don't see the JetBlue-Spirit merger being good for IAH if it is approved. I suppose there's an outside chance JetBlue will give it a try, but I really don't see it working long term. To the extent that capacity is not backfilled by someone like Frontier, that will result in decreased competition, increased airfares, and of course lower passenger counts. The biggest question to me is when the new airline that is literally based in Houston (Avelo) will start flying here, and where from. I suspect given their experience setting up something from nothing in HVN and ILG, they'll try for EFD.
  18. I believe CA IAH-PEK (and the PTY extension) and ET IAH-LFW are it in terms of long-haul routes. SYD just resumed. MGA and YEG should eventually resume, I'm sure MGA first. Only other international route that hasn't resumed is CUU, which likely won't return. SCL unfortunately seasonal for this year (and seasonal southern summer, which is admittedly strange), but likely back to full year next year. The international network has remained pretty intact, although it has not grown at all, which it has for both AUS and DFW. DFW was a busier international airport than IAH for the first time since the early 1980s in 2021, and I doubt IAH will reclaim the title. Very sad. If ET comes back it'll be a while. New terminals do not attract airlines, unless there are capacity constraints. There were in 2014, when economy was humming along, but there aren't any constraints preventing new service now. If anything, the increased fees resulting from the new terminal may drive the short-haul budget Mexican carriers from IAH to HOU. The only thing I think may happen is UA may add a bank or two back once the absolute disaster of construction around the roadways is complete--I can understand if they didn't want to add service and make it worse, but I'm probably giving it too much credit. Thankfully it coincides with them getting a lot of new aircraft. Well, we all have wish lists, I suppose. TK has added 3x additional weekly IST flights since COVID. UA hasn't seem interested at all in adding IAH-secondary Europe for summer seasonal, and I don't see why that would change. If it did, CDG would likely be the first route to come back. ZRH is not a big local market (about the same as MUC +/-), so I'd say probably one or the other there. MEL? Maybe (emphasis on MAY) on the 5-year horizon, but I think even that's a stretch (not to mention it is literally a stretch at 9,000 mi, or 400 mi farther than IAH-SYD). IAH-JNB is even farther and JNB is at 5500 feet--I'm not sure there is an aircraft that can make it nonstop with an economic payload in the JNB-IAH direction (perhaps the 777X can), but I don't think UA will be ordering a subfleet for that route. Prior to COVID, there was a good chance TAP was going to start IAH-LIS, which would have been great for the market for much the same reason IAH-IST was a good addition as it brought down connecting fares considerably and led to some market stimulation. Maybe in a couple of summer seasons they'll reconsider it. IAH-DUB on EI would also be good for this but not sure EI has much incentive for it--if anything they'll go to AUS first. In fact, AUS getting TATL service (and a significant amount, almost overnight) is a drag on demand out of here. Sadly, IAH is just not on the radar of foreign flag airlines like it was a decade ago. Any longhaul routes added by UA may very well come in pairs, as they have before, with 3 new aircraft being based here to fly 2 longhaul routes (e.g., IAH-MAD and IAH-second GRU, neither of which, incidentally I see happening, but hey, I didn't think the Astros would pull it off after game 3 in PHL, nonetheless in 6).
  19. Well of the two, at least one has social utility. Think of it as Consumer Reports. Surely you used that once or twice back in the day, no, Augie?!
  20. Thanks, a new site for me!
  21. @Blue Dogs happy to see you're still with us, and nothing has changed! I was beginning to get worried and was this close to calling the Texas Rangers San Antonio Field Office. Never change, and keep on truckin', friend!
  22. Would you know who owns blocks 120 and 100?
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