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  1. Thanks 👍 Can anyone explain why the State is involved in this project?
  2. TC Energy I have not heard of (I don't work in the industry) . . . TransCanada, however, I have. Impressive! It's certainly a signature trophy tower if you ask me, at least visually. Only problem is it looks right only from a couple of directions! Why not name it Keystone XL Tower?! Well I'll take more foot traffic downtown, even if it's protesters 🤣🤣
  3. Should've gotten that firm to design the interiors of the C Baldwin.
  4. That. @Urbannizer @bobruss, you could also take a deep breath and have a good chuckle. The world won’t end.
  5. Just be sure to avoid the minibar https://m.chron.com/news/article/2-more-people-reportedly-die-after-drinking-at-13969870.php
  6. Atlanta has 3 (Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead) and (I think) used to have 4. New Orleans used to have 2, now only has 1. Several have closed in NYC and have been rebranded. I have no dog in this hunt . . . I know plenty of people like W Hotels, but it doesn't seem to me to be a growth brand anymore, at least domestically. I guess Philly and Nashville are getting one.
  7. Yes there is an exemption from the signage ordinance for hotels. I'm not sure if there are other limits. HRHs aren't bad. I've been in a couple. But location is indeed weird. Whoever said by the ballpark and Convention Center is right. Ws have not aged well. (Not that the rooms were all that great to begin with, at least not the ones I have stayed at in the French Quarter, NYC, and Mexico City.)
  8. As long as it wasn't because it was part of a string that included "flooding" . . .
  9. Back to the "world cities" discussion . . . Houston moved up 6 spaces to 35 in ATKearney's ranking of global cities. https://www.atkearney.com/global-cities/2019
  10. When do the credits expire? End of the year? Anyone know how many approved projects have not yet proceeded?
  11. Friday the crown was showing rotating rainbow lines ... quite beautiful. Wish I had photos. It really did turn out well for what I thought from the renderings was sure to be blah.
  12. Well this seems like big news. MD Anderson relocating Smithville (Bastrop County) research park to Houston https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/health/article/MD-Anderson-relocating-Smithville-research-park-13961408.php?utm_source=desktop&utm_medium=collection&utm_campaign=hcpromomod
  13. Net domestic migration of -40k during a period of national economic expansion cannot be written off as an “ebb and flow.” Those numbers are truly shocking, at least to me.
  14. As much as I love feeder roads, Texan Veterans should have a museum in a prominent place. Preferably Downtown. I would also hope that Texan Veterans would unite in making sure that Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and other absolutely worthless elected officials who have never served but don’t waste an opportunity to fetishize the military aren’t invited to the grand opening.
  15. Back to the whole population question, this article from the Kinder Institute should put into perspective that Houston surpassing Chicago is not a given by any means. Not that that necessarily is a bad thing ... but I’m sure much of the article may come as a surprise to many, in particular the net domestic migration. I’m sure the stats for LA and Miami look similar in terms of components of population change, even omitting the large drops in domestic migration in 2016 and 2017. Are there any demographers out there? That out-migration is pretty spectacular ... I wonder if there are any historical parallels for a single year. https://kinder.rice.edu/2018/04/10/houston-suburbs-are-booming-harris-county-not
  16. Has their Rosemont project broken ground yet?
  17. I've learned word choice is very important to you . . .
  18. I thought the problem was the cost. Now it's just because it's a cap park. By your standard, is the North Canal a cap park?! Good Lord.
  19. Well, why not make an analogy with Buffalo Bayou Park? Or Discovery Green? Or the Memorial Park project?
  20. Well even in that context, look at what DID get built, which is exactly what I’m saying. And don’t forget the fact that this will be an ANCILLARY project to a major redevelopment, which is a tremendous difference.
  21. H-Town, if you want to waste air and bytes arguing semantics, then please be my guest. The truth of the matter is HoustonFirst is already talking about the cap park being their next and most important project if the realignment proceeds, and other relevant and high profile organizations with political clout like the Downtown District are on board. It’s not much of a leap to assume that something this high profile as a small part of a multibillion project will proceed in some form JUST LIKE IT WAS in your Klyde Warren example. Now as for miles and miles of cap parks shown in some of the conceptual plans, well, to quote someone else on here, “I wouldn’t hold my breath.” I’m sorry that doesn’t jibe with Jeff Speck’s (or apparently your) view of the world. Saying “I wouldn’t hold my breath” in the context of the momentum that’s already building, and the strides that the City has made in funding multiple major park projects in the past decade is, IMO, baseless. But yes, you win. My “most definitely” is not definite, and your vacuous “I wouldn’t hold my breath” is more defensible, because, at the end of the day, it isn’t saying anything.
  22. Their budget is certainly not all funded with the gas tax but the appropriate question is how non-tolled highway projects are funded. in any case, it’s splitting hairs in re this project. Doesn’t matter if it’s funded 40% with gas tax, 100% with gas tax, general fund, or other sources.
  23. In re the $200 million price tag for Klyde Warren Park, this article states $110 million. https://www.dmagazine.com/business-economy/2018/10/slideshow-the-expansion-of-klyde-warren-park/ This earlier article details TxDOT’s financial contribution. While it doesn’t explicitly say gas tax, that’s where the money comes from. https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/2012/special-report-the-park/how-klyde-warren-park-was-built/ The cost for new construction versus retrofit will be less.
  24. H-Town, I’m not saying they will fund the park, just the supporting infrastructure. In any case, you’re “most definitely” speculating. I’m “most definitely” speculating. So further argument is pointless. However, I’d have no problem putting money down on a park being built. Won’t look like or be as big as the pictures, but I’m confident it will be built.
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